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Facts of Isaac Shingange

Full NameIsaac Shingange
First NameIsaac
Last NameShingange
ProfessionCelebrity Brother
Birth CountrySouth Africa
Father NameNgisaveni Abel Shingange
Mother NamePatricia Noah
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsTrevor Noah and Andrew Shingange

Isaac Shingange rose to fame as a half-sibling of South African comedian, actor, television host, and radio DJ Trevor Noah

He is currently the host of an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning American late-night talk and news satire program, "The Daily Show."

Noah was born and raised during the apartheid 

Noah Trevor was born to his Swiss-German father, Robert Noah, and his South African mother, Patricia Noah

He was born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, in intense poverty during apartheid, where the mixed marriage act 1949 banned marriage between white and black people. 

For having a romantic relationship with his father, she had to pay the cost. 

She was fined and jailed several times. 

Noah used to get locked up in the room in fear during that time and pretended to be a stranger while walking in public. 

He had a tough time growing up as a colored child. 

Although apartheid came to an end while he was ten, the cultural attitude still existed. 

He has also poured his experience into his memoir "Born a Crime."

Isaac Shingange's brother, Trevor Noah, with his father, Robert Noah.
Isaac Shingange's brother, Trevor Noah, with his father, Robert Noah. Source: Briefly

Too violent relationship between his parents 

Isaac was born to his father, Ngisaveni Abel Shingange, and his mother, Patricia Noah

They got married in the year 1992. The relationship between his parents was too violent. 

His father was a horrible man who used to be very abusive toward his mother. 

He used to hit her with a bicycle frame in front of the public and staff. They got divorced in 1996.


After divorcing her husband, she got engaged to Sfiso Khoza in 2009

She got married in July of the same year of their engagement.

Physical abuse victim

His mother was an intense physical abuse victim. His father did not spare her even after their divorce. 

He left his mother near to death after shooting her out of rage. 

He shot her twice, in the head and the lower torso. Her current husband was fired several shots as well. 

He also went in search of Noah to shoot him down. His father was charged with attempting murder case.

A brave wife and a mother 

She is a brave wife and a mother who kept on fighting for her life for her children. 

She still lives in the same neighborhood as her current husband because she believes that nothing worse could happen more than being shot in the head. 

She does not fear death. She is currently running a property firm in Johannesburg. 

Noah considers her the hero of his life.

Isaac Shingange's mother, Patricia Noah.
Isaac Shingange's mother, Patricia Noah. Source:


Isacc has one brother Andrew Shingange. They were raised together. 

Due to his abusive father's fear, they lived in a backyard on the property while Isaac was just 15 months old. 

They lived there for seven years. He has a strong bond with his half-brother, Noah.

Isaac Shingange's brothers, Andrew Shingange and Trevor Noah.
Isaac Shingange's brothers, Andrew Shingange and Trevor Noah.


Isaac has kept his personal life under wraps. Therefore, it is not known if he is dating or not.

In a relationship with his girlfriend?

As per the source, Trevor is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Minka Kelly, an American actress and model

However, the duo has not confirmed it publicly. 

Before that, Trevor was in a serious relationship with Jordyn Taylor, the former R&B singer and songwriter. 

The romantic duo broke up in early 2019.

Isaac Shingange's brother, Trevor Noah, with his ex-girlfriend, Jordyn Taylor.
Isaac Shingange's brother, Trevor Noah, with his ex-girlfriend, Jordyn Taylor. Source: Pinterest

His brother talks about their mom and grand mom

Trevor, during his show The Daily Show, talked about his family between the scene where he talked about how his mom isn’t about fame and the memory power of his 91 years old grandmom. 

He started with his mom’s hatred of food fights. 

He said his mom wouldn’t care if they watched s*x scenes in movies but wouldn’t let him watch kids fighting for food. 

She would ask him to turn the movie off. 

Whenever he used to watch high school movies where there used to fight for food in the cafeteria, his mom would be like, “turn it off, turn it off,” he recalled. 

And when he used to ask the reason, she would be like, “why are they wasting food”? She would be like although it’s in the movie, and it’s the real food. 

Why are they wasting food? We are starving in Africa.

Trevor also revealed how mom isn’t about fame. He said his mom has no interest in television or any of the things he does. 

She loves the fact that he can pay the rent and loves him for who he is. 

He recalled his first meeting with Lionel Richie, who was the soundtrack to his and his mom’s lives while growing up. 

They used to dance and sing his song, and when he finally got to meet him, he took a picture with him and sent it to his mom. 

He emailed her, saying, “Look, what do you think?” His mom replied,” Wow, you are getting fat.” 

He then asked her to roll an eye at the other person in the picture. She was like, “Oh Yes,” Oh, that’s nice.”

And then, years later, she was on the internet, and his brother was going through the pictures of him. 

She saw the picture of him and Lionel Richie and asked him when did that happen.

Trevor replied, saying it happened when he sent her the picture two and a half years ago.

Besides that, Trevor also revealed that his then 91 years old have a strong memory power and that she has her squad and hangs out with them. 

According to him, his grand mom memory is bulletproof, so all of her friends ask her about the things they have forgotten in their lives. 

He admitted that his grandmom has a better memory than him, his mom, and everybody.

Net Worth 

His net worth is not disclosed. 

Noah grew up in intense poverty, but he is now relishing the lavish income from his career. 

He purchased a mansion in the Bel-Air neighborhood of Los Angeles

As celebrity brothers, Isaac and Andrew are also living a stable life. 

They had not gone through intense poverty like his brother. 

 YearSalaryNet Worth
Trevor Noah2020$ 8 million $40 million 


  1. Isaac is currently eighteen years old.

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