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Haley Arnaz


Facts of Haley Arnaz

Full NameHaley Arnaz
First NameHaley
Last NameArnaz
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameGary Charf
Father ProfessionAmerican Actor
Mother NameAmy Laura Bargiel
Mother ProfessionAuthor
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SibilingsJulia Arnaz
Height163 cm
Weight55 kg
Date of BirthDecember 17,1976
Age46 years

Haley Arnaz is recognized as the step-daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr., who is professionally known to be an American actor. 

Haley is a ballet dancer and a TV personality. 

Haley got to be known when she got captured with her performance in I love Lucy’s 50th Anniversary Special, a television documentary.

Haley Arnaz with her father Desi Arnaz Jr.
Haley Arnaz with her father Desi Arnaz Jr. Source: Pinterest

Is Haley adopted?

Haley was first born to Gary Charf and Amy Laura in the United States. Gary and Amy got married in the year 1975

Sadly, her biological parents split up after being together for whole four years. 

After their separation, Amy got full custody of her daughter Haley so young Haley stayed back with her mom. 

It’s been stated that young Haley has been interested in dance since she was a child, so it was her mom who trained her daughter and transformed her to be a great dancer. 

Desi and Haley’s mom tied the knot in October 1987, resulting in Haley being legally recognized as a daughter. 

Going through the adoption procedure, Haley then took the name and became Haley Amber Arnaz. In 2015, Haley’s mom died due to a brain tumor. 

It’s been said that Haley was the only kid of her parents, but she is blessed with a half-sibling named Julia Arnaz, born to her step-dad Desi with his ex-partner Susan Callahan-Howe

Haley Arnaz with her parents Amy Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. and sister Nichole Arnaz.
Haley Arnaz with her parents Amy Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. and sister Nichole Arnaz. Source: Pinterest

Was Desi Arnaz Jr.’s life a struggle?

Desi went through a d*ug addiction that almost cost his life. It’s been said that due to his famous parents, he felt pressure to live up to their dreams. 

That pressure led him to consume d*ugs and alcohol. Desi also recalled the very first time he felt jealousy. 

At age three, he went to the set of “I Love Lucy,” where his parents were shooting. 

He was in a dilemma as little Desi wasn’t the one who was portraying the role of their kid. 

Desi started having an identity problem. Other than that, he started taking d*ugs while he was just a teenager. 

He revealed how he used to give doctors money and gets prescription d*ugs. His mother, including other people around, would advise him to seek help. 

Nevertheless, the actual wake-up call for him was made in his mid-twenties. 

At that moment, the doctor showed him the scans which showed the impacts of d*ugs on his brain, and at 25 years old, his brain looked like the brain of a 60-year-old

However, he found self-discovery. Moving on, the other thing about Arnaz Jr. people might not know is that he became a dad while a teenager. 

It’s been told that he was so much interested in girls since he was a teenager, and just at 15 years old, he became a dad. 

He got involved with Susan Howe, a model. Arnaz Jr. denied that Julia was his child. However, the paternity test taken in the 90s proved that Julia is his daughter. 

Moving on, Arnaz Jr., back in 1987, married Amy Arnaz. They were happy in their lives until and unless Amy died in the year 2015

It’s been reported that the lady died after four days after Arnaz Jr.’s 62nd birthday. 

Through all his struggles and problems faced earlier, finally, his life has taken a positive turn. 

He had made his parents proud by being an executive producer on ‘Being The Ricardos.’ 

Haley Arnaz father Desi Arnaz Jr. while young.
Haley Arnaz father Desi Arnaz Jr. while young. Source: Pinterest

Net worth

Since exact financial information of Haley is not given yet, her dad's estimated net worth is said to be $40 million as of now. 

He has earned this amount by his dedication to his career in acting and music. 

Net worth$40 million
Income SourceAmerican Actor


  1. Born on December 17, 1976, Haley is 45 years old.

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