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Emmitt Perry, Sr.


Facts of Emmitt Perry Sr

Full NameEmmitt Perry Sr
First NameEmmitt
Middle NamePerry
Last NameSr
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseWillie Maxine Perry
No Of Children6

Emmitt Perry, Sr. is famous for being a father to the highly acclaimed director, producer, screenwriter, writer and actor, Tyler Perry.

Emmitt was a carpenter by profession.

The iconic Madea character 

The iconic Madea character created and portrayed by Tyler in 1999 was the combination of his mom and his aunt. 

The character-led him to achieve a milestone in his career with a strong fan base. 

After two decades with eleven blockbuster features film starring the Madea character, Perry decided to get rid of the character because he was tired of playing her age and wanted to do things differently. 

He did the last farewell tour with a movie, “Madea funeral, “ in 2019

However, there is a  hope of Madea’s character returning in the coming future as he has left the door open by not killing the character.

Emmitt Perry, Sr. son Tyler Perry in his character at Madea’s farewell play.
Emmitt Perry, Sr. son Tyler Perry in his character at Madea’s farewell play. Source: Instagram

Turbulent marital relationship

He was married to Willie Maxine Perry a long time back. She was a pre-school teacher at the time. 

The couple resided in New Orleans after their marriage. According to his son, he had been very abusive and was a functional alcoholic

Especially on the weekends, he used to be a completely different person. 

He used to hit and threaten his wife. Despite being abusive, they remained in a marital relationship for 46 years.

Emmitt Perry, Sr. son Tyler Perry and wife Willie Maxine Perry.
Emmitt Perry, Sr. son Tyler Perry and wife Willie Maxine Perry. Source: YouTube

Mistreated his wife throughout her life

He mistreated his wife being physical throughout her whole life. 

According to Tyler, she suffered horror in her life, from being beaten up by his father to surviving breast cancer. 

She even tried to leave him and drove to California with her children but ended in lock-up after he reported his car stolen.

Old picture of Emmitt Perry, Sr. wife Willie Maxine.
Old picture of Emmitt Perry, Sr. wife Willie Maxine. Source: YouTube

She died following a long illness

A doting wife and a mother died at 64 following a long illness. 

She took her last breath on 8th December 2010. While she was battling with her illness, Tyler had urged his fans to pray for her. 

Tyler shared the devastating news via his social account.

What was the reason behind intense hatred for Tyler?

Tyler, who grew up amid extreme child abuse from his father, could not understand why he hated him so much and was always curious to know the reason behind his hatred. 

He made Tyler’s childhood a living hell. He was always screaming, yelling calling him different kinds of names. 

He even hit him with a vacuum cord that left him suicidal at one point and cut his slits. 

Because of his behavior, Tyler, who was born Emmitt Perry Jr., legally changed his name to Tyler at 16 to escape from him and his legacy.  

After 40 years, Tyler found the shocking truth of his life that shook him to the core. 

His father, whom he considered to be his biological father, was not his biological father. 

The truth was revealed from the DNA test. Somehow not being a biological father might be the reason behind hatred.

He is a father to his six children

Emmitt is a father to his six kids, including Tyler

His other kids are Yulanda Wilkins, Melva Porter, and  Emmbre Ryanell Perry.

He has two children from his previous relationship. They are Karen Topps and Clifton Knox.

One of his sons, Emmbre Perry, is a director and an actor.

Emmitt Perry, Sr. children.
Emmitt Perry, Sr. children. Source: YouTube

There was no haven for young Tyler

There was no haven for young Tyler. Not only he endured physical abuse from his father, but he also endured child molestation several times. 

By the age of 10, he was molested by three-man and a friend’s mother. 

At five, one man put his hands inside his pants. He later endured the same thing from a male nurse. 

The other man was from the church who performed oral s*x on him. 

His friend’s mother also molested him while they were playing at his home. He was ten at the time. 

She locked the room and asked him to get the key that she had put inside of herself. 

His first sexual experience happened to be her.

Emmitt Perry, Sr. son Tyler Perry at the age of five.
Emmitt Perry, Sr. son Tyler Perry at the age of five. Source: Instagram

Some of his positive parts led Tyler to forgive him

Though Emmitt Sr. was abusive throughout his son’s entire childhood, Tyler chose to forgive his father. 

The main reason was his mother’s love for her husband and the second thing was despite being abusive, he never left them hungry or left them. 

He had a strong work ethic and used to work day and night to feed his family. 

He used to bring all the money home for their survival. Tyler forgave him and had been financially supporting him.

Tyler shared about his healthy lifestyle despite of busy schedule

Tyler is a busy actor but had stated that he had built up the breaks for himself throughout his schedule. He also said that the audience thinks that he works crazy all the time. 

He clarified, saying that is not how he works. If he works continuously for three months, he will take one month off, and if he works for more, he takes two months off. 

That’s how he makes time for his sons and himself. He claimed it to be the most important moment for yourself, prioritizing your health and making yourself a priority. 

Tyler remembers his mom’s demise was due to many health problems and shared that she didn’t take care of herself when alive. 

This reality had made Tyler aware of taking care of himself too. Other than that, Tyler has been declared one of the billionaires too. 

When asked how financial literacy has been for him, he replied that he was never the kind of person who insisted people do things for him or asked people for a job. 

But instead, he always wanted to be an owner. He also said he wanted to be the man who owned the house and claimed that is where freedom is for himself and many others. 

Tyler, from his experience, shares that Ownership is the key. 

He also says that if you are in the business and do not own the product, and if you do not own what you are doing, you will not experience the full change; as he pointed out, there’s the change that will all happen. 

Other than that, Tyler is also a humble person as he is known as a person who also often pays for the grocery for other people or that person who carry off the loads for others behind the scene. 

When asked what motivates him to help others in this today’s world? Tyler mentioned his mom. He stated that it was his mother’s heart. 

He remembers back in his young days, on weekends when Tyler used to see stranger people in their house, he would ask his late mom who are they. 

His mom would reply that they needed the shelter to live, so just Shut up. 

Lastly, Tyler says that he feels happy from inside being able to contribute himself to the people who are in need and especially black people. 

Net worth 

Emmitt has been getting financial support from his son Tyler

Growing up in poverty with traumatic childhood made Tyler even stronger. 

He paved his path and has a million-dollar empire today. 

He founded Tyler Perry Studios, which is one of the largest film production American studios. He has a net worth of:

 Year Net Worth 
Tyler Perry 2020$800 million 


  1. His age is under review.

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