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Hendrix Wilburn


Facts of Hendrix Wilburn

Full NameHendrix Wilburn
First NameHendrix
Last NameWilburn
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameFuture
Father ProfessionAmerican rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer
Mother NameJoie Chavis
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsJakobi, Londyn. Prince, Future Zahir, Paris, Kash, and Reign
Date of BirthDecember 15,2018
Age5 years

Hendrix Wilburn is best known as the son of rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, better known by the stage name 'Future.' 

He is the fifth son of the rapper.

His Father

Future was born on 20 November 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States

His parents are Haitian, but their name is not available on his Wiki sites. 

He was a member of a music collective named The Dungeon Family when he was of young age and got his nickname Future

He is not married yet but has love affairs with several beautiful ladies to date. 

He has six children from six different women. He is still looking for a perfect wife-to-be. 

Hendrix Wilburn's father, Future.
Hendrix Wilburn's father, Future. Source: Instagram

His Mother

His mother's name is Joie Chavis. She is a YouTuber, fitness trainer, dancer, model, and businessman

She has a YouTube channel named Joie In Life, which has 8.2k followers to date. 

She has 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account.

Her parents are Peter Chavis and Mary Chavis

Currently, she is single and focusing on her career and raising children.

Hendrix Wilburn's mother, Joie Chavis.
Hendrix Wilburn's mother, Joie Chavis. Source: Instagram

Parent's Love Affair

Future has had love affairs with several women to date. Once, he was in a relationship with Joie Chavis

Their love story is not available on wiki sites. They used to be in the headlines for their exotic vacations

They never got married.

In June 2018, she announced that she was pregnant, but the name of the child's father was not revealed.

Their love affairs didn't long last, and they are no longer together. 

But they have maintained a good relationship for the sake of their son

Future attended the baby shower of his child's mother and gifted her a 5ct diamond ring

The baby shower party was lavish. She looked so pretty that day. 

In that photo, Future is touching Joie's baby bump with one hand, and with the other hand, he is hugging her. 

The picture is so cute.

Hendrix Wilburn’s parents, Future and Joie Chavis
Hendrix Wilburn’s parents, Future and Joie Chavis. Source: 745ng

Moment With Half-Sister

He has one half-sister from his mother's side. Her name is Shai Moss

Her father is a famous rapper, Bow Wow

She was born on 27 April 2011. She is eight years old now.

She loves her little brother so much. Her mother has several photos of them on her Instagram account. 

She posted an adorable picture of her two kids on her Instagram account on Christmas of 2019, where both children are twinning in black. 

Shai is kissing her Lil brother's cheek, and the photo is too cute. The caption of that photo is 

'Merry Christmas.'

Hendrix Wilburn with his half older sister Shai.
Hendrix Wilburn with his half older sister Shai. Source: Instagram

Future replies to Celebrity Friends' interesting questions

Hendrix’s dad’s Future answered what are moments of self-doubt like for him and how often did he experience them? He instantly replies, saying every day. 

Elaborating it, he just is making sure that you are achieving everything you want to do and just staying on top of everything and not knowing but making sure that you get the most out of everything around you and everyone around you. 

He explains that it might not be self-doubt, but it might be someone else doubting him or someone around him might not feel like they are a hundred percent sure of what he is doing. 

That is the thing he has to do every day. He also feels like he has to constantly, no matter how much success you have, you have to continue proving yourself every day. 

Future also replied to the question of what his future looks like in a word, by saying Billions

He added it’s looking at office buildings, real estate companies, publishing companies, and just success all around and whatever he puts his mind to, wanting to be successful and reach as high as potential. 

On asking if he wants more kids, he says he would like to get more kids from his wife if he ever gets married. He says it could be like three because he never had more than one kid by a girl. 

Other than that, he would choose Whitney Houston if given a chance to do a joint album. It’s because the first thing that popped in his head was one of his favorite songs titled “I will always love you.” 

Also, he feels good when proving himself right and proving anyone wrong. Also, he admitted that he never reads any comments on the internet. 

Future also answers the three things he can’t live without when stuck on the island: the water, wanting to smoke some weed, and having a girl with him. 

And lastly, one thing he said he couldn’t do was to erase the past.

Facts about his father

Well, Hendrix’s dad is said to be the pioneer of the use of melodies. Not only this, he is considered to be including great vocal effects in modern trap music too. 

In 2019, two ladies from Texas and Florida filed a paternity complaint pointing out that the artist was the dad of their kids. 

Lastly, the artist won the title of Best Rap Performance award at Grammy in the year 2019

His father got shot as a teen 

His father, while opening up about growing up in the streets, also talked about getting shot as a teen. 

He has come far from waking up in the crack house to waking up in the suite, seeing every step on the way, which he doesn’t take for granted. 

He has lived and learned with no regrets, he said. 

According to him, he has been in the streets all of his life and has seen a lot of killings and people ending up in jail. 

He would wake up every single day thinking about the worst situation. He recalled getting shot at his hand, which was one of the worst situations. 

He lived by the day, thinking he could have died. He was just seventeen at the time, and he was just thinking about his whole mentality. 

It just changed his whole old thoughts because he was a whole different person before that. 

He had no love for anybody and had to find his emotions. After the incident, it provided him the insight to work harder and chase his dreams.

His father’s take on marriage

Future is the father of eight kids whom he shares with different women, but he is yet to get married. 

During an interview with Billboard, he shared what he thinks about marriage. 

He said life would have been way different if he was married, at home with kids, and that while people take it easy for him with a rock star lifestyle, it doesn’t get well. 

Having said that, he also added that getting married is one of his dreams.

Future feels he can achieve both fame and a successful marriage when the time is right. He does dream and does want it, but he is not chasing it. 

If he was just chasing, then he would probably pick the wrong girl, he said. 

He has left it on time because he knows it’s something he would love, and when time presents itself, then he will be prepared. 

He just wants to ensure that he just lives that to the fullest. But at the same time, he is not thinking about having a wife, though he wants a wife.

Everybody around him wants him to have a wife more than he does, he continued.

Net Worth

He was born with a silver spoon. His father has a net worth of 40 million dollars

He managed to earn that sum of fortune from his career in music. His net worth is significantly increasing day by day.

He earns from album sales, tours, royalties, and several endorsements.

He is one of the highest-paid rappers in the world.

He has released eight studio albums so far. They are shown below.

Year Album
2019The Wizard


  1. He was born on 15 December 2018 in the United States. His parents lavishly celebrated his first birthday.
  2. He is American by nationality.
  3. He has five siblings from his paternal side. They are Jakobi Wilburn, Londyn. Prince Wilburn, Future Zahir Wilburn, Paris, Kash, and Reign Wilburn.

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