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Harry Joseph Letterman


Facts of Harry Joseph Letterman

Full NameHarry Joseph Letterman
First NameHarry
Middle NameJoseph
Last NameLetterman
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameDavid Letterman
Father ProfessionAmerican television host, comedian, writer, and producer
Mother NameRegina Lasko
Mother Professionproduction manager
Gender IdentityMale
Date of BirthNovember 3,2003
Age18 years

Harry Joseph letterman is the celebrity son of the famous American television host, comedian, writer, and producer David Letterman. Harry is currently 17 years old living with his family.

David has been one of the longest-running talk show hosts. He had the longest-running talk show of all time named 'The late show with David Letterman', which ran for 33 years. 

He is still working on various shows and his own Netflix show as well. He began his career in 1982, which was 39 years ago.


The parents of Harry are David Letterman and his wife, Regina Lasko. His father is David, a famous and successful television personality, and his mother, Regina is a production manager of many shows and movies.

David and Regina marriage

David and Regina got married in 2009 in the courthouse civil ceremony in Choteau, Montana, where David purchased a ranch in 1999

David confessed that the day of their marriage, he almost didn't make it as the vehicle they were going in had stuck in the mud, which was 2 miles away from their house, but luckily he made it to his wedding in time.

They had their son Harry before their marriage in 2003. They have been together till now. 

Before Regina

Before David was involved with Regina, he was married to his college sweetheart Michelle Cook. They got divorced in October 1997

After the divorce, David also had an affair with the former head writer and producer of Merrill Markoe. They broke up in 1998

David met Regina when he was still living with Merrill

Harry Joseph Letterman's parent David Letterman and Regina Lasko
Harry Joseph Letterman's parent David Letterman and Regina Lasko. Source: Pinterest

Harry's Kidnapping 

The police found out that the person who had come to paint David's house had planned to kidnap Harry when he was just 16 months old. 

It was also disclosed that the kidnapper has also planned to ask for $5 million as ransom money, but the plan failed as the police had known about the plan just in time before the kidnapping. 

David's Stalker

David was once stalked by a woman named Margaret Mary Ray, who was a patient of schizophrenia. She stole his car, which was a Porsche. She even broke into his house. She later killer herself at the age of 46

David told the New York Times about her death and that he had great compassion for her, and it was a sad ending for a chaotic life.


David and Regina have one child named Harry, who is in his teenage years. He is currently in school, but the school's name is not announced to the public as they respect his privacy as well.

Harry Joseph Letterman with his father David Letterman
Harry Joseph Letterman with his father David Letterman. Source: Pinterest

David says that he is grateful that he spent so much time with his son at this age. He also said how he feels secure when he is around his son and loves to spend time with him.

Harry’s dad David started drinking at an early age?

As mentioned earlier, David has been a part of Television for many years. He is a popular personality, and with it, he is also surrounded by many obstacles. 

In one of the interviews, David’s spouse had confronted that he started drinking at eleven. His wife further added that David was very much revealing about his emotional stuff. 

She told that back in the days, David’s father gave him a little sip of the Christmas cocktail, and obviously, the young David likes it. That’s when it all began. 

David, in his show, had confronted that in between the psychiatrists and daytime drinking, he is all fine. To know more about what he shared, link on the link given below.

Was David Fired from his first gig?

He has reached the heights now. But like others, David had also started from the bottom of the ladder. 

The man’s first and foremost show was the business gig that came as a talk show host for none other than a local radio station. 

Sadly, he couldn’t continue there for a long time as he got fired for his irreverent treatment of classical music. The fans and viewers of classical music couldn’t take a joke. 

Even though his classical music comedy had scandalized everywhere, the man had certainly impressed some of them while serving on the radio. 

That’s why after getting fired, he was offered a job at a local television as performing the role of a weatherman. 

Sooner, David was spotted in front of the camera and into millions of people’s homes. 

No doubt, the audience was able to tell that there was something different about him and his performances. 

It was stated that the way he was doing his tasks of weather forecasts was somewhat unique. Well, his jokes sometimes went a bit too far, which people didn’t get at all. 

His father ordered Chinese food at the time of his birth

During Late Night with Seth Meyers, David recalled the hilarious birth story of Harry. He said his wife was having a delivery, and they had to be at 6 in the morning. 

He was with his wife the whole day, and it was 8 in the evening, and nothing was happening. So, the obstetrician asked if anyone was hungry, to which David said, ”yes, I am hungry.” 

Then he went to say there is a Chinese place near the hospital that delivers and asked if David wanted Chinese food. 

Along with the doctor and obstetrician, David ordered $400 worth of Chinese food and went down to the break room to have. 

The room was close to his wife’s delivery room from where her scream could be heard. There was his wife in labor, and David was enjoying the Chinese food. 

He says his wife got pissed off due to that and still today she is pissed off. At the time, he said in his defense, ”Well, Regina, These guys delivered, you weren’t.” 

He added that Harry was born at 11:53, and the guy was passing Harry around lifting him in his hand, and there was applause from the staff. 

Seeing all that, David thought, what a way to start life. He was overwhelmed with anxiety since he had waited too long to start a family.

Is Joseph Harry funny?

As a son of a comedian, many people wonder if his son is funny or not. David in the Ellen Show said of his son Harry being funny.  

He also confessed to waiting for his son to say something funny to write jokes. He recalled some of the incidents with Harry

Once he and his son were alone in the house, he asked his son if he had had his breakfast and his son, in a baritone voice, said: “I am not sure.” 

He also said his son does not like going out with him. According to him, he asked his son if it was his beard that he does not like to go out with him, but his son said it was not the beard but his behavior. 

He said he waits for his son to say something funny, and then he tells the story about him. He added Harry has said not to talk about him. 

He said another incident about Harry. While Harry was in fourth grade, they had gone to Easter Island to see Moai

And later they were having dinner at the restaurant when all of a sudden a drunken guy appeared, and Harry was so horrified seeing him that he ran to the hotel room. 

Then after a month, David got a call from Harry’s teacher saying Harry had written a theme for school about Easter Island and she wanted to check something with him. 

She asked if Harry was chased out of the hotel room by a drunk guy because it was all he mentioned on his paper. Harry found the drunken guy more impressive than Moai.

Net worth

Since Harry is still in his school and doesn't work, he doesn't have any net worth yet. His father, David, on the other hand, has a pretty good income. 

The net worth of David is estimated to be around $400 million. His annual salary is $20 million. He also earns his fortune as a producer. 

He has his own production company named Worldwide Pants Incorporated. He now has his own Netflix show 'My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman.'

David Letterman$400 millionTV show, production company, comedian, writer.


  1. Harry is 17 years old as of 2021. He was born on November 3, 2003.
  2. David is 73 years old. He was born on April 12, 1947.

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