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Jamie Alvarez


Facts of Jamie Alvarez

Full NameJamie Alvarez
First NameJamie
Last NameAlvarez
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseEddie Alvarez
No Of Children4
Insta Profile
Date of Birth17,1983
Married Date2008

Jamie Alvarez is the beautiful spouse of an American mixed martial artist Eddie Alvarez. Alvarez is the first and only person to win both the Bellator MMA and the UFC championship

Jamie grew up alongside her two older sisters and a younger brother.

Only got married after Eddie was able to pay for the wedding and the ring

Jamie and Eddie met while they were teenagers. They are high school sweethearts. It started from the dance floor at a local club. 

It was mutual that they wanted to be with each other from the moment they saw each other. Then they started meeting more often. 

Jamie would pick him up from one of the dangerous neighborhoods in Philadelphia since Eddie had no car at the time. 

The couple was madly in love, but since Eddie was not a full-time fighter at the time, he did not have enough money to get her a wedding ring. 

Then, he began competing in Japan and eventually became one of the top mixed martial artists. 

By that time, they had already become the parents of their second son. They got married in 2008 after Eddie started earning enough through fighting full-time.

Jamie Alvarez and Eddie Alvarez celebrated their 13th anniversary in September.
Jamie Alvarez and Eddie Alvarez celebrated their 13th anniversary in September. Source: Instagram

Not separated from the sport 

Jamie was aware of the game and possible dangers that could come on the way because she was not kept away from the game. 

Eddie believes no wives or partners should be separated from significant sports so that they can understand what they are going through and why they are going through. 

It was the reason Eddie always took her to the games to know the game, the commitment needed in the game so that she could understand the danger of the sport and what they are getting themselves into. 

Not keeping Jamie hidden about the game has made Eddie a lot easier to commit to his dream. She understands when he has to leave the house for a month or weeks at times.

Jamie Alvarez have been together with her husband Eddie Alvarez for 23 years.
Jamie Alvarez have been together with her husband Eddie Alvarez for 23 years. Source: Instagram

She believes her husband without blinking her eye

Jamie is the strong woman behind the success of her husband Eddie, who always supported him in his bad and dire situations and believed him without blinking her eye. 

According to Eddie, Jamie has been the biggest supporter who always believed him in his high expectations and a big dream, which no one else could have dreamt of. 

He said Jamie didn't blink once when he shared his expectations and dream for himself while others would have laughed off the streets if he had shared with them knowing where he grew up and what most people became growing up. 

One of her son's hilarious texts to his father

Jamie is the doting mother of her four beautiful children, three sons, Eddie Alvarez Jr., Anthony Alvarez, Alister Alvarez, and a daughter Aniston whom she shares with her husband of 13 years

Not only Jamie but also the kids understand the game of their father, for which Eddie feels blessed. They are the source of motivation and the reason for the smile on his face. 

When he won the UFC title beating Rafael dos Anjos back in 2016, his then 8-year-old son was the first to text him, congratulating him for his prize money of $150,000. 

In his text, he wrote, "Dad, we are rich," to which Eddie responded if he knew something he did not know. 

Also, in disappointments and in sad moments, his wife and kids are there to assure him that everything's going to be alright. For Eddie, his family is the saving grace.

For Eddie, the biggest success for him is being a dad, and there is no better success than that, although he had been a champion. 

He has been trying to balance both his personal and professional life since it's important for him to fight as well as at the same time it is also important for him to stay back and enjoy his family and his kids.

Jamie Alvarez with her husband Eddie Alvarez and children.
Jamie Alvarez with her husband Eddie Alvarez and children. Source: Instagram

Jamie, along with the children, was dragged into the words of war

Back in 2016, before UFC 205, Irish-born mixed martial artist Conor McGregor and Eddie underwent words of war where McGregor unnecessarily dragged Jamie and kids. 

Indicating to Eddie, he said he was going to toy with that man and rearrange his facial structure that his wife (Jamie) and kids won't be able to recognize him. 

Eddie earlier gave him a tag of "little guy" when Chad Mendes, whom McGregor defeated at UFC 189, was mentioned.

Eddie demanded his apology for saying his wife and kids' names. He also said if he didn't apologize, then he would make him beg and told him to not miss the chance he gave him to apologize.

However, upon the birth of McGregor's son Conor Jr., he wished him saying he would be as successful as a father as he has been as a mixed martial artist.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Jamie is not disclosed. As of now, we have the net worth of her husband, which is given below:

Net Worth Source
$8 millionMixed Martial Artist


  1. Jamie turned 39 on the 17th of January, 2022.

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