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Jodi Stewart


Facts of Jodi Stewart

Full NameJodi Stewart
First NameJodi
Last NameStewart
ProfessionTV Show Host
Birth CountryJamaica
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSean Paul
No Of Children2
SibilingsTraci Stewart
Insta Profile
Date of BirthNovember 13,1982
Age41 years
Married DateMay 26,2012

Jodi Stewart, also known by the name Jinx is a popular television personality and a former costume designer at RETV

Above all, she is the wife of famous record artist Sean Paul.

 She runs her Youtube channel these days, where she talks about everything from motherhood to make-up style, lifestyle, and so on.

Her husband Sean Paul is the biggest name in the music industry 

Her husband, Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques, is a famous Jamaican record artist, a rapper, and a singer with his super-hit singles" Get busy" and "Temperature." 

He has been making hit records for over 20 years, collaborating with the biggest pop stars. 

He is also awarded the Grammy Award for his super hit album "Duty Rock."

Jodi Stewart with her husband, Sean Paul.
Jodi Stewart with her husband, Sean Paul. Source: Instagram

Her family background 

Jodi Stewart's family is from Jamaica. Her mother, Nancy Stewart, is an artist who makes hand-made cards. She has a sister Traci Stewart who is a professional hairstylist

According to her, she likes to keep her business and goals to herself. She tied a knot with the funeral director of Roman's funeral home in Kingston.

Jodi Stewart and her newborn baby, along with her mother and sister.
Jodi Stewart and her newborn baby, along with her mother and sister. Source: Instagram

Walked down the aisle with the man of her dream

Jodi Stewart and Sean Paul were in a relationship for a decade. They first met in 2002 and eventually started dating during their career phase. 

She walked down the aisle with her man on May 26, 2012.

Jodi Stewart and Sean Paul on their big day.
Jodi Stewart and Sean Paul on their big day. Source: SSCO event management

An intimate wedding

Both being famous faces in the television industry, decided to go for an intimate private wedding instead. 

The private ceremony was held in Boone Hall Oasis, Jamaica, in the presence of family and close ones. 

However, the couple shared their beautiful wedding pictures and the couple looked extremely ravishing in their wedding attire. 

After their wedding, they had their honeymoon on French Polynesian Island. Recently the romantic couple celebrated their eighth marriage anniversary.

Blessed with two adorable kids

Sean and Jodi are blessed with two adorable kids. They welcomed their first son on February 22, 2017

After two years, their family expanded with the birth of a baby girl. They named their son Levi Blaze and daughter Remi Leigh Henriques

The family is living a blissful life. Both the couple is seen posting their family pictures on their social media sites.

Jodi Stewart with her husband, Sean Paul, and children.
Jodi Stewart with her husband, Sean Paul, and children. Source: Facebook

Some of the fan's questions she answered 

Jodi asked her fans on her Instagram to ask her questions and answered the questions via her YouTube channel "Jodi Henriques." 

Here are some of the questions of the fans, along with the answers she gave via her channel:

  • Question: Would she ever agree to be a surrogate for a family member?

Jodi said "No" because, as per her, she would get way too attached to the baby, although the pregnancy wasn't the hardest thing for her. 

She feels to go through all that and give away the baby. Even though she gets to see the baby because the baby is a family member, that would not be an option for her.

  • Question: If she wants a third child?

Jodi would want a third child. Having said that, she added it was something that was discussed and that it was not going to happen. But if she does not get pregnant, then she will be very happy.

  • Question: The hardest part of motherhood?

The hardest part of motherhood for Jodi right now is when her kids are being stubborn, being spoiled, and when they are just defying her when they won't listen. 

It makes her question herself if she is doing the right thing, if she is punishing them at all, why they are not listening to her, and so on.

  • Question: One thing she wishes she could do?

The one thing Jodi wishes she could do is to fly. Or she wishes the cars would have the mini helicopter pods, and instead of driving, we could fly so that the trips could be easier.

  • Question: What is her worst club story?

Jodi recalled the most embarrassing club story where she said Sean had a show in New York and she went with him. 

They stayed at the Hotel Belvedere, where she was introduced to Belvedere vodka. She drank so much that she puked out while at another club, and the club had the red carpet. 

It was too embarrassing for her because Sean was entertained and hosted by the promoters of the club.

  • Question: All-time favorite TV show?

