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Facts of Jada Li

Full NameJada Li
First NameJada
Last NameLi
Birth CountryChina
Father NameJet Li
Father Professionactor, film producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion
Mother NameNina Li Chi
Mother Professionactress
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SibilingsJane Li
Insta Profile
Date of Birth2002

Jada Li is the celebrity daughter of a Chinese-born Singaporean film actor, film producer, martial artist, and retired Wushu champion named Jet Li.

Jada is the youngest daughter of the family. She is Chinese by nationality. She owns a fast-food restaurant.

Jet is a multitalented and very hardworking actor and a martial art expert. He has gained a lot of success, and he is very known because of his remarkable works. 

He is best known for his performance in absolutely anything he does. He has done many movies and TV shows to date. 

He started his journey in the entertainment industry in the year 1982. He has also won many awards and nominations for his work, and he is not stopping any time soon. 

Jada Li with her father Jet Li.
Jada Li with her father Jet Li. Source: Instagram


Jada is not married yet as she is still young for that, and there is no available information about her dating life. So, there is a clear page when it comes to Jada's love life.

Jet has been married twice in his life. He first got married to a woman named Huang Qiuyan, who is also an actress and also a martial artist. 

They also worked together in the past. They exchanged wedding vows in 1987. The pair shares two daughters named Si Li and Taimi Li.

Jet then met a woman named Nina Li Chi, who is a Hong Kong-based actress in 1989. It was love at first site for Jet even though he was still in a marital bond.

Jet got divorced from his first wife Huang in 1990.

Jet and Nani exchanged wedding vows later in 1999 and are still together. The couple has two daughters named Jane Li and Jada.

Jada Li parents Jet Li and Nina Li Chi.
Jada Li parents Jet Li and Nina Li Chi. Source: Pinterest

Death rumors:

There were several rumors once that Jet had died because of a natural disaster he was present in. 

He and both his daughters Jane, who was at the time four years old and Jada, who was at the time one year old, were in the Maldives in 2004 when the tsunami had taken place due to the Indian Ocean earthquake. 

There were rumors everywhere that he had died, but it turns out he just had a minor foot injury, and everyone was safe.

Singaporean citizenship:

Jet used to have American citizenship as he lived and worked there for a long time but later got Singaporean citizenship when he had a chance to choose. 

He chose Singaporean citizenship because of his daughters Jane and Jada as the education system in Singapore is better, and he wanted that for his daughters.

Jada Li with her father Jet Li and sister.
Jada Li with her father Jet Li and sister. Source: Instagram

Mental health:

Jada opened up about her mental health and how she has been dealing with anxiety and depression. She also said that this pandemic and isolation are making everything worse. 

She acknowledged how she is lucky to get all the privileges and a safe and secure place at this uncertain time. 

She also added that she shared this information because she wanted to encourage the people who follow her who are dealing with the same problem.

In her exact words, 

"Mental issues like COVID-19 anxiety are real and valid. There are many good crisis hotlines and websites to turn to if you have access to the internet. I believe in your strength and your ability to get through this."

Jet explained how to see the right way of the world

Jet poured out his words and he mentioned that he had learned martial arts since he was young. 

He further stated that he liked it very much, although he didn’t have much education, only first-grade level. 

However, he shared how he likes to look at the world relatively by “yin and yang.” 

It basically means that yin and yang have men and women, parents, teachers and students, leaders, Chinese and American. 

Everyone has a different standpoint. Jet added,

When you impose your ideas on others, there will be conflicts, and when everyone is together, they are more harmonious. 

He continued by saying that he knows how the two sides feel from the concept of yin and yang. 

You understand the pattern of the world, such as politics, military, and so on, including why some people like Western food and some people like Chinese food.

Chinese people are proud and American people are proud as well, the artist said. When asked why the two values are different, Jet says that the world lives in relative. 

He stated as his personal desires keep expanding, he hopes to buy a watch for his mother, then a washing machine and big television, and at last a big house with expanding desires. 

When you are famous and rich at a certain stage, you will be in a trance. It’s because the social people you meet are different. 

There are some billionaires around him, even ten billionaires, who he sees are still confused and unhappy in their lives. 

He added how such a rich person is still like this. Jet says he dreams that if you have money, you have everything. 

He questioned why you are so rich and still worried about your children, worry about marriage, and business. 

Later, he discovered that it was a matter of volume, and the essence had not changed. 

Well, an ordinary person is worried about his monthly living expenses, some people worry about money, and some human elites are worried about billions. 

Lastly, he shared that this is a matter of quantity, in essence, pain and happiness have not changed. He also claims this happiness is relative happiness and not eternal happiness.

Wonderful Father’s Day present

Jet as a dad is very much proud of his daughter’s achievements and success. 

Also, he mentioned that his daughter Jada on the occasion of Father’s Day had given him a wonderful present. 

He shared that Jada has been actively involved in charity work with hearing-impaired children.

Net worth:

The net worth of Jada is not known. The net worth of a Jet is estimated to be around $250 Million.

$250 MillionActor, Martial Artist, Film Producer


  1. Jada is currently 18 years old. She was born in 2002.

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