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Facts of Gina Guangco

Full NameGina Guangco
First NameGina
Last NameGuangco
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children2
Insta Profile

Gina Guangco is the mother of Vanessa Hudgens. Vanessa's real name Vanessa Anne Hudgens is an artist who serves in numerous roles such as actress, singer, and producer.

Are Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens married?

Beginning from the moment when they met, it was back then in 2005 on the set of High school Musical. They were in a relationship for almost a decade but unfortunately split up. 

Gina Guangco's daughter Vanessa Hudgens with Austin Butler
Gina Guangco's daughter Vanessa Hudgens with Austin Butler. Source: Pinterest

But the couple had placed the marriage first before they got separated from each other. However, their break-up made every fan shocked. 

The couple had been in a difficult situation in their life where they were beside each other and had loved tremendously. Fans were hoping they would be together forever. 

But the pair called it quits due to their hectic work schedules. The news of their break-up broke the heart of many of their fans.

Wedding in the late 30s

Vanessa has been successful in her professional career, but what about her personal life? What has the lady thought about her future? 

To make it clear, the actress had stated that like any other girl, she also wanted to tie the knot, have a wedding, travel and have kids. 

But all she is planning is in her late thirties, also mentioning that every human being's time is different. So, it's no hurry.

Is there any chance of Austin becoming her husband?

Well, they had been one of the most adorable couples back in the days. But their destiny wasn't meant to be forever. 

However, after the split-up too, Austin has spilled out his feelings for the lady. What had he said? Let us find out. 

Austin, the real name of Austin Robert Butler, also is engaged in the same profession as his former partner Vanessa

While he was attending the red carpet event for the premiere of the movie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, he stated it's difficult for him even to pour out words for Vanessa and what she meant for him. 

He was always inspired by her and he still loves her from the bottom of his heart. Let us wait for what will happen in the nearest future.

Gina's children are the two most outstanding actresses

If you are wondering that Vanessa is only a daughter of Gina, then you are wrong. Gina is blessed with two children, both daughters named Vanessa and Stella Hudgens

Gina Guangco with her two daughters Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens
Gina Guangco with her two daughters Vanessa Hudgens and Stella Hudgens. Source: Instagram

These might be familiar names as these ladies both are popular in the entertainment industry. 

Starting on with Vanessa, she had started her acting career just when she was in her 13 age but got into fame after she portrayed the role of Gabriella in the film series. 

With Stella, she is also an actress who is recognized for her role in the movies named Players, Powerless, and Smoky Knights.

Get to know a little bit of Vanessa Hudgens family background

After knowing all about the lady's history, both in her professional career and love life, let us take a look at her family and who they are. 

Vanessa originally belongs to Salinas, California but was all grown in West Coast Oregon. She was born to Gina (mother), who served as a chain of office jobs, and Gregory Hudgens (father), a firefighter. 

Gina Guangco's husband Gregory Hudgens and daughters Vanessa and Stella Hudgens
Gina Guangco's husband Gregory Hudgens and daughters Vanessa and Stella Hudgens. Source: Instagram

Unfortunately, her father is no more as he had cancer back in 2016. Her father was a mixture of Irish, French, and Native American descent, and her mother is a Filipino. Moreover, her grandparents were all musicians.

Vanessa has finally accepted she can see and talk to ghosts, so she is leaning into it, taking it as a gift

While appearing on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Vanessa opened up about her paranormal experiences over the years and that she has accepted the fact that she sees things and hears things.

When Kelly asked if she had had paranormal experiences, Vanessa admitted to having a lot of paranormal experiences over the years, even as a child. 

Recalling the moment, she said she was getting ready for school when she was eight years old. 

There was a duck pull toy on the dining room table, and as she started walking, the duck pull toy started walking alongside her. 

She, at the time, was like, "Interesting," but since it was scary, she sort of shut it down for a while. 

And now she says she is like NO, it's like a gift and like something she can do, so she is leaning into it. 

She also shared she did her first real paranormal investigation with the equipment and everything. 

When Kelly asked what kind of equipment she was talking about, Vanessa replied that there is a lot of equipment in the market, but her favorite thing is Spirit Box. 

She explained that the spirit Box scans the radio frequencies very quickly. 

It is usually used in more rural places, so it does not pick up stations and something about the electricity it creates. It allows spirits to speak through it. 

Then she continued sharing her paranormal investigation where she said she was in the tombstone in a graveyard with her best friend in the night, and then they found a playful tombstone named Sam. 

So she turned her spirit box and said, "Hi Sam, I am Vanessa, and she is my friend Gigi. When her friend asked the spirit to say their names, then just heard shhhhh (static sound) Vanessa

Then she asked if there was something he wanted to tell her, and she heard shhhh(static sound) No.

In 2011, speaking to People, she shared experiencing a close encounter with a dead while filming her movie Journey 2: The Mysterious Island in North Carolina

She said she heard the footsteps in an old house on location but was unable to find the source of them though she chased around the ghost for almost 10 minutes solid, after which it got freaky, so she left, she said at the time.

Net worth

Since Gina's income was tough to trace, her daughter Vanessa has a total estimated net worth of $16 million.

Net worth$16 million
Income sourceSinger and an actor


  • Gina Guangco is 60 years old.

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