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Facts of Hanna Prater

Full NameHanna Prater
First NameHanna
Last NamePrater
ProfessionCelebrity Spouse
Birth CountryGermany
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseSebastian Vettel
No Of Children3
Networth$560 k
Insta Profile
Date of Birth1987

Hanna Prater is an industrial design student and is a wife to famous German racing driver Sebastian Vettel

Hanna Prater childhood love story with Sebastian Vettel

Hanna Prater Childhood Picture
Hanna Prater Childhood Picture Source: YouTube
Sebastian Vettel Childhood Picture
Sebastian Vettel Childhood Picture Source: YouTube

Hanna and Sebastian were both childhood buddies. They had shared each moment with each other. Both went to the same school and were schoolmates since 2006

As we all know being a racing driver, Sebastian has won many championship titles from 2010 to 2013. Moreover, when they met they were just a child going to school. 

Two of them are very reserved and yet not much discussed their personal life. But as per the sources, they had been staying together since 2010 and have dated  for several years.

Why are we unknown about their marriage?

When most of the celebrities announced their relationship for publicity even though they are not serious, the couple had kept their relationship secret. 

In the era of technology, it is very difficult to hide from the public eye specially when one is a public figure. Both were spotted in a program held in Canada

There was rumor that he has a ring on his wedding finger. The visuals were not so clear that the media could not capture them. Later on, when the couples were attending the event in France, the ring wasn't there. Well, this situation created confusion between all. After all, why don't they want to flash the news about their marriage?

Hanna shares common similarities with her husband

Hanna Prater Couple Time With Sebastian Vettel
Hanna Prater Couple Time With Sebastian Vettel Source: YouTube

"The life of today is the social media world. We got to know our fan's updates on their life with these social media apps. We get a hint or sometimes a whole story of the celebrity life. Well, not everyone will be familiar with those apps." 

said Hanna. She has recently joined Instagram, but she hasn't uploaded any family pictures yet. Sebastian, on the other hand, has only the account his fans created. 

Thus, we are unknown about the incident happening in their daily life. 

She told that "My husband and I have the same taste regarding social media apps. We don't want to share our private pictures." To that Sebastian also added, "I have never been engaged with social media apps, so I am not missing it either."

Their wedding pictures are not revealed yet

The couples are blessed with three children. Regarding that, their pictures of the wedding are not revealed yet. Sebastian said in an interview, 

"I don't have many apps on my mobile, and I am not a big fan of it."

When going through his wife's profile, she has only uploaded a few pictures regarding the food. They got married and haven't revealed a single post. 

When most celebrities today post a picture of each and everything, these couples haven't posted a single thing about their special day. 

Hanna Prater with her husband in an event
Hanna Prater with her husband in an event Source: YouTube

Hanna welcomed her third children into the family

Hanna and Sebastian have been blessed with a baby boy recently. The baby boy has two elder sisters already, Emilie Vettel and Matilda Vettel

Altogether, now the Ferrari driver Vettel have members of five in his family. We haven't yet seen the pictures of the small born baby. 

Moreover, we got the news through one of their colleagues. He tweeted, saying, 

"Congratulations to Sebastian and the whole family for a baby boy, their third child. Due to this happy moment, Sebastian would not be available for the media sessions today because he would be there with the family."    

Net worth

Since she is an industrial design student and is a business women public figure. She has worked with magazines like Look for years. Being an owner of her fashion brand, her net worth is $560,000.

Net worth$560,000
Income SourceOwner of her Fashion Brand

Age & Height

  1. She is 33 years old.
  2. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches, i.e., 1.70 meters.

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