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Facts of Gloria Reuben

Gloria Reuben is a fascinating actress, and her superb work in TV series such as ER has made her famous. 

She has been a successful producer as well, and she is a singer too.

Her portrayals in movies such as Timecop were top-notch also and it is all hard work that has made her successful.

Married, Husband

It has not all been rainbows and butterflies in her life as she has had breakdowns as well. 

The toughest moment of her life had to be her divorce.

She decided to get married to Wayne Isaak, and everything was so perfect back then. 

The couple had their wedding on 1999

The couple went well for a couple of years but started to have some severe issues with their relationship. 

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The couple could not hold on to their relationship and finally decided to end it.

The couple went through a divorce in the year 2003

After that, she has not decided to move on yet, but she might have plans to do so. 

Net Worth

She has a fascinating net worth of 5 million dollars, and her hard work has paid off. 

She has several sources of income, and one of them is from her portrayals in TV shows and movies

She enjoys the profit of movies and TV shows she has produced too. 

She has albums and songs on billboards which pay her good money also.

Her best work has come in ER. The TV series is a classic, and it has 7.7 ratings from IMDb

The series has brilliant 8.9 ratings from as well.

The first episode of the show was aired on 19th of September, 1994 and the finale was on 2nd April, 2009.

Her work in Blindspot has been surreal too. 

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The TV series has astounding 7.4 ratings from IMDb, and it has impressive 6.7 ratings from

The first episode of the program was aired on 21st of September, 2015

TV Series NameIMDb
Saints and Sinners7.4N/A
Cloak & Dagger6.87.3

Her work in movies is fantastic too. She has been involved in mega movies, and one of them is The Longest.

 The movie has 7.1 ratings from IMDb, and it was made with a budget of 34 million dollars.

 The movie managed to earn 65 million dollars at the box office. Her work in Lincoln was brilliant too. 

The movie was made with a budget of 65 million dollars, and it managed to earn 275.3 million dollars at the box office. 

Movies NameBox Office
Timecop101.6 million dollars
Reasonable Doubt 41, 743 dollars
Jesse Stone: Lost in ParadiseN/A
The Longest Ride65 million dollars
Nick of Time8 million dollars
Lincoln275.3 million dollars
Admission18.64 million dollars
The Sentinel78.1 million dollars

ER has made a lot of celebrity rich, and this show has added to much value to the career of TV series personalities.

 George Clooney has a gigantic net worth of 500 million dollars, and the show did play a part in it. 

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The net worth of Noah Wyle is also very impressive 25 million dollars.

 The list below has a net worth of ER cast, and it is outrageous. 

ER Cast Net Worth
George Clooney500 million dollars
Noah Wyle25 million dollars
Julianna Margulies22 million dollars
Anthony Edwards40 million dollars
Eriq La Salle25 million dollars
Sherry Stringfield7 million dollars
Laura Innes3 million dollars
Goran Višnjić2 million dollars

She lives an exotic life, and she loves traveling. She has uploaded this picture on her Instagram account and she has captioned this one as 

“Needed a couple of days

Gloria Reuben Lifestyle Traveling
Gloria Reuben Lifestyle Traveling Source: Instagram

Info and Highlights (Height, Wiki)

  1. She was born in the year 1964, and this makes her age 55 in 2019.
  2. She celebrates her birthday on 9th of June.
  3. She was born in Toronto, Canada, and her nationality is Canadian and American.
  4. She is not very tall as she has an average height of 1.72 meters which is around 5 feet 6 inches.
  5. The names of her parents are Cyril George Reuben and Pearl Avis Mills.
  6. Wiki sites contain information on her, but we got all the details for you.
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