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Erika Koike


Facts of Erika Koike

Full NameErika Koike
First NameErika
Last NameKoike
ProfessionMakeup artist
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Date of Birth1983

Erika Koike is the ex-wife of an American actor and filmmaker, Nicolas Cage. She is a professional makeup artist by profession. Their marriage is known as one of the shortest marriages in Hollywood, lasting only four days.

Nicolas is a very famous and successful actor and filmmaker. He has acted in many notable and memorable roles. 

He has won the academy awards multiple times and many other honorable awards. He first started by requesting his uncle, a director, to give him a screen test. 

He later changed his name from Nicolas Kim Coppola to Nicolas Cage to avoid the accusation of nepotism.


Erika was married to Nicolas in March 2019. They filed for annulment just four days after their marriage. 

But the annulment was denied, and they were granted a divorce in June 2019. They were in Las Vegas and were very drunk, just like most of the people there. 

Erika Koike with her ex-husband Nicolas Cage
Erika Koike with her ex-husband Nicolas Cage. Source: Instagram

They were so drunk that they could not make proper decisions, they decided to get married only to regret it the next day when they sobered up. 

How long did they date before marriage? 

Erika and Nicolas were spotted together in 2016 for the first time when they were in a Carrot Top Show. They were also seen in the place where Nicolas was shooting for his film in 2018

They succeeded in keeping their relationship in a low profile and out of paparazzi and public eyes in general.

Nicolas married? 

Nicolas has a long history of dating and marriage. 
He was dating Christina Fulton back in 1988. Nicolas and Christina have a son together named Weston Coppola Cage.  
He tied the knot to actress Patricia Arquette in April 1995. It was his first marriage and things didn’t work between them, so they filed for divorce in 2001

He then got hitched with singer and songwriter Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, in 2002. They decided to split after 107 days of marriage. 

Their wedding took place on August 10 2020 and filed for divorce on November 25 of the same year. The divorce was granted in 2004

Then he got married to Alice Kim. They married on July 30, 2004. They filed for divorce in 2016. They have a son together named Kal-El Cage

Nicolas then tied the knot to Erika in Las Vegas. They filed for annulment just four days after the marriage, but they got divorced instead, which was finalized in 2019.  

He is now married to Riko Shibata. They also married in Las Vegas on February 6, 2021

Erika Koike's ex-husband Nicolas Cage with his current wife Riko Shibata
Erika Koike's ex-husband Nicolas Cage with his current wife Riko Shibata. Source: Instagram


Erika doesn’t have any children yet. Nicolas has two children named Weston Coppola Cage and Kal-El Coppola Cage

Weston is in the music industry and also is an actor. He has two children, which makes Nicolas a grandfather. There is not much information about Kal-El, but he is still in his teenage age currently. 

Erika’s ex-spouse shared about his First time

It is still fresh on the audience’s mind regarding Erika and Nicolas’s very short marriage, making a record in history. 

Other than that, we will here be known about the actor's first time. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nicolas Cage shared a very interesting thing about his first experience. 

It started with the first time he bought an album, on which he replied ELO Album was standing for Electric Light Orchestra

He shared of him visiting the record store seeing the huge jukebox having the image of ELO

On his next question, he said he googles himself right away and he never stops. 

Nicolas stated that to always be in the public eye, it’s the most important step. 

Nicolas further added his first time reading comic book when he was six years old

He stated that he would look at the comic cover for hours in his bedroom. 

Did a Naked Home Intruder eat a Fudgsicle at the foot of Nicolas Bed?

Besides the personal matter of Nicolas and Erika, many other bizarre things happened with Nicolas

A long time ago, during the conversation about his home invasion thriller Trespass in 2011, the actor shared an weird incident. 

He said that he was victimized by an unknown person who broke into his Orange Country home. 

Elaborating it, Nicolas said while he opened his eyes, he spotted a naked man wearing his leather jacket treating himself with a Fudgsicle in front of his bed. 

He further added that the experience sounded funny but believed it or not, it was horrifying. 

The actor had a conversation with the unknown personality until the cops arrived at his place.  

Net Worth  

Erika is a makeup artist; she makes around $75,730 per year as it is the average income of a makeup artist in America

The net worth of Nicolas is estimated to be around $25 million. He gets his income from the movies, and TV shows that he does. 

He is also a filmmaker and also earns good money from that. Recently he had lost a massive amount of money and had faced financial difficulty, so he started doing many movies at once to pay off his debts.

Erika Koike$75,730 per yearMakeup artist
Nicolas Cage$25 millionMovies, tv shows, film making


  1. Erika is 37 years old. She was born in 1983.
  2. Nicolas is 57 years old. He was born on January 7, 1964.

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