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Facts of Emmbre Perry

Full NameEmmbre Perry
First NameEmmbre
Last NamePerry
ProfessionDirector and Actor
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameEmmitt Perry, Sr.
Mother NameWillie Maxine Perry
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
No Of Children2
SibilingsTyler Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, and Melva Porter
Insta Profile

Emmbre Perry is famous as a celebrity brother. He is the brother of an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter, Tyler Perry

Like his brother, he has also established his name in the entertainment world as an actor, director, and producer.

Own's a production company

He has his own production company, “The Emmbre Perry Company,“ located in Fayetteville, GA. The company focuses on producing and distributing an inspiring entertainment Urban Piece. 

His notable work Two is Better than One, No More Games is under Emmbre Perry Production.

Tumultuous relationship of his parents

He was born to his parents Emmitt Perry Sr. and late mother, Willie Maxine Perry. His father worked as a carpenter while his late mother was a pre-school teacher. 

They had a tumultuous relationship throughout their marital life. His father was a functional alcoholic and used to hit and threaten his mom. 

He would make the house a living hell every Friday and Saturday. She even tried to escape to California with children but could not. Despite his ruthless, abusive behavior, she loved her husband.

Mother's death

His mom survived everything in her life, from physical abuse to breast cancer. According to Tyler, she was soft-heartened and a cheerful soul. 

After getting beaten up by her abusive husband every Friday and Saturday, on Sunday morning, she would go to the church with all smiles on her face as if nothing happened. 

She died at the age of 64 on 8th December 2009 following a long illness.

Tough childhood

Emmbre grew up along with his three siblings, Tyler Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, and Melva Porter. They had a tough childhood while growing up, where there was chaos every weekend. 

Emmbre Perry's siblings Tyler Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, and Melva Porter
Emmbre Perry's siblings Tyler Perry, Yulanda Wilkins, and Melva Porter. Source: Instagram

Although their functional alcoholic father was abusive, they were never left hungry. He used to work day and night and bring home all the money to feed his family. 

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey Show in 2010, Tyler revealed the traumatic child abuse he endured from the hand of his father. 

It is unknown if Emmbre and other siblings endured the same abuse or not as they have not spoken on this matter.

Why Tyler revealed his traumatic past after so long?

Tyler had been living with a traumatic past for so long that he finally poured out at 40

He had gone through child abuse, and at the same time, he was sexually abused four times by the age of 10 by different men and women. 

The only reason he was holding back was for the sake of his mother. He did not want his mother to live with painful tragedies.  He only revealed his past abuses after the death of his mother.

Emmbre Perry's mother Willie Maxine Perry and brother Tyler Perry
Emmbre Perry's mother Willie Maxine Perry and brother Tyler Perry. Source: YouTube

After four decades, Tyler got to know the truth about his biological father

Tyler was unable to figure out why his father despised him. From the action of his hatred towards him, he often questioned his mother if he was his father, and every time her answer would be yes. 

He asked her the same question on her death bed for the last time because he knew the same voice would not let it rest, but the answer was still the same. 

Tyler was not ready to believe, so he did the paternity test with his brother and knew that they do not share the same father. He was not his biological father, whom he considered his father. 

Emmbre is happily married to his wife

Yes, Emmbre is happily married to his wife. The information about his wife is not revealed. His wedding took place on 15th August 2014

From their beautiful marriage, they share two kids Emmbre Ryanell Perry Jr. and Emmbrion Ryna Perry.

Did Tyler Perry do a Lie Detector Test?

Tyler indeed did a lie detector test. It started with his real name, which he says that his name is Emmitt Tyler Perry

When asked if he was nervous, to which he responded a clear No as he said he could fight. 

Talking about his career first, he accepted the fact that he had gotten a decent return from his career. 

Tyler also answered he did not regret any of his plays as he answered he doesn’t live in regrets. 

Tyler’s favorite play is Madea’s Big Happy Family, as that play is very sentimental to him. 

He also added that he wrote it at a really tough time in his life, claiming that it was the one he enjoyed the most. 

When asked if he read the reviews, Tyler stated No, as for him, they don’t matter. At that moment, the woman there replied, stating it was inconclusive. 

Tyler laughed and again answered that the review didn’t matter to him because they were not from the people he was writing for. 

If they were from the people he is writing for, then it would definitely matter, he said. 

Continuing, when asked, Eddie Murphy’s Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, he instantly replies he doesn’t talk about Eddie pointing him to the GOAT, the Greatest of all time. 

To know what happened next, visit the link.

He was successful as an author

Many of you might not know, but the writing was Tyler’s first love. 

Surprisingly, he also achieved a high level of success via his first book titled, “Don’t Make A Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea’s Uninhibited Commentaries On Love And Life” back in the year 2006

It’s been stated that a total of 30,000 copies of it were sold. Moreover, it was given the title of the Book Of The Year and Best Humor Book

Other than that, talking about the celebrity friends with whom he shared the great bonds are Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey, Cicely Tyson, Oliver Ripley, Jennifer Hudson, and the Gayle King

Net Worth 

The net worth of Emmbre is not disclosed, but we have the net worth of Tyler, who has amassed an massive income as a media mogul. 

After spending his net worth in real estates and private jet, he currently has a net income of :

Net Income Source
$800 million 

Most of his income is from his entertainment empire( $200-$250million per year0

From his production company ($150 million per year)

From his  two authored books


  • His age is under review.

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