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Facts of Gracie Calaway

Full NameGracie Calaway
First NameGracie
Last NameCalaway
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameThe Undertaker
Father Professionwrestler
Mother NameSara Frank
Mother Professionformer WWE Valet and Employee
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsChasey Calaway, Gunner Vincent Calaway
Twitter Profile
Date of Birth2005

Gracie Calaway is the celebrity kid and daughter of American retired professional wrestler, The Undertaker

Married three times 

Her father, The Undertaker, first tied the knot with Jodi Lyn in 1989

The couple together even had one son, who was born in 1993

Their relationship could not last long, and eventually, they ended up having a divorce with each other. 

After that, he married two more times. 

How did her parents meet?

Her parents met each other around 1999 in an autograph session held for her father's fans in San Diego, California

The couple liked each other's vibes and soon began dating

They dated for around a year and then finally married (Sara Frank) in 2000

Nobody knows where their wedding took place.  

The couple exchanged their vows on July 21, and it was an extremely private affair. 

Her mother has worked as a WWE Valet and Employee.  They were together for seven long years.     

But the sad part is they separated too. The reason behind their split up is still hidden from the people and media. 

The two legally got separated on April 25, 2007

Has one sister and two half-siblings 

She has one big sister, who is three years older than her. Her name is Chasey Calaway, and she is 18 years old as of now. 

She also has one half-brother, Gunner Vincent Calaway, from her father's first marriage.  

Even though his father is a massive name in the wrestling industry, his son has a different passion. 

He is a gamer, and he is now a streamer, Illustrator, and freelance artist

Gracie Calaway with her sister.
Gracie Calaway with her sister. Source: 

She has one younger half-sister from her father's third marriage

After separating from her mother, he got wedded to Michelle McCool, a former wrestler, in 2010

She was born on August 28, 2012. She is only eight years old

Interestingly, her parents have not revealed her identity to the public yet because of unknown reasons. 

They seemed a little more concerned about her daughter's privacy.

Even when her parents share her picture, they hide her face with cute stickers. 

Gracie Calaway dad The Undertaker with his wife and daughter.
Gracie Calaway dad The Undertaker with his wife and daughter. Source: Instagram


In the 1998 edition of WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels was supposed to give his championship stone to Steve Austin, but since her father knew about his stubborn nature

He tied his Fist and asked him to follow the exact script and end the match in the same way. 

He had to follow him because there was no option left. 

The Undertaker, “Never Say Never”

Her dad gave an inspiring speech ever. He stated saying Never say Never

For the last three decades, his identity has been an undertaker, the phenome, the dead man, the American badass, and the taker of souls. 

He said that he would take us behind the curtain and let us meet the man who had been under the black hat, Mark Calaway

Further, he shared that it could have been really easy for him to keep Mark Callaway hidden until the day that he died. 

However, he wanted to show each and every one of us the same respect that has shown him for so many years. 

He loves this business with all his heart, but it doesn’t come without sacrifice; Undertaker added. He claimed sacrifice in the form of family, health, and privacy. 

He shared he wouldn’t be where he is today without all the people. He praised the people not only that held him in the ring but outside of it. He thanked all of the WWE Universe

He stated it as loyal, passion, and the motivation he needed on many nights to get up off to the training room table, work his way down here to the ring, push through the pain and perform. 

He shared the words his brother shared with him. 

Undertaker says It’s 1986, and he is about 20 years old, sitting in his living room, staring at the floor, just a step away from the graduation, and he was all conflicted and miserable. 

His brother kept his hand on his shoulder and said Mark, you can’t live your life for what mom and dad want you to do, and you can’t live your life for what your teammates want you to do. 

Lastly, he says that you can’t live your life for anyone other than you. 

Can’t bear Cucumbers

Yes, the Undertaker has a phobia of vegetables. Paul Bearer, who is no more, once said that Undertaker couldn’t even see a cucumber. 

When Paul tried to prank Undertaker, he placed a cucumber on his hat. Meanwhile, the Undertaker saw it and freaked out and puked immediately. 

Paul stated that he hates it because his mom might make him eat when he doesn’t want to. 

Net Worth 

Year Net Worth Annual salary 
2020$20 Million$2.5 Million

Gracie Calaway's net worth is yet to be revealed. 

However, her father, The Undertaker, is estimated to have a net worth of $20 Million.  

His annual salary is around $2.5 Million. Her mother, Sara Frank's fortune is around $200 thousand

Source of income 

He earned his income being a former professional wrestler. He is one of the greatest wrestlers of his time. 

He has also invested in real estate properties, which is another source of income. 

He owns a house in Austin, Texas. He owns cars like the Lamborghini Aventador

She must be living a decent life being his daughter. 

Age, height, and birthday

  1. She is 15 years old.
  2. Her birthday and height are not available.

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