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Isen Shaqiri


Facts of Isen Shaqiri

Full NameIsen Shaqiri
First NameIsen
Last NameShaqiri
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseFatime Shaqiri
No Of Children4

Isen Shaqiri is the father of a Swiss professional footballer, Xherdan Shaqiri

He was a former Alpine farmer. He was married to Fatime Shaqiri, who is a retired cleaner. His nationality is Swiss. He is a faithful follower of the Islam religion.

Isen Shaqiri and his son Xherdan Shaqiri.
Isen Shaqiri and his son Xherdan Shaqiri. Source: Pinterest 

Bonding with his family

Isen shares a strong bond with his family. Even though he was going through a financial crisis, he never stopped supporting his children. 

He guided his sons and pushed them out of their comfort zone to make them successful. 

He also has an unbreakable relationship with his wife, and they both are perfect for each other.

The most controversial father

He is known as the most strict and controversial father. 

However, his dedication and efforts to push his sons out of their comfort zone is the sole reason for Xherdan's success. 

He is proud of his son. Isen also mentioned that they had difficult times in their life; they have been poor and rich, but he had fully supported his son in both circumstances. 

He also said that his kids are not born with a silver spoon, which pushed them to work harder, and among his three sons, Xherdan is born lucky, which makes him more special than the rest.

Isen's protective wife

Isen's wife used to work as a cleaner in office buildings. Therefore, she is protective of her son. 

She doesn't want her son to be hurt while playing football, so she prefers to hear about his personal life rather than the football while talking to Xherdan on the phone. 

According to his mother, Xherdan is a big fan of his mom's food, especially her Albanina specialties. But Fatime is sad because she cannot cook food for her son as he lives far away in England.

Isen Shaqiri wife Fatime Shaqiri and sons Xherdan Shaqiri and Arianit Shaqiri.
Isen Shaqiri wife Fatime Shaqiri and sons Xherdan Shaqiri and Arianit Shaqiri. Source: Instagram

About Isen

Isen emigrated to Switzerland in 1992 with his wife and children. 

He used to wash dishes in a restaurant before working in construction on roads as he couldn't speak Swiss German. 

When Isen saw that many people were using football to earn money, he decided to encourage his kids to play football. 

He then entered his three sons in a local youth club, SV Augst, in 1999

Though all his sons went through the trial, only his youngest one, Xherdan Shaqiri, passed the test. 

Before entering any major competition, Isen used to say, 

"Do not forget where you're from." 

When Xherdan started earning money, Isen retired from his farm work. 

Now, he does nothing but only watch his son's football match. He also manages his son's money and real estate.

About His children

Isen is the father of 3 sons and a daughter. Xherdan plays for Premier League club Liverpool and the Switzerland national team as a winger. 

His other two sons are Arianit Shaqiri and Erdin Shaqiri. Erdin works as Xherdan's manager and lives in Stoke-on-Trent. Arianit lives in Munich.  

Isen also has a daughter named Medina Shaqiri. She is living in Switzerland currently. Isen's sons play ping-pong and PlayStation mostly at home.

Isen Shaqiri sons Xherdan Shaqiri and Arianit Shaqiri.
Isen Shaqiri sons Xherdan Shaqiri and Arianit Shaqiri. Source: Instagram

Are Isen and Fatime still together?

There is not much information on how Isen and his spouse met. But according to the sources, they are still together. 

There is no such news of them cheating on each other. They live happily together. Both of them are sometimes spotted at their son's match.

Net worth

The net worth of Isen is not given. However, the following is the net worth of his son.

Net worthSource
$12 MillionFootballer

Age and Height

  1. The age of Isen is not given, but his son is 29 years old.
  2. His son, Xherdan, is 1.69m tall.
  3. His star son was dating partner Dhurata Ahmetaj.

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