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Elmaze Xhaka


Facts of Elmaze Xhaka

Full NameElmaze Xhaka
First NameElmaze
Last NameXhaka
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRagip Xhaka
No Of Children3

Elmaze Xhaka is the mother of Granit Xhaka

Granit is a professional footballer who plays for Bundesliga club Bayer Leverkusen and captions the Switzerland national team

He plays from the position of a midfielder. 

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Married life

Elmaze Xhaka has been happily married to her husband, Ragip Xhaka, for many years. Elmaze and Ragip met at the age of 18 or 19 years old. 

They went to school together and Elmaze was four years junior to Ragip. They had just been together for three months when, unfortunately, Ragip went to jail. 

During an interview, Granit said Ragip's family told Elmaze they didn't know Ragip would go to jail, and they were more than ready and understood if she said she couldn't wait for him. 

But to their surprise, Elmaze was ready to leave her family for him and waited for more than three and a half years for her husband to be released from jail. 

When Ragip was released, Elmaze and Ragip decided to leave their country. 

They wanted to go to Holland but moved to Yugoslavia and then to Switzerland in order to live a life of freedom. 

Switzerland was accepting many refugees who were fleeing their country due to the Yugoslav civil war. 

Elmaze Xhaka with her husband Ragip Xhaka
Elmaze Xhaka with her husband Ragip Xhaka. Source: Instagram 
Elmaze Xhaka with her husband Ragip Xhaka and son Granit Xhaka
Elmaze Xhaka with her husband Ragip Xhaka and son Granit Xhaka. Source: Instagram 

Why was her husband arrested?

Her husband, Ragip Xhaka, was living in Pristina, Kosovo, with his parents and his two brothers. He was involved in student protests in his country around 1986

Ragip said he was studying agricultural science and was not satisfied with the communist leadership and wanted to demonstrate for better education, places to sleep, and food, in short, for a better life. 

One morning at 5 am, policemen climbed over the walls of his parents' house, and when his mother asked them what they wanted, they said, "Your son." 

They stormed into his room and gave him a second to put his pants on, handcuffed him, put him in the van, and took him to jail. 

According to Ragip, the policemen made up some reasons that they were violent and rebelling against the state when they were just students who wanted to demonstrate peacefully. 

He was put in a cell with four other men. 

Ragip said he was tortured every day for six months by getting a beating on the palms of his hand, soles of his feet, legs, arms, and upper body with police batons to force a confession out of him. 

He even went to court, but no actions were taken. He said he was innocent and had not done anything. 


From their marital bliss, they welcomed three children, Taulant Xhaka, Granit Xhaka, and Agnese Xhaka

Taulant was born on March 28, 1991, and Granit was born a year later on September 27, 1992

Their daughter, Agnese, celebrates her birthday on September 23

They lived in a normal flat, got jobs and tried their best to give their children a good childhood after moving to Switzerland

Their children played on the street until they picked them up in the evening. Granit feels that Switzerland gave his family a second chance in life. 

Both her sons are footballers. Her son, Taulant Xhaka, is also a footballer who plays for the Swiss Super League club Basel and the Albania National Team

Although Taulant was born in Switzerland, he decided to represent Albania, his parents' birth country. 

During an interview, Taulant said his brother influenced his decision to represent Albania. 

Taulant announced his retirement from international football on November 15, 2021, citing injuries and personal issues. 

Elmaze Xhaka son Granit Xhaka and daughter Agnese Xhaka
Elmaze Xhaka son Granit Xhaka and daughter Agnese Xhaka. Source: Instagram 
Elmaze Xhaka sons Granit Xhaka and Taulant Xhaka
Elmaze Xhaka sons Granit Xhaka and Taulant Xhaka. Source: Instagram 

Elmaze wore a jersey supporting both her sons

Elmaze's sons represented different countries during Euro 2016. Granit played for Switzerland, and Taulant played for Albania

As a mother, Elmaze was in a difficult position, and everyone wondered which son she would support and wear a jersey of. 

Elmaze outsmarted everyone and wore a jersey showing half a Swiss flag and half an Albanian flag. 

She was spotted with her husband and daughter-in-law, Leonita Lekaj, watching the game.

Elmaze Xhaka with her husband Ragip Xhaka and daughter-in-law Leonita Lekaj during Euro 2016
Elmaze Xhaka with her husband Ragip Xhaka and daughter-in-law Leonita Lekaj during Euro 2016. Source: Twitter

Who is her son, Granit, married to?

Granit Xhaka has been married to Leonita Lekaj since July 22, 2017. They met somewhere in 2015 when Granit was playing for Borussia Monchengladbach

Leonita was spotted during Euro 2016 when she was in the stands during Switzerland's campaign. They both belong to Kosovan-Albanian families. 

Granit and Leonita are blessed with two adorable daughters. They welcomed their first daughter on October 7, 2019, and named her Ayana Xhaka

Their second daughter was born on April 24, 2021, and they named her Laneya Xhaka

Elmaze Xhaka son Granit Xhaka, daughter-in-law Leonita Lekaj and granddaughters
Elmaze Xhaka son Granit Xhaka, daughter-in-law Leonita Lekaj and granddaughters. Source: Instagram 
Elmaze Xhaka with her family
Elmaze Xhaka with her family. Source: Instagram 

Net worth

Her son, Granit Xhaka, has an estimated net worth of 20 million euros.


  1. Her son, Granit, is 31 years old.
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