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Emma Deeney


Facts of Emma Deeney

Full NameEmma Deeney
First NameEmma
Last NameDeeney
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpousePaul Anthony Burke

Emma Deeney is a supportive woman and she is famous for being the mother of Watford striker Troy Deeney.

Troy Deeney has been pivotal in recent success and Premier League participation of Watford and is in his prime.     

Always Supporting Her Son for Success

She has always been very supportive of her son and she is the backbone of his success. Troy was a naughty child but very lovable from childhood. 

Here is a picture from Troy's childhood with Emma and the mother-son duo looks adorable in this one.

Emma Deeney and photo of her son Troy Deeney in his childhood days
Emma Deeney and photo of her son Troy Deeney in his childhood days Source: Lifeblogger

Troy is among the three children of his parents. Troy’s parents divorced when he was only 14, and when he was 16, he was working as a bricklayer.

Her son was naughty from childhood and has some troubles in recent years as well. He did not finish his education and decided to pursue football as his career. 

He joined Aston Villa academy and took part in a trial. He missed the first three days of the training, and it made him seem very unprofessional which resulted of him not getting selected at the club. 

He then joined a small club called Chelmsley Town and was scouted by Mick Halsall. 

He scored seven goals in a match in which his team won 11 goals to 4 conceded. He was playing the game drunk. 

He then got a coach in the name of Chris Hutchings, and he helped him to get where he is today. 

His transfer request got him, Watford, as a club, and there has been no stopping him. 

Prison Sentence After Bad Behavior

He was sentenced to 10 months of prison after he quarreled with a man and injuring him severely. 

He served three months of sentence and was released. This happened in the year 2012. He has behaved nicely after this incident. 

Son’s Divorce and Now Girlfriend

Her son has divorced his wife and is currently dating his girlfriend, Alisha Hosannah. Alisha is a beautiful woman, and Troy has uploaded several pictures of her on his Instagram account. 

He has captioned this one as, 


Emma Deeney's Son And Daughter In Law
Emma Deeney's Son And Daughter In Law Source: Instagram

Grandson And Granddaughter

She has one grandson, Myles Troy Deeney and one granddaughter Amelia.

They look adorable. Here is a picture of her granddaughter Amelia and she is spending time with her dad in Watford home ground. 

Emma Deeney Granddaughter
Emma Deeney Granddaughter Source: Instagram

Her grandson is a cutie pie. Here is a picture of him with his father. 

Emma Deeney Grandson
Emma Deeney Grandson Source: Instagram

Net Worth of Son, Absolutely Staggering

Her son has a staggering net worth of 20.3 million Euros, which is equal to 18 million pounds. He has a market value of 10 million Euros which is equal to 8.8 million pounds. 

How Did Her Son Earn The Money And His Salary?

Her child gets a jaw-dropping salary of 3,800,000 Euros per year. His income is 316,667 Euros per month and 18,838 per day.

He gets paid 0.22 Euros per second, and it amounts to 13.08 Euros per minute. His income is a staggering 785 Euros per hour

Here is a table which shows her partner’s salary. 

Time Frame (Per)Income (Salary)

The Lifestyle Of Her Son And His Family Time Together

She likes to spend quality time together, and the family wants to go scuba diving together. 

Her son has uploaded this picture on her Instagram on 15th June 2019 and the family is having a fantastic time with scuba gears and brilliant scenes around. 

Her son has captioned this picture as, 


Emma Deeney's Sons Family
Emma Deeney's Sons Family Source: Instagram

Troy is also enjoying time with his kid, and it seems like they have caught a fish here. 

Dream House and Luxury Interiors

She lives in a dream house, and their interiors are crazy good. Troy bought this house with his extraordinary income.

Troy uploaded this picture on his Instagram account on 21st May 2019 and Emma is posing in their fancy kitchen. 

The kitchen has brilliant interiors and her son's girlfriend, Alisha Hosannah is wearing a beautiful blue one piece in which she is looking beautiful. 

Emma Deeney Sons' House And Daughter In Law
Emma Deeney Sons' House And Daughter In Law Source: Instagram

The family lives in this one, and it is like a dream. 


  1. We are reviewing her age and birthday, but the age of her husband Troy Deeney is 31 and he celebrates his birthday on 29th June.
  2. Wiki sites do not contain information on her, but we got you covered.

Please stay tuned to for awesome biographies.

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