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Jason Schanne

Facts of Jason Schanne

Full NameJason Schanne
First NameJason
Last NameSchanne
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationGay
Marital StatusRelation
Relation WithBruno Tonioli

Jason Schanne is a partner of famous Italian choreographer, Latin, and ballroom dancer, and tv personality, Bruno Tonioli.

Partner And Marriage

His partner Bruno was born to parents Werther (Father) and Fulvia (Mother). 

His father was a taxi driver in Italy, and his mother stitched Car-seat upholstery

His family lived with his grandparents until he became the age of twelve.

Bruno was into dancing since his childhood

He started choreographing since he was young, and his parents were also very supportive of his profession. 

He can speak five languages, such as English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, and Italian as well. 

He is gay, and in childhood, he suffered from homophobic bullying in his youth days as he was the only one in his village who was different from everybody. 

He has even published his book, which his autobiography, named ’My Story ‘ in September 2012.

Bruno has Choreographed many popular videos and stage shows such as Freddie Mercury, Boy George, Elton John, Tina Turner, Bananarama, and also the rolling stones.

Another Relationship

But before dating Jason, Bruno was in a relationship with a guy named ‘Paul.’ 

There is not much information about him out there in the media. 

They both started dating each other in November 2005. They were together for more than a decade. 

Despite being in a relationship Bruno and Paul never slept on the same bed together. 

Because Bruno likes its own space, that’s why they never slept together

But that relationship did not work well for some reason, and they broke up.

Current Relationship

Currently, Bruno is in a relationship with Jason. 

Jason Schanne is an extremely private person and maintains a low key profile, unlike his partner Bruno Tonioli

He doesn’t even share given any details like date of birth, his previous relationship, childhood, profession, etc. in the media. 

Jason is always far away from the media and spotlight. 

Some reports say Jason was in a long-term relationship, but that did not work out and also has a tragic childhood because of sexuality.

His Partner Bruno shared a picture on Instagram and captioned it as 

‘I’m going to miss you’   

Jason Schanne's partner, Bruno Tonioli.
Jason Schanne's partner, Bruno Tonioli. Source: Instagram

Although they are in a relationship for more than two decades now, the couple never seen out there together enjoying like any other couple celebrities in the media. 

They are not much clicked together with any of the functions, and not any awards show as well. 

They do not go out often in media functions.

They celebrated the commitment ceremony in the fourteenth season of a dancing show called ’Dancing with the Stars.’ 

To celebrate their moments, many celebrities were arrived to be parts of their happiness, such as Johnny Weir, Evan Lysacek, and Perez Hilton.

Reportedly it is rumored that Jason and Bruno are already married to each other, but there is no confirmation on this matter as they do not announce the news publicly to their fans, so it might be true or not.

Jason Schanne’s boyfriend, Bruno.
Jason Schanne’s boyfriend, Bruno. Image Courtesy:

Back in 2017, there also rumors about Bruno dating Matt Law, but this wasn’t confirmed by any of them personally. 

Later it was revealed that they both are just good friends & fond of each other and nothing else.

Jason Schanne's partner, Bruno Tonioli with Matt Law.
Jason Schanne's partner, Bruno Tonioli with Matt Law. Source: Daily Mail

Struggle Jason Schanne partner Bruno Tonioli for being Gay

Bruno was raised in a Catholic family in which his sexuality was not accepted. 

He never had a girlfriend when he was young and used to bring guys home and hang out with them. From this kind of behavior, his parents must have gotten a hint about their son being gay. 

He was bullied a lot because of his sexuality while growing up as he was the only Gay in his village, so he was labeled as “the queenie guy” and “the queer” which were the worst thing to say to someone in those days in Italy. And to beat his bullies, Bruno reinvented himself. 

He changed his hairstyle, wore lasted gear, started smoking, and made friends with the best-looking girls. After that, she got famous and people stopped bullying him.

Bruno Tonioli discussing Body Stories

Jason Schanne partner Bruno Tonioli discussed with the ‘Loose Women’ about his ‘Body Stories’ campaign and how the ladies thought it was brilliant. 

When asked was he not afraid to get in the kit. To which Bruno responded, he never heard that because he was always naked. 

