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Eleanor Jasmine Lambert


Facts of Eleanor Jasmine Lambert

Full NameEleanor Jasmine Lambert
First NameEleanor
Middle NameJasmine
Last NameLambert
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CityLos Angeles, California
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameChristopher Lambert
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameDiane Lane
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Height175 cm
Insta Profile
Date of BirthSeptember 5,1993
Age30 years

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert is a beautiful American actress best known for her role in Paris Can Wait, Time Now, and X (2008). 

She is more popular as the daughter of actress Diane Lane and actor Christopher Lambert.

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert With Mother Diane Lane
Eleanor Jasmine Lambert With Mother Diane Lane Source: Daily Mail

Her come back after semi-retirement 

Diane, who made her debut at the age of 13 in 1979 with the movie "A little Romance," suffered from a series of flops

Her career was at risk because of her back-to-back flops. This made her semi-retire at the age of 19

She came back after three years and gradually re-established herself as one of the versatile actors after landing critically acclaimed roles. 

Her critically acclaimed movie Unfaithful earned her Satellite, New York Film Critics, and National society of film critics awards for best actress in a motion picture.

Married twice

Diane was previously married to actor, novelist, and producer Christopher Lambert

They first met at the promotion event of The Cotton Club in 1984

After their rise and fall relationship in between, they starred in a movie together, making them closer. 

They began their relationship and got married in 1998. From their marriage, they share a beautiful daughter, Eleanor

However, their relationship could not last long, and they got divorced in 1994

After their separation, she got engaged to actor Josh Brolin in July 2003 and exchanged wedding vows on August 15, 2004.

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert's mother, Diane Lane, with her first husband, Christopher Lambert.
Eleanor Jasmine Lambert's mother, Diane Lane, with her first husband, Christopher Lambert. Source:

An Intimate wedding ceremony 

Her first wedding was an intimate wedding ceremony in the presence of close friends and family. 

It took place in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Second divorce 

There were ups and downs in her second marriage, as well. 

She made her second husband get arrested for domestic violence after four months of their marriage, but the case later was dropped

However, they sorted out and moved on. 

Unfortunately, they filed for divorce after nearly a decade of their married life. Their divorce was finalized in 2013

She is currently living a single happy life.

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert's mother, Diane Lane, with her second husband, Josh Brolin.
Eleanor Jasmine Lambert's mother, Diane Lane, with her second husband, Josh Brolin. Source:

Both her ex-husbands are versatile actors 

Both her ex-husbands are versatile actors. They are best known for their respective roles and performances. 

Some of the notable Christopher's films include I love you, a knight moves, Fortress and its sequel Fortress 2, and ghost rider

As a producer, Neuf Mois, the French Comedy and its remake, Nine months, are his production. 

Her second husband, James Brolin, is born to his father, James Brolin, a professional actor

James's film credits include Mimic, Hollow Man, American Gangster, and Men in Black 3

He is famous for his supervillain role, Thanos, in Marvel Comics-based Superhero film, Avengers.

A love affair with her boyfriend 

Eleanor is currently dating her boyfriend

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert and her boyfriend.
Eleanor Jasmine Lambert and her boyfriend. Source: Instagram

Though the name of her boyfriend is not revealed, they are enjoying a great time together. 

She keeps posting pictures of spending quality time with her boyfriend. 

Her father, Christopher, is usually seen commenting on their photos together. 

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert with her boyfriend.
Eleanor Jasmine Lambert with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram 

Shares a great bond with her father

She shares a great bond with her father. They usually spend quality time together and are more like friends

They keep sharing pictures of one another on their Instagram.

Eleanor Jasmine Lambert with her father, Christopher Lambert.
Eleanor Jasmine Lambert with her father, Christopher Lambert. Source: Instagram 

The reason her mother initially discouraged her from pursuing an acting career

In an interview with TODAY's Willie Geist, her mother, Diane, who is one of the veteran actors, confessed to initially discouraging Eleanor from pursuing her career in acting, having said that she sees acting as a very noble profession. 

She thinks most of the people in her profession feel the same way and discourage their offspring. She admitted knowing much more about the industry and how it works behind the curtain. 

As a parent, the fantasy she has projected on Eleanor is into writing kind of things because she knows she has a gifted talent. 

Eleanor majored in Journalism from New York University and wrote for several websites. Diane went on to say that there is a place where actors can be replaced, but the writing is irreplaceable.

Her current boyfriend was the one to introduce her to the craft of acting

Despite having grown up in a family of actors, Eleanor didn't recognize the artistry of acting straight away until she met her current partner when she was 24

This was a tragedy and an opportunity at the same time.

