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Facts of James Cannon

Full NameJames Cannon
First NameJames
Last NameCannon
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseBeth Gardener
No Of Children3

James Cannon is the father of an American comedian, rapper, and television host, Nick Cannon

James Cannon with his son Nick Cannon and father.
James Cannon with his son Nick Cannon and father. Source:

Couple separated early 

James Cannon was married to an accountant Beth Gardner

Nothing is revealed about their love story and wedding details. But they parted ways as a couple when his son was a child. 

They never reconciled with each other. After separation, she moved to North Carolina, and their son lived with him only.

James Cannon Ex-wife Beth Gardner and son Nick Cannon.
James Cannon Ex-wife Beth Gardner and son Nick Cannon. Source:

His son was raised by him and his grandfather, who both of them call 'Dad'. He and his father took all the responsibilities and duties of him. 

However, his son had to balance days to live with his mother and father. 

Since they lived in California and North Carolina, he remained in close contact with his mother despite his parents' broken relationship

His mother, too, used to check up upon him through calls so that she won't miss out on anything happening in his life.

Has a considerable influence in his son's life 

His son Nick Cannon has spent his childhood with his brothers, grandparents, and father. Growing up, he has been influenced by these persons. 

He said in an interview, 

'My Father instilled in me how to be a man.' 

At the same time, it had been challenging for him to be brought up as his son. 

Since his father was a minister, he was refrained from watching anything on TV or listening to the radio when he was in elementary and junior high school

He had to dress decently and was not allowed to wear fancy clothes like other kids used to wear. 


The couple had three kids together. All of them are boys whose names are Nick, Gabriel, and Reuben Cannon

They all are into music, but two of the brothers avoid the limelight. 

James Cannon son Gabriel Cannon.
James Cannon son Gabriel Cannon. Source: Instagram

Married a songwriter 

His son got married to a songwriter Mariah Carey on the 30th of April 2008. The wedding ceremony was held at his private place on Windermere Island in the Bahamas

After three years of their marriage, his wife delivered fraternal twins on the same date of their marriage Anniversary

The kids include one daughter and a son. The pair named them Monroe Cannon and Moroccan Scott. Their daughter was named after a great actress, Marilyn Monroe

Since Nick proposed to his wife in her Moroccan-style room, they decided to name their son Moroccan.

James Cannon Grandchildren with their mom.
James Cannon Grandchildren with their mom. Source: Instagram

The couple was together for six years until they decided to file for divorce in the year 2014. However, reports suggest that they were reconciled briefly in 2015

In 2016, they got divorced officially. 

Had one son with a girlfriend 

After he divorced, he was romantically involved with girlfriend Brittany Bell, a Model by occupation.

Together the two had one son named Golden Sagon Cannon, who came into this world on the 21st of February, 2017.

James Cannon Grandchild Golden Sagon Cannon.
James Cannon Grandchild Golden Sagon Cannon. Source: Instagram

He says he encourages his son to have as many children as possible

James believes children are blessings, and that is the reason he says he encourages his son to make as much money as he can and have as many children as he can. 

He says he has no issues with how many women his son has gotten pregnant, but the only question to him will be if he has asked all the right questions and if he got the right answers and if he has put them in writing. 

And if he has done all of that, he can bring as many grandkids as he can.

He further stated that if his son Nick can provide his kids with culture, love, God and life, then he would say if a woman is worth having s*x with, she is worth having a baby with. 

He admitted to teaching his sons not to sleep with women they will not have babies with. Nick is a father of eight children, who he shares with five different women. 

James said it's important for him to spend quality time with his grandkids, and he is also very supportive of his son's decision and wishes the best for all women.

James was 17 when he became a father for the first time. According to him, Beth (Nick's mom) got pregnant just a week after they met. 

He said he met Beth on the 1st of January, and by the 17th, she got pregnant, but since he was young, he didn't want to get married. 

James says he is grateful that she let Nick stay with him and his mom at two months old. He later went on to marry another woman with whom he welcomed four sons. 

He admitted to not having any messy issues with both women, and they share a friendly bond.

Nick revealed his unique baby boy's name

Nick became a father for the 8th time after welcoming a baby boy with model Bre Tiesi. However, the baby boy is the couple's fifth child together. 

It was a natural delivery. They gave their son a unique name Legendary Love Cannon.

James Cannon son Nick Cannon with model Bre Tiesi and son Legendary Love Cannon.
James Cannon son Nick Cannon with model Bre Tiesi and son Legendary Love Cannon. Source: Instagram

Net worth 

Year Net worth Annual Salary 
2020$60 Million unknown

His worth is not out yet. Although, his son is estimated to have a worth of $60 Million. His annual salary remained unknown. 

Source of income 

He earned his money and wealth as a television host, rapper, singer, comedian, and producer.

Since he is doing well in his career, so in the future, his net worth will rise even more. 

He lives with his children in a two-story home consisting of five bedrooms, a yard, a lawn, and a view of a mountain in LA, California.

He drives cars like Ferrari 599, Rolls Royce, Maserati Quattroporte, and Lamborghini. The family, too, must be living a king-size lifestyle. 


  1. His age is not available.

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