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Gustav Schwarzenegger


Facts of Gustav Schwarzenegger

Full NameGustav Schwarzenegger
First NameGustav
Last NameSchwarzenegger
ProfessionAustrian police officer
Birth CountryAustria-Hungary
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children2
Date of BirthAugust 17,1907
Age116 years

Gustav Schwarzenegger was the father of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a famous Hollywood star and a former governor too. 

Schwarzenegger belongs to Austria-Hungary. The great man loved music and was a sportsman too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is closer to his mother than to his father

Gustav Schwarzenegger Son And Wife
Gustav Schwarzenegger Son And Wife Source: Instagram

The father-son relationship is a beautiful feeling in this world. But why Arnold hated his father. Being a police chief, Gustav was very strict as a father as he is Catholic. 

As per the rumors, his son had even told the public, being strict doesn't matter to him; after all, there should be rules in the family. His father was abusive. 

He drank lot and was violent and cruel at the same time. It was difficult for him to tackle those things. The younger son also mentioned that he would be compared with his older brother, Reinhard

His father would always prefer his older brother and encouraged them to fight. There was a rumor that Schwarzenegger was chased with a belt by his father because he thought that he was gay.

Gustav children broke the birth knot with him; A sad truth

Gustav Schwarzenegger Children In Their Childhood
Gustav Schwarzenegger Children In Their Childhood Source: Instagram

As we are all aware, about the death of Schwarzenegger's older brother Reinhard in 1971. His death occurred due to a car crash. 

Arnold didn't support his family, excluding his mother. He lived in a different country. 

He was so strong and determined that he didn't even attend his brother's funeral. We all know the backstory of the father-son duo. 

The relationship even went worse when he found out about his father's dark side. Gustav was engaged in the Nazi party. 

Due to those reasons, he didn't attend his father's funeral 20 years ago and broke the child relation.

Gustav married the "war widow" Aurelia

Gustav Schwarzenegger With Younger Son And Wife
Gustav Schwarzenegger With Younger Son And Wife Source: Instagram

Gustav worked as an Austrian police chief and a postal inspector back then. He was a very strict man. 

He allowed others to follow his rule and regulations, but he didn't follow himself. Aurelia Jadrny, his wife, was a war widow. They both got married in 1945 in Austria. Their life got into many controversies. 

After they were together and had two sons already, there was news that he had been engaged in NSDAP party membership and was part of the Nazi's. 

Their relationships got even worse later on, as per the sources.

The main reason for "Gustav Death."

Gustav Schwarzenegger had a career in the Austrian Army and had been known as a police officer and achieved a section commander title. 

He also became a part of the master sergeant and served in Poland, France, Belgium, and Ukraine, one of the Panzer group parts. 

He died on 13 December 1972 due to a stroke in Weiz, Steiermark. There was news that his younger son didn't attend his funeral due to the unhealthy relationship. 

In 1972, his wife Aurelia also passed away from a heart attack while visiting her husband's grave.

Gustav as a Nazi stormtrooper: Black past 

He was the father of a great actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was into the police in his early days. He was in the German Army when World War 2 was happening. 

His life was very mysterious until his younger son told the media how bad his father treated him. His life came into the limelight mainly in 2003

As per the rumors, he had also been a part of the Nazi regime and was a trooper. The exact role of him hasn't been flashed yet and is still under speculation.

Net worth

Gustav was recognized as famous military personnel in Austria. The income till he was alive was $38,250 a year where. His son is listed as the wealthiest bodybuilders in the world and has a net worth of $400 million.

Worth of Gustav$38,250
Income sourceMilitary
Worth of Arnold$400M
Income sourceActing 

Age & Height

  1. He was 65 years old when he died.
  2. His height was 6 feet, which is 1.8288 meters.

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