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Gjin Lipa


Facts of Gjin Lipa

Full NameGjin Lipa
First NameGjin
Last NameLipa
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Birth CityLondon , England
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Father NameDukagjin Lipa
Mother NameAnesa Lipa
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsDua Lipa and Rina Lipa
Insta Profile
Date of BirthDecember 30,2005
Age18 years

Gjin Lipa is a famous personality who gained popularity through his Instagram account

He is the younger brother of Dua Lipa and Rina Lipa.

His Family

Gjin was born to his parents Dukagjin Lipa and Anesa Lipa.  

His father is the marketing manager and the lead vocalist of Kosovan rock band Oda whereas his mother works in the tourism industry

He was born in his parent's house. Gjin holds British citizenship and belongs to the white ethnicity

He has two siblings who are older than him. He was raised along with two elder sisters named Dua Lipa and Rina Lipa.

This was the picture of his patents when they were young. 

His Father posted this picture on the occasion of his mom's birthday and captioned it as, 

'The time we fell in love……'

Gjin Lipa's parents.
Gjin Lipa's parents. Source: Instagram 

Dating And Girlfriend

Since he is only fourteen years old, so there are no rumors of him being romantically involved with someone

He has not even shared anything related to that on his social media platforms. He is extremely private about his life. 

There is no information about his educational institutions as well. 

He did not mention his grade and which school he is attending. 

The boy is currently focused on his studies and career only. 

He's still under his parents' control, Although Gjin is financially independent on his own. 

On his Instagram, he has more than 170k followers, which is enormous for a 14 years old kid. 

His Instagram handle is @gjinlipa.

He posted the picture of him with his two sisters Dua & Rina Lipa in his Instagram account.

Gjin Lipa with his two sisters Dua & Rina Lipa
Gjin Lipa with his two sisters Dua & Rina Lipa. Source: Instagram

Gjin Lipa Sister, Dua Lipa

His sister Dua is an American pop star and songwriter as well. 

She was only fourteen years old when she started posting cover songs of her favorite songs. 

After one year she moved to London to full her dream of being a pop star

But she had to struggle a lot as she did not know anyone from the industry. 

She had to work as a hostess in nightclubs and restaurants to earn money for her music sessions.

She also started her modeling for the Online Catalogue ASOS Marketing place when she was only sixteen years old. 

But she left when her manager told him to lose weight and starred in a television advertisement for The X Factor

And in the year 2015, she released her 1st solo music "Be the One" which became a huge hit, and after that, there was no looking back.

She was earlier dating Issac Carew in the year 2015. The beautiful couple was often seen together. 

Reportedly couple breaks up in 2017 February, but it came as a shock when they were spotted together like a couple in 2018. 

The relationship went on until June 2019

The reason behind their breakup was when Isaac was spotted getting close together in the nightclub with a girl.

Dua is also linked with Calvin Harris, Jack Whitehall, and Paul Klein.

Currently, she is dating Gigi and Bella Hadid's brother named 'Anwar Hadid.' 

Rumors of her being romantically involved with him started around when she attended his birthday celebrations party in Malibu

It gets confirmed when she started posting pictures of him on her Instagram.

She recently posted a picture of him on his birthday and captioned it as, 

'Happy Birthday, my loveeee….'

Gjin Lipa's sister, Dua Lipa with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid
Gjin Lipa's sister, Dua Lipa with her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. Source: Instagram

Dua Lipa’s nomination for six Grammy’s

On the “CBS This Morning” episode, the host talked about Dua Lipa’s nomination for six Grammy, including “Song of the Year” and “Album of the Year” for her second album, “Future Nostalgia.”

She was also one of the most-streamed artists of 2020

On the query about releasing the song during the global pandemic as several artists had held their project, Dua mentioned that she went with her gut instinct about releasing the album to cheer everyone up in this tough time. 

The host was surprised to know that Dua Lipa was her real name and not just a stage name. 

As per Gjin Lipa’s sister, Dua means love in Albanian, and she loves her name as it honors her root. 

Dua further added that it is her first language. 

At the age of fifteen, she convinced her parents to let her go to London by herself to live with her friends. 

When asked how she convinced them, Dua replied that she was confident enough to mention her interest in music and her plans of being able to go to University. 

According to her, it wasn’t hard as she was very close to her parents. 

She won two Grammys in 2019, and she loves the fact that her hobby is her job. 

Dua Lipa and Rita Ora’s grandfathers were captured together in Kosovo 

Dua Lipa’s father posted a picture of his father, aka Dua Lipa’s Grandfather Seit Lipa, and Rita Ora’s Grandpa Besim Sahatciu, enjoying a drink in Kosovo in the 1960s.

Both pop stars are of Albanian descent, and fans were delighted by the link as they noticed similarities between the grandparents and granddaughters. 

Pointing out the statistics, some users even tweeted that both grandfathers were from Peja, a city that in the 60s had around 65 thousand population, and both were successful enough to know each other. 

Family history

Gjin comes from Albanian roots, having been born to a Kosovan father and a Bosnian mother. 

His paternal grandfather was a renowned historian, Seit Lipa, who was the head of the Kosovo Institute of History

His grandfather later lost his job because he refused to rewrite the history of Kosovo. He refused because he didn’t want to write a history that he believed not to be true. 

He died of a heart attack in 1999, the year the Kosovo war ended. 

Since his parents sought refuge in London in 1992 and his grandparents stayed behind in Kosovo and Bosnia, his father was unable to see his grandfather as borders at the time were closed. 

