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Francis Ngannou


Facts of Francis Ngannou

Full NameFrancis Ngannou
First NameFrancis
Last NameNgannou
Professionmixed martial artist
Birth CityBatie
Birth CountryCameroon
Father NameEmmanuel Fosso
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusSingle
Height193 cm
Weight113 kg
Networth$5 M
Twitter Profile
Insta Profile
Date of BirthSeptember 5,1986
Age36 years

Francis Ngannou is a Cameroonian-born mixed martial artist currently competing in the heavyweight division for the Ultimate Fighting Championship

The hardest record puncher in the world, Ngannou is nicknamed The Predator.

Born to fight 

Ngannou was born to fight. His whole life has revolved around the fight, fighting for survival, fighting for the scholarship, fighting for the dream, and many more. 

Born in a poverty-stricken village in Batie, Cameroon, he started fighting for survival from the early age of 10, working in a sand quarry. 

Because of his inability to afford even a pen and paper, he spent most of his school days feeling ashamed standing outside the classroom where every student that passed by would tease him. 

By 13, he was able to work like a grown man. He was 17 when he quit school and until 22 worked as a motorcycle taxi driver. 

When he realized it was high time and needed to chase his dream of becoming a martial artist, he started boxing in his hunger to try something different. 

In the process of chasing the dream, he discovered how interesting boxing was, which was not only about the fight but about falling and standing back. 

He bid goodbye to his family at 25 and started his journey beginning with Morocco, traveling 3,000 miles that took him three weeks. 

He fought to cross into Spain several times but ended up being caught by the Moroccan police

He finally landed in France at 27 and went straight to the gym and told them straight away that he was out of money but was determined to learn. 

Four months after he started, he had his first professional fight but later ended up fighting in the UFC.

Francis Ngannou was six when his parents parted their ways.
Francis Ngannou was six when his parents parted their ways. Source: Instagram

How did he end up fighting in the UFC?

Ngannou didn't know what UFC was since throughout his childhood; he got to see TV only twice, once when his father brought home others for repairment and second when he lived in the city with relatives. 

He admitted seeing the UFC fight a few times in the bar but did not have any idea of it until he landed in France in 2013 at 27

He was into boxing, but Fernand Lopez, former Cameroonian mixed martial artist, and current MMA coach, discovered his potential in MMA and advised him to do MMA that would help him get out of the situation he was in at the time. 

When he first heard the word MMA, he was confused about what he was talking about and needed an explanation. 

He refused at the time since he was focused on boxing and dreamt of becoming like Mike Tyson, his idol. A few months after, he went to the gym, which was cross fight MMA factory. 

He was doing boxing in the MMA since Lopez allowed him to train and sleep in the gym free of cost. Then after two months, he was offered to do an MMA fight to which he agreed. 

Having lost the second game after winning the first game became the reason for doing more MMA because he had intended to return to boxing after winning the second title but ended up losing the game, and he didn't want to leave MMA with losing the title that would sound like quitting. 

Then in the next tournament, he got paid 2000 euro, which was a huge amount for him at the time. Two years after he got an offer from the US, he accepted. 

From an early age, he knew he didn't want to become like his father

While many people consider their father as their idol, it was not in the case of Ngannou. Ngannou was six years old when his parents got divorced. 

At six, he was not sure what he was going to do in his life, but he knew exactly what he didn't want to become. 

He knew he didn't want to become like his father, Emmanuel Fosso, who created an example for him of what not to do, and it was the best thing that ever happened to him. 

As per Ngannou, he could have been what his father was if his father wasn't what he was. His father was considered a ruthless, violent fighter and had a bad reputation. 

He hated when people said that he would be like his father and used to think he would never be like him.

His father passed away in 2001. Whatever his relationship with his dad was, he penned a heartwarming message on father's day in 2021, wishing a happy father's day. He also wished he was still among them.

Francis Ngannou late father Emmanuel Fosso in 1984.
Francis Ngannou late father Emmanuel Fosso in 1984. Source: Instagram

He still dreams of becoming a boxer

Hgannou's dream of becoming a boxer is still today in the line because he has not given up. He still believes he can achieve his dream. 

Even when he had a contract from the US, he had in his mind that he wanted to become a boxer. 

Since it was an opportunity that he thought he had to grab before figuring out what next, he signed the contract. His dream of becoming a boxer is still alive.

He has four siblings

Hgannou has four siblings. They grew up together amid poverty raised by their single mom. He is incredibly close to his family. 

Hgannou and his siblings grew up working in the sand mine. He bought a truck for his elder brother with all his savings just after three MMA fights so that it would help his brother in the sand mining business. 

Seeing the smile on his mother's face and his sister playing around throwing sand, he felt like he made it even after he was out of money until the next fight.

Francis Ngannou with his beloved mother.
Francis Ngannou with his beloved mother. Source: Instagram
Francis Ngannou with his family.
Francis Ngannou with his family. Source: Instagram

Relationship status 

Hgannou's current relationship status is single. Previously he was linked to former UFC Women's Bantamweight champion Miesha Tate

Since Tate is dating MMA fighter Johnny Nunez and shares two kids with him, the rumor proved to be false. They are close friends.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Hgannou has a net worth of:

Net WorthSource
$2 million - $5 millionMixed Martial Artist

Age, Height & Weight

  1. Ngannou was born on the 5th of September, 1986. He is 35 years old.
  2. He stands 1.93m tall.
  3. His weight is 113 kg.

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