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Eva Chambers


Facts of Eva Chambers

Full NameEva Chambers
First NameEva
Last NameChambers
ProfessionSinger, Band
Father NameJustin Chambers
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameKeisha Chambers
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Date of Birth2020

Eva Chambers is the daughter of actor and former model Justin Chambers. She is also a member of a band named Pinky Pinky.

A Flashback from the Past to Start With

Her sister has uploaded a vintage picture on her Instagram account, and it is super cute. The siblings in this picture are having fun with their adorable toys. 

Kaila uploaded this one on 15th August 2019, but this is an old picture. 

A lot of memories attached to it and the hairstyles are vintage too.

Vintage Siblings
Vintage Siblings Source: Instagram

Family, Adorable And Good Looking

Eva is born to father Justin Chamber and mother Keisha Chambers

She has four other siblings, three sisters Isabella Chambers (born December 1994), twins Maya and Kaila Chambers (born June 1997) and one brother Jackson Chambers (born January 2002). 

She also has two dogs in her family which her parents have adopted and owns a beagle.

Eva Chambers with her parents and siblings
Eva Chambers with her parents and siblings Source: Pinterest

Dating Or Single?

Currently, there has been no rumor about Eva dating or having an affair with anyone. Chambers family like to keep their life very private and does not like to reveal much to the public. 

She might also be doing the same and maybe she is hiding her boyfriend. 

But her parents have an interesting story. They met while Justin was a model and was doing as campaigns, and Keisha used to work in a modeling agency. 

They started dating and slowly feel in love with each other and got married in the year 1993. Now they have been together for more than 27 years and live happily.

Pink Pinky Band

Eva is a member of the Pinky Pinky band which is described as a California three-piece with a hard pounding sound and DIY attitude

She is the bassist of the band and her other band members, Anastasia Sanchez is the vocalist and drummer while Isabelle Fields is the guitarist. 

Their bands have performed in several cities. The band released their debut album Turkey Dinner in June 2019. Before the album, the band released two Eps, Pinky Pinky and Hot Tears.

Below you can see the picture of the band member shared on the band’s Instagram captioned as 


Eva Chambers Band
Eva Chambers Band Source: Instagram

Eva also plans on becoming a professional musician. She said that when she moved to L.A., she and her sisters started a band where she played keyboard. 

After that, she taught herself every other instrument. 

Her father about Sandra

Justin Chamber talks about Sandra and how amazing of an actor she is. 

She is the one who had set a high precedent on the set because she is good at what she does and is very passionate about her character. 

Eva Chamber’s father Justin shared an incident of how sometimes she does a face like there was a scene where they were competing with their Gurney’s to try to get into an operating room, and the way she looked at them, they both kept on busting out laughing, and they had to keep reshooting it. 

Justin added that she was always a pleasure, and it was a delight to work with her and that he will miss her a lot.

Her father has a twin brother

Like Eva, who has an elder twin sister’s Maya and Kaila, her father, Justin, has a fraternal twin named Jason Chambers.

They began theirs through a battle of pneumonia, which forced them to spend a long period in oxygen tents. 

Later on, they made a good recovery from their childhood illness. Despite his acting career, Justin is also working on a furniture business with his brother Jason, who is moving down to Miami.

Net Worth Of Parents

The details of Eva’s net worth is not available. She earns from being a part of a band and her band has performed in different places. 

Her father Justin has an enormous net worth of $18 million which he had earned through his career in acting. He was paid earning $9 million per year starring in the popular show Grey’s Anatomy which he has been part of since 2005

He was one of the leads in the show and portrayed the character of Dr. Alex Karev

Recently he has announced that he will not be the part of the show anymore which has broken the heart of many of his fans.

Here is the list of richest Rockstar in the world.

NameNet Worth
Paul McCartney$1.2 billion
Bono$700 million
Jimmy Buffett$600 million
Bruce Springsteen$500 million
Elton John$500 million

Relationship With Her Father 

Eva shares a close bond with her father. The father-daughter duo is spotted together attending many events together.

Eva Chambers with Justin Chambers
Eva Chambers with Justin Chambers Source: E!News

After Justin, Eva is the first family member who has joined the entertainment industry. Justin is very supportive of Eva’s decision to choose music as her career. 

He does not miss any opportunity to show how proud he is of his daughter and keeps on tweeting and posting pictures and videos of his daughter’s band very often. 

He even shared a picture of him with the Pinky Pinky band’s member on his Instagram captioned as 

“My daughter’s band…”

Eva Chambers With Father And Her Band
Eva Chambers With Father And Her Band Source: Instagram


  1. Eva celebrates her birthday in March.
  2. She was born in the year 1999 which makes her 20 years of age as of January 2020.

Please stay tuned to for awesome biographies. 

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