Her partner, who is also an actor, would send his sides and scripts. Then he would disappear into the world, and she could see the gears turning in his head where she would be like, "Wanna Cue me in." 

According to her, her partner was the one to introduce her to the craft and the honoring of human experience, the empathy involved in the art form of acting. 

To her, it was like a bulb went off in her head because her natural interests sort of lie in psychology,  the science side of it, and the research. 

It was in acting where science, spirituality, and psychology are getting empirical data. 

So she realized for the first time how acting could be the outside-in version of that where the manifested behavior can be seen. 

It would lead to the curiosity to find what caused someone to do that, and it was her psychological curiosity that made sense to her to pursue more seriously as she was already drawn to find out the reason" Why." 

Eleanor's latest movie is "Time Now," written and directed by Spencer King.

Eleanor talks about her movie Time Now

Eleanor played the lead Jenny in the psychological drama “Time Now” directed by Spencer King

According to Eleanor, she initially got interested when the director reached out to her and asked her to be the lead saying that he believed in her and her ability to play the character and also that she loved the character Jenny which she was going to play. 

She described the character Jenny as a weirdo and that Jenny introduces so many characters who respond to one event in their very singular and respective ways. 

Elaborating on her character Jenny, she added Jenny is very out of adjustment to the world around her, and she is contained and has been suppressing a lot of herself and her mom blaming herself and everybody feeling like a victim. 

Jenny is a young mother who has a failed marriage, searching for the answers to how her father passed away and looking for her brother. 

She chose to run away from her home at 17 after the family trauma led her to face either dealing with the feelings or dealing with what was going on within the family, and she sort of dove herself into sort of externals of her life. 

As the film continues, Jenny responds to her surroundings, but it becomes increasingly volatile because of a lack of practice in it as she is still 17.

According to Eleanor, the intimacy Jenny lost with her mother through all those tragedies has bled into her relationship with her son. The most heartbreaking part is not having intimacy with her kid.

Besides that, Eleanor also talked about how incredibly supportive both of her parents were in terms of giving her advice. 

She said she has been very privileged to be able to find her footing in terms of her interests and also in terms of the field of acting. 

She chose to do training but thinks there is a lot more to learn, which both of her parents have learned in so many years who were technically untrained but trained themselves via doing it for so long. 

While doing the play, she asked her mom to attend all three of the performances so that she could pick her mother’s brain as she feels there have to be people trustable and people that can give her honest feedback.


Got featured on the cover of Time magazine and many more

As mentioned earlier, Eleanor’s mother, Diane, had begun her career while she was young. By the age of 14, young Diane had been on the cover of Time Magazine

She appeared on the cover in August 1979 and was there to celebrate Hollywood’s whiz kids. Whiz kids were referred to as the young female performers who were there in the movies. 

Other than that, Diane was once hit by a tennis ball in her eye. Well, this incident had caused permanent damage to her. 

It’s been said that this happened back in 1980. Nevertheless, later her right eye was then dilated. 

Diane is not only the one who had gone through this, but David Bowie also faced a permanently dilated pupil when he got into a fight at school. 

When Diane was a teenager, she was completely exhausted from managing her education and acting career. 

Well, Diane achieved a lot of accomplishments as a child star. But it wasn’t easy for her. 

It’s been said that she got so tired as she used to spend her evenings and nights serving on plays. 

Then when her dad would drop her at school in the morning, she would head straightly to the bathroom and sleep there on the floor. 

The actress said that she goes into the school building, then shortly after, the bell would ring, and she wouldn’t attend class but rather go to the bathroom or go to the handicapped stall and sleep on the floor, which she shared during an interview with Esquire back in the year 2007

She further continued that she would sleep there for hours, and then someone could come in and bust her. 

Later, Diane would take the train and go home and sleep more. 

Diane confronted that it was more on her little body as she would be at the play every night and school every day. 

Lastly, many of you might not know that the lady is more passionate about making an end to world hunger. 

Even though her tight schedule, she would make her time for charity work. 

Her main motive was to end worldwide hunger via the non-profit organization named Heifer International

According to the Heifer International website, Diane was the first to become a huge fan of the charity’s mission when Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen invited the lady to a Heifer fundraising dinner party at their home. 

Net Worth 

Her exact net worth is not known. Her father and mother are earning an astounding amount from their acting career

Their net income is: 

 YearNet Worth 
Christopher Lambert2020$5 million 
Diane Lane2020$35 million 


  1. Eleanor was born on September 5, 1993, in Los Angeles, US. She is currently 27 years old.
  2. Colleen Farrington and Burton Eugene Lane are her grandparents (Diane's parents).

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