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Jesse Aka Meeks


Facts of Jesse Aka Meeks

Full NameJesse Aka Meeks
First NameJesse
Middle NameAka
Last NameMeeks
Professionrapper, singer and song writer
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithMicah Gianneli
Insta Profile

Jesse Aka Meeks is a super talented musical artist, and he is known for his rap and hip hop content

His work is famous on Spotify. He is a rapper, singer and also a songwriter.

He has also been trending because of his relationship with the content creator and Instagram Influencer Micah Gianneli

Dating Girlfriend From 10 Years Now

He is dating his girlfriend Micah Gianneli for ten years now, and the couple has grown together. 

Their relations were not made public by them but Micah uploaded a picture of the couple on 15th January 2019 and explained their relationship. 

Their decade long relationship has been pretty strong and the couple is growing together.

Here is a picture Micah uploaded on her Instagram account with a beautiful message. 

Jesse Aka Meeks With Girlfriend Micah Gianneli
Jesse Aka Meeks With Girlfriend Micah Gianneli Source: Instagram

The message from her beautiful as well. She has captioned these pictures as 

"Young dumb and full of…."

Her Cute Message
Her Cute Message Source: Instagram

About His Girlfriend

His girlfriend is a very successful style content creator and a digital influencer. She is a fashion blogger and has a great fan base. 

She is confident, talented, and very skilled. Her Instagram account has gorgeous pictures of hers. 

She lives her life queen size and is very stylish. Here is a magnificent picture of her and she uploaded this picture on her Instagram account. 

She has captioned this one as, 

"Dinner at my fav…"

Stylish girlfriend
Stylish girlfriend Source: Instagram

Grown Together

The couple has come a long way, and they have changed how they look and how they used to look. 

Here is a picture of a few years back of the couple. 

With His Girlfriend Few Years Back
With His Girlfriend Few Years Back Source: Instagram

Here is a picture of the couple now. 

With His Girlfriend Now
With His Girlfriend Now Source: Instagram

His Music Is Catching 

Here is a music video of his, and this is titled, "Done Feeling Like I Don't Exist."

The music is very catchy, and his lyrics are meaningful too. 

He explains with his lyrics that he wants it all and he has been working hard for it. 

He adds as he thinks every day is getting better for him and he has accomplished more than three years for this.

Here is the music video. Enjoy!

Net Worth

His exact net worth is under review right now, but he earns good money from Spotify. 

He gets paid about 0.006 dollars to 0.0084 dollars per stream for his music and this can give him a good income.

All he needs to do is, increase the number of fans he has of his music.

His girlfriend has excellent income from her social networking sites influencing, especially Instagram.

Girlfriend Micah Gianneli Income from Instagram 

Her primary source of income is from Instagram influencing. 

She has 1 million followers on her Instagram profile, and her average number of likes is 16,908 which is very impressive. 

She earns a brilliant 2,142.75 dollars to 3,571.25 dollars per post from her Instagram influencing. 

Her engagement rate is 1.57 percentage, and she is already a brand. 

Instagram accountEngagementIncome
Micahgianneli1.57 %$2,142.75 - $3,571.25

Lifestyle Of His, Loves Those Leather Jackets

He is a stylish man, and he loves to wear black leather jackets. 

Here is a picture from his Instagram account and he is wearing a cool black leather jacket in this one. His hairstyle is very stylish too.

He has posted this picture on his Instagram account on 7th March 2019, and he has captioned this one as, 

"Good vibes…"

Loves Black Jacket
Loves Black Jacket Source: Instagram


  1. We are reviewing his age, He is around 28, but this is not confirmed. Till then, stay tuned to
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