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Facts of Gina Kimmel

Full NameGina Kimmel
First NameGina
Last NameKimmel
ProfessionCostume Designer
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children2
Networth$1.5 M
Insta Profile
Date of BirthDecember 13,1964
Age59 years

Gina Kimmel is a Costume Designer and is famous for her work on Party Like the Queen of France in 2012 and with The Man Show in 1999 and Party Like the Rich and Famous in 2012. 

She was the ex-wife of an American television host, writer, and a producer Jimmy Kimmel.

Gina Weds with her college friend of Arizona State University

Kimmel is recognized as a costume designer and wardrobe supervisor in many shows. Her real name before she wedded her college friend Jimmy was Gina Maddy

Nothing of their inside story has been yet published. But according to the sources, Jimmy and Gina met in their college days when they were enrolled in the University. 

There were also rumors that the talented talk show host never completed his education and neither got a degree but had found the woman of his life. They were together somewhere in the year 1988.

Jimmy Kimmel dated all these ladies in his life

Jimmy Kimmel real name James Christian Kimmel is a host of an American talk show and a comedian. He is also one of the executive producers of his famous talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live. He is a practising Catholic too. 

According to the sources, the artist had dated a few ladies in his life starring from the designer Gina Maddy for nearly 14 years. These couples had children but were separated in 2002

He then moved on to a comedian Sarah Silverman until they broke up in the year 2009. Almost after eight years of togetherness. 

Currently, he is happily married with Molly McNearney; co-head writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live. They both were together since 2012 and got married in 2013 and has been together till now. 

Are Gina and Jimmy getting married to others?

Gina and Jimmy have spent their 14 years together. The reasons behind their separation haven’t been known yet.  But as per the sources, these ex-couples had already moved on with each other. 

There was a rumor that there is a mystery man who is with her since 2014. According to the sources, the speculated name must be Chris Jones

And Jimmy on the other side has been dating Molly McNearney, a co-writer. 

What was the reason behind Gina’s divorce with Jimmy?

The ex-couples met at a very young age when they were enrolled in a University. They got married in 1988. Gina was just in her early twenties. 

According to the sources, Gina got inspired by her mother, who also decided to get hitched at an early age. 

They were blessed with two kids and as a responsible wife and working woman she handled greatly both her personal and professional life. 

They were together for nearly 14 years. The sources cited that they had misunderstandings and conflicts which couldn’t be resolved leading to the divorce.  

Jimmy is the father of four children’s

Gina Kimmel's Ex-Husband Jimmy Kimmel With His Children
Gina Kimmel's Ex-Husband Jimmy Kimmel With His Children Source: YouTube
Gina Kimmel Husband's Jimmy Kimmel With His Current Family
Gina Kimmel Husband's Jimmy Kimmel With His Current Family Source: YouTube

Jimmy is from New York and grew up in the neighborhood of Mill Basin. He moved to Las Vegas when he was nine. 

The artist worked as a Radio Jockey and slowly moved into television as a host. He got married with his love from a high school Gina with two babies. 

Their first daughter Katherine was born in 1991 and son Kevin was born in 1993. But these couples got separated, and as per the sources he left behind his two kids. 

The host/comedian moved in with Molly McNearney in 2012 and blessed with a daughter Jane in 2014 and a son William John in 2017

Gina’s ex-spouse was captured giving a hot tip for the first time talk show guests

Her ex-partner Jimmy was spotted giving a tip for the guests in “The Ellen Show.” On continuing the conversation, he came up with the sentence, which can be a great tip for young guests appearing in talk shows. 

He stated that the guest arriving should sometimes be clad in something foolish. For instance, he said the first time he attended David Letterman’s show, he had a bit where Jimmy said he had admired David for numerous years. 

Also, during his school time, he got a tattoo of his face on his chest. So, he showed the tattoo to him on the program. 

Afterward, he realized that he had to be there for the rest show with no shirts on. He sarcastically said that he was absolutely in a terrific physical condition. 

However, at last, he said that if you come out in a dumb outfit, you have to commit to it somehow.

Gina also runs a Vintage Lingerie Company

You heard it right; Gina runs an apparel company named Maddy James. Gina has further stated that she was unable to find not even a thing that looked feminine and gorgeous.

That’s how she developed imagination to create her line of loungewear. That was something that got inspired by beautiful women of bygone eras who even looked gorgeous and not at all sloppy while going to bed. 

What’s more, Maddy James Vintage-inspired loungewear was created. Also, Gina wrote on a blog on a website regarding her family back then. 

It included that every time Independence Day is being celebrated since the 18th century, there wasn’t a federal holiday until 1941

Nevertheless, they decided to celebrate it on 4th July, low-key and old-fashioned way. They organized it with beer margaritas, yard barbecue, and a croquet tournament. 

After she splitting up with Jimmy, she returned to the Chicago. She then gave it her best and picked a career. 

Now, she is busy redesigning classic Hollywood lingerie and then putting it onto an online business. 

Net worth

Being a costume designer and an ex-wife of Jimmy Kimmel, she had a worth of $1.5 million as of 2020 whereas Jimmy has earned $45 million through his talk show.

The net worth of Gina Kimmel$1.5 million
Income sourceCostume designer
The net worth of Jimmy Kimmel$45 million
Income sourceTelevision host

Age & Height

  1. She is 56 years old.
  2. Her height is 5 feet and 8 inches which is 5.66 meters.

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