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Elva Dornan


Facts of Elva Dornan

Full NameElva Dornan
First NameElva
Last NameDornan
ProfessionCelebrity kid
Birth CityLondon
Birth CountryEngland
Father NameJamie Dornan
Father Professionmodel, actor, and musician
Mother NameAmelia Warner
Mother ProfessionActress and musician
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsDulcie and Alberta
Date of BirthFebruary 16,2016
Age8 years

Elva Dornan full name Elva Lorna Catherine Dornan is well known as being a daughter of actress and musician Amelia Warner and model, actor, and musician Jamie Dornan.

Father Take On Having Babies And Memories With Sisters

In Jimmy Kimmel Live Show actor Jamie Dornan mentioned knocking out three or more kids is an amusing idea when the host, Jimmy, prank him for his upcoming third baby. 

Jamie is still indecisive about the number of children he would like to have.

 On answering either the schedule while having babies was preplanned or not, he said it was unplanned and was at the mercy of a tied schedule when the first two babies happened. But he assured that this time he is going to stay for months with them. 

When the host wants to know more about Jamie’s OBGYN father, he shared about the incident that his father had almost missed his delivery, although he was obstetrician because of being down in timing. 

On talk about his siblings, he remembered the torturous nature of his sisters. He revealed having a tumultuous relationship with a middle sister.

 She was violent and soothing with her elder sister, although she used to dress him up with different kinds of stuff such as wigs in childhood.

At last, Jamie disclosed that his family used to write a letter, a peaceful and intelligent method, to solve the conflicts, while sharing the concept he applied to skip the rigor to Jimmy.

Fall In Love

You will fall in love with this picture collage of her father's two angels. The picture has several photos of her and her elder sister Dulcie

The moments are beautifully captured in this one. Her father is holding in many places, and it has birth pictures of hers as well. Look closely to fall in love.

Fall IN Love
Fall IN Love Source: Pinterest

Adorable Moment With Papa

Here is a picture of her with her father. She looks super cute, and her father is holding her in this one.

The father-daughter duo spends a lot of time together and is often spotted in public places. She is wearing a blue jacket, floral in this one and you will fall in love with her.

Elva Dornan With Her Father
Elva Dornan With Her Father Source: Pinterest

Her Parents

Her mother, Amelia Warner's birth name Amelia Catherine Bennet came to prominence as a composer in the movie named ‘Mary Shelley.’ 

She has bagged a IFMCA Awards in the category of Breakthrough Composer of the Year for her that work in 2018. 

Amelia Warner was born on 4 June 1982 in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England to Annette Ekblom and Alun Lewis

She is British by nationality. Her father and mother both are actors.

Her parents separated when she was only four years old in 1986. 

She began her career in acting as being a member of the Royal Court’s youth theater group. 

Her father, James Dornan, was born on 1 May 1982 in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland.  He is Irish by nationality. 

His father, Jim Dornan, is an obstetrician and gynecologist. 

His mother Lorna Dornan died when he was 16, and the reason behind her death was pancreatic cancer. 

He has two sisters Liesa Dornan and Jessica Dornan.

He has a keen interest in acting since his young age.

He came to prominence for his role as Paul Spector in crime drama series ‘The Fall.’ 

He won Breakthrough Award for his performance in that series.

Her parents James Dornan and Amelia Warner
Her parents James Dornan and Amelia Warner Source: Celebrity Inside

Her Parents Married And The Birth Of Her Elder Sister

The couple got married on 26 April 2013 after dated for several years. Prior they got engaged in 2012

They welcomed their first child on 21 November 2013 after seven months of their wedding day. 

Their baby girl blessed them at that time. The name of their first daughter is Dulcie Dornan.

Her parents with her older sister
Her parents with her older sister Dulcie Dornan Source: Zimbio

Her Moment With Her Dad And Traveling Time

Her dad often shares photos of her on his Instagram account, and most of the pictures she has carried by her father. 

Her father shared a photo on her birthday with a lovely caption, 

“Happy Birthday…” 

Moment With Dad
Moment With Dad Source: Instagram


Elva with her parents and elder sister
Elva with her parents and elder sister Source: Pinterest

The family was spotted with little Elva, where Elva was just a toddler and inside a stroller. The family looked so happy.

Candid Candid

Elva Dornan father Jamie Donan and his co-actor Dacota Johnson talk candidly about being naked on the set of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. 

The host confirmed the fact regarding whether the intimate scenes were shot at the very end of the entire shooting. 

To which Jamie responded that it was right as it helped them build the bond between them. Jamie stated it as a smart move by the director of the show.

 On the query about how were, they comfortable with all those cameras and intimate scenes and wasn’t it weird and opposite to intimacy Dakota responded that they talked about it and worked on it a lot and they were very meticulous about it. 

The host also talked about Dacota’s interview in which she has mentioned that there were some scenes where they would yell cut and she would be there in front of a crew although maybe at a distance naked, Jamie would be the first person who would run over and cover her, which was his sweetest gesture. 

As per them, the trust between them and the vibe about being there to protect and help each other made them comfortable.

We can go through the entire interview from the link below

About Characters

Elva Dornan’s father, Jamie Dornan, discussed his character in the movie “Anthropoid” with ‘This Morning’ hosts. 

The movie is based on a true story, and Jamie didn’t know the story before. 

According to him, it’s great to play a real character, telling the story that happened as there is so much to draw in terms of research. 

While being on it, he mentioned that he was not a good student and history wasn’t his cup of tea, to which the host sarcastically added maybe because he always thought he was going to be an actor in the future. 

Jamie responded it was not planned, and he didn’t know he wanted to be an actor, but he agrees that he didn’t have the right temperament and aptitude for working in an office environment. 

He was a model at first. They then talk over his works in different projects like “50 Shades” and “The Fall” and manage his schedule.

Amelia Warner about family and work in lockdown

During the global pandemic, as everyone was locked in their houses, the celebrities were too locked with their family and loved ones, and they utilized this time pretty well. 

For Amelia, it had been a great time to be creative, and she was able to manage the home and work equally. 

It has been incredible as her husband, Jamie, was there at home all the time, and they both were able to spend time with kids, which they loved the most. 

She recently launched her music video, and all five songs were recorded at her home, and all of them are amazing.

Net worth

Her father, James, has a net worth of 14 million dollars

He manages to earn that sum of money from his long-acting and modeling career. 

Likewise, his wife has a net worth of 3 million dollars. She earns that much amount from her acting and musician career. 

Both of her parents are related to the entertainment industry.  Their accumulated net worth is 17 million dollars

She is a school going kid who was born with a silver spoon. 

Some of the television series with IMDb ratings and Rotten Tomatoes ratings are shown below of her father.

He has appeared in the role of his role as Huntsman in adventure fantasy drama series ‘Once Upon a Time.’ 

That series got 7.7 IMDb ratings and 80% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

He played the role of Danny Tate in the series ‘My Dinner with Herve.’ 

That series got 7 IMDb ratings and 83% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

He has appeared in the role of Paul Spector in the crime drama series ‘The Fall.’  

It has got 8.2 IMDb ratings and 84% Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Name of the SeriesRoleIMDb ratings
Once Upon a TimeHuntsman7.7
My Dinner with HerveDanny Tate7
The FallPaul Spector8.2


  1. She was born on February 2016 in London, England. She celebrates her birthday on 16 February every year.
  2. She is British by nationality.
  3. She has one younger sister, Alberta, who was born on 17 February 2019.
  4. Her mother is also known by her stage name Slow Moving Millie.

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