Jodi's all-time favorite TV show, she said, was Desperate Housewives.

  • Question: What are her favorite things about being a mom?

Seeing the genuine happiness in her kids' faces is her favorite thing about being a mom. It makes her feel she is doing a good job.

  • Question: When does she have Me-time when she is always so giving?

She revealed having a schedule at home. According to her, her kids are on schedules, so their bedtime and bath time start from about 6:30. At 7:15, she gets them their snacks and gets them to their bed.  

At about eight, she will have her Me-time where she does whatever she likes before going to bed at 10.

  • Question: Favorite dish to cook on?

Jodi said she doesn't like to cook because she likes hot and steamy in the kitchen. Cooking is something she doesn't enjoy.

Here is what actually happened between Sean Paul and Beyonce

Sean recently sat with Marlow Stern of “The Daily Beast” to talk about his upcoming album "Scorcha." 

During the interview, he went to memory lane back in 2003, the time when he collaborated with Beyonce and how the rumors of them dating swirled up. 

When asked if he and Beyonce have something beyond friendship, he said he wished he did. She is beautiful, he added.

He recalled how excited he was to work with Beyonce when she asked him to do a single because he liked Beyonce’s Destiny's Child. He said he had always admired her talent. 

Though they didn’t really hang out and thought it was going to be R&B, it ended up being a dance hall which made him go off.

He went on to say that, despite the song being a massive success and was everywhere on the billboard, MTV, BET, magazines, etc., he was only allowed to perform the song with Beyonce thrice because of his relationship rumor with her. 

Among the three performances, one was at Reggae Sumfest in 2003 when both of them were at the Rock the Mic Tour

According to him, at the time, she wasn’t on it every day but would come on certain dates and do the song “Crazy in Love” with Jay-Z

Then one day, when they were left to the video, they played Sumfest

It was during the second time in L.A. when strange things happened, he continued. He recalled doing his show, after which Beyonce was performing. 

He was then told they would be doing “Baby Boy” and was asked to stick around Beyonce

They did the song, and after a while, it seemed like he lost the energy of the crowd that was going wild before, which was weird. 

As soon as the song finished, he went backstage, where his band was completed pissed off with him and asked him if he heard himself because they couldn’t. 

He was shocked when they told him his mic was off. What happened in Scotland after that they had to talk, he recalled. 

It was their third performance in Scotland and was an MTV event where there was a presence of paparazzi everywhere. Everything was going well until the rehearsal. 

For the performance, he was to come up from the stage, and then they both walked to a big center thing in the middle of the stadium surrounded by fire. 

When he reached his part, You’re a top, top girl, and the track kept going Baby, you stay you stay, and he went on repeating, and he was like, “what’s going on here”? 

It was after that Beyonce confronted him that she was pissed off about the rumors of them dating. She asked him about the rumors, and he said he was not saying s***. 

Then Beyonce went on to say that all those rumors F*** with her career, and he was like, “They don’t F*** with mine”?. 

He made her clear that before her, he met Jay, and they were friends, so they needed to talk first, and if he felt the same way, then they should talk because it was not coming from him.

They were supposed to do one more performance with the VMA’s, and Beyonce said they were going to have rehearsals and asked him to look out. 

But he found out the day before VMA that he heard somebody rehearsing Baby Boy, and he had no clue at the time. 

When they went to the label, he was told they were not going to do the song with him. 

He said it was an embarrassing moment for him because there he was sitting with his present wife, and when Beyonce came up on the stage, Paris Hilton, who was sitting in front of him, asked him why he wasn’t there.

Her net worth 

Jodi Stewart is an independent career-oriented woman who gave her decades serving for tv industry as a host, VJ, model, etc. 

Besides, being the wife of Sean Paul, she has accumulated a vast amount of money from her career herself. 

The accumulated sum of her and her husband makes them the richest celebrity. The net worth of both husband and wife is given below:

 YearNet Worth 
Jodi Stewart 2020$2 million 
Sean Paul2020$12 million 

Besides that, she also earns a good amount from her Youtube channel.


  1. She has traveled to over 64 countries.
  2. As a model, she appeared in several music videos and men's magazines.
  3. One of her purposes in life was to be a great mom.
  4. Popular Jamaican host Jodi was born on November 13, 1982, which makes her 38 years of age at present.

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