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Grier Hammond Henchy


Facts of Grier Hammond Henchy

Full NameGrier Hammond Henchy
First NameGrier
Middle NameHammond
Last NameHenchy
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameChris Henchy
Father Professionscreenwriter and producer
Mother NameBrooke Shields
Mother Professionactress and model
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsRowan Francis Henchy
Date of Birth2006

Grier Hammond Henchy is the daughter of Brooke Shields. Who is Brooke

Brooke, real name Brooke Christa Shields professionally serves as an actress and a model. 

The lady got the limelight at an early age for the leading role she portrayed in Pretty Baby.

Grier Hammond Henchy with her mother Brooke Shields.
Grier Hammond Henchy with her mother Brooke Shields. Source: Pinterest

Divorce with American tennis player Mr. Agassi

Grier Hammond Henchy mother Brooke Shields with her ex spouse.
Grier Hammond Henchy mother Brooke Shields with her ex spouse. Source: Pinterest

We have known that Brooke was together with one of the professional tennis players and former World No.1 who has now retired. 

His name is Andre Kirk Agassi. The former pair was in an official relationship for two years between 1997 and 1999.

However, it didn't last, which made them file for a divorce. 

Brooke stated in her fresh memoir that she regretted after a day of her special event for taking that step. 

Further, she stated that they both were not happy, after which Agassi mentioned that he was obsessed with crystal meth when they dated in 1993

Trying to make things work out, it didn't happen, and the pair cut off their relationship.

A beautiful bond of friendship turned out into marriage

Finally, after the split-up with Agassi, Brooke and Chris Henchy's friendship bond grew much stronger. 

Chris's real name, Christopher Thomas Henchy, serves as a screenwriter and producer. 

The individual decided to turn their friendship into a beautiful marriage and tied the knot in 2001

Since then, the pair have had a great life, spending almost two decades with each other. 

Further adding to the secret for a successful life, she mentioned that giving each other space and keeping a distance-time and again is the main secret the couple has been following.

Hosted a Secret Wedding

Did the couple, for real, have a secret wedding? Yes, they did. 

Brooke and Chris organized their special event on Catalina Island

The guest invited to the event didn't have a small hint of what the occasion was really about. 

When the lady stepped out in a beautiful dress designed by Vera Wang, the guests were convinced that the event was of an adorable couple. 

After many years of the event, the lady has described her spouse as an amazing one. 

She added that her man has always been active in talking and discussing what's important and sorting it out whenever there are errors in life.

Blessed with a sibling

Henchy's family consists of three members, but altogether, they are a happy family of four. 

Grier isn't their single child but is blessed with the presence of one more sibling, whom they named Rowan Francis Henchy

Rowan is an older sister of Grier. The older one was born in May 2003, which makes her three years older than Grier

The family is often spotted together at many events looking charming and supportive towards each other.

Grier Hammond Henchy with her family.
Grier Hammond Henchy with her family. Source: Pinterest

A talk on Brooke Shield's birth Journey

Grier Hammond Henchy mother Brooke Shields and grandmother Teri.
Grier Hammond Henchy mother Brooke Shields and grandmother Teri. Source: Instagram

The actress Brooke originally belongs to Manhattan, New York. 

She was born to parents named Teri Shields (an actress and model) and Frank Shields (businessman). 

But the surprising fact is that when her mother told about this good news to Frank's family, they reacted and said for the abortion, for which they offered her a sum of money as well. 

However, her mother was strong enough to go against them, taking money also giving birth to her baby. 

Brooke's parents split up when she was only five months. 

Her mother had clearly announced that her child will also be active in show business in the coming days as she is beautiful, and the mother herself is going to help her daughter grow in this career.  

Now, we can assume her mother had invested in her a lot.

Brooke feels so lucky to be alive

Pulling from the top, Brooke was in top form and was on the 13th day of the 14th-day workout program. 

In her words, she told how the lady was energized and not at all exhausted. Brooke says she was also eating healthier and was totally in the zone. 

After finishing her workout, she went to the back on her own. 

She then got into the balance board, where the young man told her that looked very hard, to which she answered that it’s only hard as you commit to learning or doing it. 

Suddenly after that, she turned back and lost her focus. Brooke told how she flew up in the air and landed so heavy and hard that it injured her hip. 

She felt the solid impact and realized that she couldn’t move her toes and wanted to make sure she wasn’t paralyzed. 

She shared her fear that she was just inches away from hitting her head on a bench. Brooke disclosed that anything could happen more intense than that, also accepting that she was lucky enough to be alive. 

The lady couldn’t remember anything except that she was screaming all over. Brooke was rushed over to surgery as her bone had popped up from her device. 

Lastly, she said that that was the moment she had been more afraid of and felt helpless. 

Never go to Google to research herself

There is another artist who googled themselves, however, Brooke doesn’t. The actress even expressed that her children now and then have googled her. 

She told there were too many opinions of people about her, and she admitted she would be a bit cuckoo with it, she can’t, Brooke added. 

She also said that she avoids all the comments on her media sites. However, she confronted that sometimes reading comments would make her feel upset and stressed out. 

Well, it seems that the lady has found a great way to keep sane when remaining online. Nevertheless, we all can learn a few tips from the lady herself. 

She appeared alongside her mother in Victoria’s Secret latest campaign

Grier appeared alongside her mom in Victoria’s Secret latest Mother’s Day campaign, which is a complete celebration of motherhood. 

For the photo shoot, the mother-daughter duo twined in sleek pajamas. The duo shared a beautiful mom-and-daughter moment where Brooke discussed the highs and lows of being a mom. 

According to Brooke, she doesn’t think she ever bargained to feel the pain of love, and sometimes she feels like, wow, if she wants to feel the extent of love? 

Because it hurts all the time and doesn’t get easier, it just gets harder in different ways. 

For the first few years, she was glued to her, and she just had to be in her and on her and was always like smelling her, which was just heaven, but then as she grew up, she won’t let her touch her except for on the camera, Brooke said of Grier

Grier also talked about her mom, saying that she has learned that no matter how much they fight or what Grier is going through with friends or anything else, she is always there at the end of the day. 

She also expressed her gratitude towards her mom for always making her feel protective and said that it’s ok sometimes to be a little selfish as she has always focused on making sure that everyone is ok. 

She added that she just makes sure that her needs are taken care of and she feels ok.

Grier is following in her mother’s footsteps. Speaking to People, Brooke said that Grier is into extreme fashion. 

And if she doesn’t find anything good she has she doesn’t find in her closet, then she knows exactly where she can find it pointing at Grier

When she asks where her missing clothes went, she tends to give a sly response and will be like, 

“oh, I forgot to give it back to you,” 

And she will be like, 

“You also forgot to ask me to borrow it,” 

Grier is a little bit of a label monger, she further added.

Grier Hammond Henchy with her mother Brooke Shields for Victoria’s secret mother’s day campaign 2022.
Grier Hammond Henchy with her mother Brooke Shields for Victoria’s secret mother’s day campaign 2022. Source: Instagram

Net worth

Since Grier Hammond's income source couldn't be traced exactly, Brooke Shields has a total estimated net worth of $40 million.

Net worth$40 million
Income sourceActor, model, television producer, spokesperson, voice actor, and author


  1. She is 14 years old.

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