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Facts of Enola Bedard

Full NameEnola Bedard
First NameEnola
Last NameBedard
ProfessionActor, Dancer, Model and Influencer
Birth CityMontreal
Birth CountryCanada
Gender IdentityFemale
Insta Profile

Enola Bedard, a young girl from Montreal, Canada, is a well-known star of TikTok and Instagram, a famous dancer and a model.

Dancing and Acting: Enola's Ultimate Goal

Enola, a young celebrity, especially known as a great renowned face among youth. She is from Quebec City, Canada, and an explorer from a very young age. 

At three, she had already explored so many sports and arts like skating, soccer, baseball, swimming, dance, singing, and acting. 

Which we possibly couldn't imagine doing at this early period of time. Enola decided to become an actress at the age of eight and did ten years of acting classes at Modee Arto

It helped her be a part of various TV shows, movies, and commercials in Canada.

At the beginning of 13, her passion for dance raised more. She started to dance at the school Dance Attitudes and learned many more dances, including contemporary, jazz, ballet, and auro. 

She won a lot of titles along with the prizes. Following her dream and passion helped her to achieve a scholarship of 5500$ US at a Dance competition to go to LA for a week. 

No one could believe it, but she did attend 700 dance classes since she was in her teenage.

The training in LA has made her grow as a dancer and as a human. In 2019, she was a part of the Creative Mndz Dance Academy Program created by Antoine Troupe and Kolanie Marks

Within a short span of time, she got the opportunity to appear on Revolution season 1 & 2 as a contemporary soloist, which is known to be a TV dance competition in Montreal.

In an interview, she mentioned that she would start her own foundation that will support the dance community in her upcoming future to grow financially.

Enola feel blessed to be born in a family-like these

As we know, Bedard doesn't come from a wealthy family. She has the capability and has reached here on her own. 

In her recent live chat on Instagram, Enola mentioned how blessed she feels to be born in a family that supports her most. 

There was a time when they suffered a lot. At her younger age, she supported her parents financially and made sure that they had food on the table. 

Enola's mom is a housewife, and her father works on a job that hardly pays their rent off.           

Enola Bedard Parents
Enola Bedard Parents Source: TikTok 

Journey till now; sure, it wasn't easy for them. But their support for each other during those hard times made them even stronger now.

Enola's Family got Fraud for 100000$

The life of Enola's wasn't the same as we thought it would be for her. Enola belong from a middle-class family, and all the income is dependent on a work time base. 

Their lives changed when her mom got fraud for 100000 $ from a person that wanted to start a business on their own. 

She was just 11 years old when this incident happened. They lost all their property earned to date.

They had a financial crisis that forced her to work at 13 because her family couldn't afford the dance classes she was engaged in. 

She managed to sell chocolates each week after her school and dance classes. 

In a recent interview with Voyage LA, she said that even though it was difficult for them to survive, they kept faith in life and God, which encouraged them to move forward.

Is she dating Will?

Enola Bedard is a young, talented artist who is known as the most trending girl in TikTok. She is famous for her beautiful bold look and amazing personality. 

Her Instagram pictures are worth dying for. In a recent picture of her, she is seen with Will, a choreographer. 

Enola Bedard with the Choreographer Will posing after their rehearsal
Enola Bedard with the Choreographer Will posing after their rehearsal Source: Instagram

 They seem happy together. There is a rumor that these youngsters are dating and in love for a while. 

They haven't confessed yet. Don't they both look adorable together as boyfriend and girlfriend? Let's wait for the confession from themself. 

Hopefully, we might come to know about their offscreen relationship soon in the future.

What is cooking between Sage Rosen And Enola Bedard?

Sage Rosen is in the same field as Enola. He is a TikToker and a well-known dancer of today. They both have been seen in many videos together. 

They both went live on Sage Rosen's channel last week. From the video, we can easily assume that they share a great bond. 

Met on the dance classes, and from then on, two of them practice a lot together for their TikTok videos. When asked about Enola, the boy didn't say a thing about their on and off relationship. 

He just commented that both of them are close as a friend, their bond from then and till now has grown a lot and has gotten even better as per the passing day. 

He even added that he is very lucky to find a good friend like her and be available to her whenever she needs. 

Net worth Revelation of a Young Canadian Star

Social media plays a major role in today's world. Many youngsters are influenced by the fact that these social media platforms give them the opportunity to make their future bright by earning through it. 

Enola Bedard is one of them. She is young and has a tremendous fan following over social media. The classification of her net worth is like this:

Income SourceAmount
Tik Tok videos$ 1 million per year
YouTube videos$6000 per year
Sponsored instagram post$300per post

Age & Height

  1. Her age is 19 years old.
  2. Her height is 5 Feet 4 inches.

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