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Emilie Vettel


Facts of Emilie Vettel

Full NameEmilie Vettel
First NameEmilie
Last NameVettel
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryGermany
Father NameSebastian Vettel
Father ProfessionRacer
Mother NameHanna Prater
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsMatilda Vettel
Date of Birth2014

Emilie Vettel is the daughter of the famous racer Sebastian Vettel

Emilie is the eldest one among her siblings. She was born on the year 2014 January.

Parents and Siblings

Emilie Vettel parents Sebastian Vettel and Hannah Prater
Emilie Vettel parents Sebastian Vettel and Hannah Prater. (Source: Twitter)

Emilie's parent's names are Sebastian Vettel and Hanna Prater

They tied the wedding knot in the year 2019. There are two other siblings of Emilie

She is the eldest child; the middle one is Matilda Vettel, born in 2015 September, and the younger one, her brother, was born in the year 2019

Their whole family lives in Switzerland, where many other racers live. 

They are a family of five. Her mother, Hanna, is an industrial designer. 

Her mother does not like to get involved in any spotlight. There is no proper information about Emilie's Mother. 

It can be said she is also a private person, just like her husband, Sebastian.

Emilie Vettel with mother Hannah Prater and sibling Matilda Vettel
Emilie Vettel with mother Hannah Prater and sibling Matilda Vettel. (Source: Facebook)

About Emilie's father, Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian is a famous German racer born in the year 1987, July 3, in German. 

There are six members, including him, in his family. He has three other siblings. 

He was always a fan of Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan, and Michael Schumacher

Once he thought of becoming a singer just like his idol Michael Jackson, he learned that it was never his kind of thing. 

He is fluent in German, French, Italian, and English. He was just a pass kind of student in his school. 

He loves the Beatles and loves watching British comedy as well. 

He is a huge supporter of his German club named Eintracht Frankfurt.

How did Emilie Parent meet?

Emilie's parents are a childhood sweetheart. 

Both her father, Sebastian, and her mother, Hanna, studied in the same school and were friends. 

They encountered each other in the year 2006

The whole relationship of her parents was never made public as Sebastian was a private person. 

Sebastian does not like involving his personal and professional lives. 

After many years of secretly dating, they both got married in 2019. At that time, they had two beautiful daughters. 

Now, they are blessed with three children, including their lovely son, whom they love dearly. 

Emilie Vettel Parents Sebastian Vettel and Hanna Prater.
Emilie Vettel Parents Sebastian Vettel and Hanna Prater. Source: Pinterest

Starting of Emilie's father career

From the age of 3, he was involved in car racing activities. 

He professionally started it in 1998 after he got into a Red Bull Junior Team program

Currently, he is a member of Aston Martin and working there. 

He has been a part of Red Bull, Ferrari, BMW Sauber, and Toro Rosso during his past days. 

Her father won four world race championship

Sebastian had continuously won for four years in the world race championship. 

He had won in the year 2010, 2011, 2012 & 2013.

At the age of 23, he became the youngest one to be a champion in the world race. 

He joined Ferrari and became a competitor of Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton as well. He won the second title with them at that time.

Emilie's father named his cars after?

Sebastian had always named his cars with different kinds of names. 

He believes that racer should love their cars and always maintain a good relationship with their car. 

He has named his cars following different girls' names because cars are considered appealing, just like girls. 

His car's names are Julie, Kate and Kate's dirty sister, Kinky Kylie, Abbey, Hungry Heidi, Suzie, Eva, and many more. 

This year he has named his car following a movie character: Honey Ryder.

Sebastian answered most search questions from fans 

In this session, we got to know about Sebastian's preference as the series of questions started about which might he choose between Racing and Ping Pong. 

Sebastian laughed and stated Ping Pong is very much exciting. However, he does prefer racing. 

In this digital world, Sebastian is only that F1 driver who isn’t on social media platforms yet. 

When asked if his fans get to see Sebastian on social media, he instantly replied he also doesn’t know about it. Sebastian then revealed how lonely he feels to be left out. 

He further said that since the beginning only, he never started it, and he totally feels happy about it as there are not many apps on his phone which doesn’t let him engage in the phone for quite a long time. 

Nevertheless, he also shared how it feels interesting when his teammate or any other person shows him what’s happening on another side of the digital world as they only were scrolling up and down. 

So, Sebastian mentioned that’s how he knew why people are involved with the phone more nowadays. 

In this context, his fans also wanted to know about his craziest victory party, which he said it must be a while ago and laughed. 

Nevertheless, he elaborated on the party they had at the end of 2013

Sebastian shared how at that time, he was able to grab the title, so they celebrated each Sunday in a sequence. 

Well, what did he thinks if F1 should go fully electric or not, to which he said a big ‘NO.’ As for the current scenario, he answered NO because the demands are extremely different. 

And also, the contribution from it will not be great to the country as the sales from there will just be useless from Sebastian’s viewpoint. 

He also thinks that the F1 can contribute to the world to make it a better place if we use the engineering power and all the clever minds and think of solutions that will benefit everyone in the world in the future.

Net worth

Emilie is a small baby girl. She has not started earning. Her information is not much available. 

But her father, Sebastian Vettel, is a well-known German racer and his net worth is $140 million.

Age Height and Weight

  1. Emilie is eight years old.
  2. Her weight and height are not mentioned.

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