His father was preparing to be a dentist while his mother was to be a lawyer, but since the war broke out, they sought refuge, and their respective career came to an end after which they worked at several cafes and bars as waiters and in the evenings went to their respective schools, his father took business courses. 

In contrast, his mother retrained in travel and tourism. Dua, in an interview, said of refuge that no refugee leaves their country without having to. 

The family returned to Kosovo in 2006 when Gjin was eleven years old

When his sister Dua was 15, with their parent’s consent, she moved in with a family friend in North London to pursue her career in music.

His sister broke up with Gigi Hadid’s brother after two years of togetherness

His sister Dua is no longer in a relationship with Gigi Hadid’s brother Anwar Hadid. The couple called it quit just two days before Christmas last year. 

The couple was on On-again and Off-again relationship before finally calling it quits for good. 

An insider revealed that the couple floated the idea about putting the brakes on their romance in November as traveling so much and being apart is proving tough. 

And that their relationship is going through a crisis and appears to be on the rocks. 

In his Instagram post, Anwar wrote being grateful for loved ones for guiding his steps, allowing him to learn to be happy with himself before their split. 

In an interview with Andy Cohen in his show Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in May 2021, Lipa revealed meeting Anwar for the first time at a barbeque, after which she slid into his DMs and carried onto DM. 

In June, they sparked rumors after they were spotted packing on the PDA  at the British Summer Time Music Festival in London and 2019 debuted as a couple appearing at American Music Awards.

Dua talking to her own reflection?

Dua was captured talking to her own reflection via a mirror. The first thing she said was she saw herself. 

Also, the artist continued by saying that she is seeing the person whom she is learning to love a bit more. 

Dua mentioned the first song she ever loved was the song titled “Baby Girl.” She had loved it since she was a kid. 

Also, the memory that is connected to this song, Dua mentioned saying a living room with a tiny little light, a barbie crop top, and using an Encyclopedia as a prop in the living room. 

The artist also shared that she has always loved the idea of being involved in music or being a musician or pop star as she thought it would be so fascinating to come on TV, meet the stars etc. 

She couldn’t believe that this dream of her was possible to be fulfilled. The artist confronted that she is living her dream right now. 

Moving on, the songs she would like to perform always change every time. Sometimes she feels like singing idgaf, or Begging, or the Pretty Please

She also claims that the Pretty Please song is one of her favorite songs from the albums. The lady is ready to sing this song live and dance her heart out in tours. 

Well, she mentioned that there are many authors she looked up to as her biggest inspiration and the youngest generation of female artists. 

She feels that there is so much involvement of empowerment, support, community, and togetherness. She also confronted that everyone is unique. 

The song she is proudest of is the song “Future Nostalgia.” She explains that it has let her grow so much as an artist, performer, and songwriter. 

She also shares that it has given her so much confidence and taught her so much regarding how to be the best version of herself and all those personal growths. 

She also shares that that album has let her believe so much, and the other song she mentioned was Levitating, as she remembers that song was written with her friends in London

Things you might know about Dua Lipa

  • She was told she didn’t have the voice

Initially, Dua was told that she didn’t have a voice, but that did not discourage her. 

She went to training and study and eventually started posting YouTube videos covering artists, which created a form of portfolio for her. 

She then started getting messages from producers and was told that she could use the studio if she wanted to write. And that was how she started.

  • Her parents have been a huge part of who she is today

According to Dua, watching her parents work so hard has been part of why she is who she is today. Her parents worked in restaurants and bars. 

His dad would work all through the day and in the evening would go to the University. She recalled her father’s saying to her that she needed to work hard to get a little bit of luck.

  • The first song she wrote was for her mom around the age of four or five

Dua dreamt of becoming a singer since the age of four or five. She wrote her first song around the age of four or five, and it was for his mom. She wrote in Albanian.

  • Her worst dating experience

Talking about her worst dating experience, she said she once went out on a date with a guy and then went to a party. 

When they went to the smoking area, the guy started kissing another girl.

  • She has kept her first Grammy on the mantle piece on top of the fireplace.
  • Her favorite lyric from her album so far is from her album “Love Again” I'll sink my teeth in disbelief cause you are the one that I want.
  • She announced her album title “Future Nostalgia” through a tattoo. 
  • Her siblings can always make her laugh, especially her brother Gjin who, according to her, is the funniest.

Quality time with rock star sister 

Gjin is super close to his rock star sister, and Dua calls him her sidekick. 

The brother-sister duo recently spent quality time in Montreal since his sister is currently in Canada on her Future Nostalgia Tour, the second concert tour in support of her second studio album Future Nostalgia

Dua took her Instagram sharing snaps of her and Gjin spending quality time with a caption 

“Back on Tour ~with my trusty sidekickkk~ Montreal see you tonight.” 

They posed together at the park, where Dua was seen in a printed halter neck top and denim cut-off shorts and Gjin in a Black tee, jeans, and a black hoodie.

Gjin Lipa and Dua Lipa spent quality time during the Future Nostalgia.
Gjin Lipa and Dua Lipa spent quality time during the Future Nostalgia. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

YearNet WorthSalary
2020$1 Million-$5 Million (approx.)Not known

Gjin is estimated to have a net worth of $1 Million-$5 Million approximately, which is an insane amount of money to be earned by a 14-year-old boy. 

His annual salary is still under review. The source of his income is being an Instagram star.


  1. He is born on 30th December 2005.
  2. His birth sign is Capricorn.

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