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Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores


Facts of Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores

Full NameJennifer Maria Duncan Flores
First NameJennifer
Middle NameMaria
Last NameDuncan Flores
ProfessionCelebrity Spouse
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseBrian Flores
No Of Children3

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores, is the wife of Brian Flores. Brian the head coach in the National Football League team named Miami Dolphins

An exciting story about their marriage

Everyone must have seen the interesting twist in the movies about the marriages and how they met the love of their life. But, we know that it's only the movie, and nothing like that will exist in the real world. 

Well, then it might be wrong because the story of Jennifer and Brian will make you believe. Both were college students when they first met. 

Their meeting was written in destiny as they chose the same location Acapulco for the spring vacation. Like in the romantic movies, the man saw his future wife standing on the balcony. 

When he first saw her, he said to his friend that this is the girl he will be spending his whole life with. Luckily, his words came true, and the couple got officially together in 2009.

Brian Flores wife Jennifer Labor incident at the Stadium

Jennifer is a tough lady, we must say. The way she handled the situation is impressive. 

To make a long story short, it was at the time when she was present in the Gillette Stadium for the Patriots playoff game against the Houston Texas. She was in the moment of her third pregnancy. Suddenly her water broke. 

It's difficult for a lady despite said to her husband she was alright and not having any labor pain, and convinced him to be in the game until it's finished. 

Everything came to the best at the end while her spouse won the game, and the pair welcomed their third child the next morning.

Jennifer Duncan Mother of three children 

Yes, you heard it right. They are the parents of three children. They have two sons named Miles and Maxwell and a daughter named Liliana Flores

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores with her husband Brian Flores and kids Miles, Maxwell, and Liliana Flores
Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores with her husband Brian Flores and kids Miles, Maxwell, and Liliana Flores. Source: YouTube

They live happily together, plus all five of them went for a refreshment vacation to Cancun in 2018. We can assume that they had a great time there.

Jennifer Taught Spanish

Jennifer was a Spanish teacher back then in Foxborough Regional Charter School. The school was located the north of Attleboro, Massachusetts, probably 10 miles away. 

Apart from this, the lady has successfully earned her name on the six pages in the department, including a middle and high school. 

Moreover, she was enumerated in a 2009-2010 school year course catalog there in Foxborough. Well, she then left school around 2010-2011

Surprisingly, she tweeted about her new job in September 2011, starting her first day at her new workplace tomorrow. But her new job was kept unrevealed.

Jennifer as a Supportive Wife

Jennifer is very supportive of her husband personally and professionally as well. She doesn't lean back and does not only share his success only, she stands firmly by his side during his hard times too. 

Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores and her spouse Brian Flores
Jennifer Maria Duncan Flores and her spouse Brian Flores. Source:

In 2018, when he was awarded from Hockomock YMCA plus his brother companioned him in Legends ball. Those special moments were captured by Jennifer, and had shared those exceptional moments on Twitter

Being on his side during the Patriots games and sharing the picture after winning the Stadium title shows how much she supports her better half.

Race played a role in her husband’s firing

During the “I am Athlete podcast,” Brian opened up about his firing which he thinks race played a role. 

He said that because there were things he was asked to do, and there were conversations they had where he was made out to be the difficult person to work with. 

His white counterparts would not have been asked to do the things he was asked to do.  Out of the thirty-two teams, the NFL has only one black head coach, the Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Tomlin

The black coaches are not getting enough opportunities, and even if they get the job and win, they are likely to get fired, and there is where the question lies ”Is NFL doing this on purpose”?

Sued  NFL, and teams alleging racial discrimination 

After being fired from Miami Dolphins in January 2022, her husband sued the NFL and teams alleging racial discrimination

The main reason behind filing a lawsuit, despite the risk that would come along, according to Brian, was there was a need for change. 

He confessed to knowing many capable black coaches and hated for that to be a waste. He said the lawsuit was about changing the hiring practices in NFL

In his suit, he claimed that the teams are interviewing the black coaches but without intention to hire them.  

During an interview with Broncos, the executives of Broncos showed up an hour late and looked disheveled, which indicated that they had been heavily drinking the night before the interview. 

Brian specifically had nine interviews with the NFL clubs. Later, he had an interview with the Giants but found out through Patriots coach Bill Belichick that the Giants had already decided to hire a new white coach before his interview was scheduled to have an interview with the team.

According to him, Belichick messaged him congratulating him for the head coach post in Giants, mistakenly thinking him to be Brian Daboll

He alleged that his interview with the Giants and the Broncos in 2019 was a sham. Biran felt humiliated having to go through a “sham” interview process. 

Furthermore, he alleged that the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross offered him $100,000 to purposely lose games to secure a higher pick in the NFL draft, encouraging him to violate league tampering leagues. 

Brian confessed to declining his offer, saying that he was never going to that and he was always going to try to win. It was also the reason he was no longer with them.

Brian Flores’s childhood and many more

Beginning from the top, Brian’s family shifted to Brownsville, New York, from Honduras. He isn’t the only child but was raised with siblings. 

Brian had admitted that the apartment where they lived was a tough place. He also revealed that they had to walk 20 flights of stairs to reach their apartment due to the problem in the elevator. 

Brian also shared how back then, the place where they lived had crime and violence frequently. Even he and his younger brother became the victim of muggings. 

So, due to all these scenarios, his parents had always focused on their kids being involved in school and work and always focused on having a better life. 

Brian even praised his mom and dad as they had worked very hard. He confessed despite their hard work they didn’t grow up with many facilities. 

However, his childhood was great, Brian added. Other than that, young Brian also played soccer down the road. 

He was also considered a star football player. He also applied his trade which is not so far from Gillette Stadium, for a couple of years. 

He stands out at Poly Prep in New York too. Young Brian didn’t accept the offer from a few colleges just to play at Boston College

For your information, he started out being a defensive back at Boston College before playing as a linebacker. 

Not only this, but Brian also crossed his paths with Matt Ryan, who was a Boston College legend and also the NFL MVP

Matt Ryan also claimed Brian as a very tough football player. It is obvious that Matt had to say this because he had terrorized the young scout-team quarterback just at the start of his career. 

Sadly, later young Brian suffered from a quad injury. This incident happened right before Brian’s final Bowl game with the Eagles

So after that, the player didn’t play another down of soccer. Well, it doesn’t mean that he won’t play football again. 

He did portray the role as a mentor to numerous young defensive players at Eagles and later decided to try his luck in coaching in NFL

Net Worth

Since Jennifer's income is not revealed on the media platform, we can move on with her spouse's earnings making his total net worth $2.5 million.

Net worth of Brian Flores$2.5 million
Income sourceAmerican football coach


  1. She is 39 years old.

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