He further talked about his campaign and how it is okay to be the way one is with different shapes and sizes as a lot of people are genetically made sure.

 On a query about there being more men than women who wanted to do the campaign. 

Bruno explained why that might be in today’s magazine; a person looks like a superhero. 

People set images of the body or how a person is to be looked upon, which is impossible to attain unless one goes to the gym or be genetically predisposed.

When asked how he learned to love himself, he stated it was because he accepted the way he is and freely took a bit of risk to improvising. 

They then talked about his show ‘Dancing with The Stars’ and about the scores and voting process and how the people involve themselves in it. 

Talking about his insane schedule, Bruno explained that he keeps flying back and forth from Los Angeles to London every Thursday and leaves every Sunday after the show. 

When asked how does he manage it, he mentioned that he keeps himself in the zone, focusing on the job and preparing his schedule as per work.

Bruno Tonioli on not watching himself on television and 

Bruno Tonioli on not watching himself on television and the energy he manages in his work 
Jason Schanne's spouse Bruno Tonioli on not watching himself on television and revealed that he doesn't watch himself back because it's like analyzing for being somebody else. 

As per him, one becomes self-aware, which is not good for live television. 

They have to be honest and dare to express themselves, but they become self-conscious just because they watch themselves on screen. 

Talking about his endless amount of energy and how he manages his schedule, Bruno mentioned it's like having a role to play, which keeps him going. 

Whenever he sees an audience, there is a rush of adrenalin. 

He further explained that he still has that butterfly in the stomach, and if he doesn't have it, he will be worried. 

On about decorating his Christmas tree while being naked, Bruno stated that he is usually naked at home because it's easier and relaxing. 

Bruno is also an outstanding singer  

As we know, Bruno is vividly known for his dancing and choreography, but he is also an outstanding singer. 

In an interview with 'This Morning,' he mentioned that he used to train singing and dancing, but he never had an opportunity to sing.

But when he performed in the Finale of his show 'Strictly Come Dancing' in 2019, fans adored him and even considered him brilliant. 

One of the fans even posted on social media that the whole cast was brilliant and knew Bruno could sing. 

Tonioli is looking forward to a music album, which he would love to if it is musically absolutely right, the right song, and produced the way he feels it should be. 

The main purpose of Bruno on attending the “An Evening with Women” program

Jason’s partner Bruno was spotted attending an important event, “An Evening with Women.” 

When asked about his main purpose to visit, he stated that he found the idea of the program as unique and extraordinary. 

It gives kids a chance in their lives, which otherwise is very hard to get. Bruno also shared that he visited the kids privately some time ago. 

Bruno elaborated how he found the chance to heal all kids who have been broken. 

He finds it shocking how these days’ kids are kicked out of their parent’s homes, get abused and they began sleeping around the streets in those circumstances, which are not good. 

He made it clear that we were not aware of the situation. He thinks that the world is a bubble, but the fact is it’s not. 

Bruno praised how this program gives those kids an opportunity in life, and he thinks that we need to support the event and raise our voice towards it. 

Other than that, he told how there is still the existence of ignorance and lack of education. But hopefully, things are getting better, and all of us should be focused on the positive side, Bruno added.

Why Jason’s partner Bruno is sad and frustrated?

Everyone knows how much love and appreciation Bruno gets as a judge from two shows, i.e., Dancing with the Stars and Strictly Come Dancing

Sadly, due to the ongoing pandemic, he didn’t get a chance to complete his commitments on work. 

Well, he is there judging the show “Dancing with the Stars” but got bowed out of this year of “Strictly Come Dancing” for the second year due to travel restrictions. 

He got replaced by Anton Du Beke for the 2021 series. Bruno revealed how he felt sad and frustrated for not being able to return to London to be together with his co-stars in the UK

He also added, there is nothing we could do. 

Net Worth

YearNet WorthAnnual salary
2020$10 Million dollar$30,0000/ episode

There is no information of Jason Net worth, whereas his boyfriend is estimated to have a hefty amount of money $10 Million and also earns $30,000 per episode for judging shows

Since he is a dancer, so he choreographed many songs and videos that add up to his income.


  1. There is no information of his date of birth, but his partner Bruno is born on the 25th of November 1955, in Italy.

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