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Dylan Starr Williams


Facts of Dylan Starr Williams

Full NameDylan Starr Williams
First NameDylan
Middle NameStarr
Last NameWilliams
Birth NameCelebrity Kid
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameRichard Williams
Father ProfessionAmerican tennis coach
Mother NameLakeisha Williams
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsSerena Williams, Venus Williams
Date of Birth2012

Dylan Starr Williams is famous for his paternal half-sisters, the Williams sisters, the professional tennis players of America

He is also popular as the son of Richard Williams, an American tennis coach. Dylan is the youngest of all his siblings.

Unbelievable records of Serena Williams 

American professional tennis star Selena holds unbelievable records that prove her a great player of all time. 

She was previously ranked world no.1 in both single and double ranking. 

She holds the winning record of 23 Grand Slam Women's singles titles, 14 Grand Slam women's doubles titles, 2 Grand Slam mixed doubles titles, 73 women's singles titles and 23 women's doubles titles, and two gold medals. 

She was honored four times with the Laureus Sportswoman award.

Dylan Starr Williams's half-sister, Serena Williams.
Dylan Starr Williams's half-sister, Serena Williams. Source: Instagram

His father is married twice before his mother

His father Richard was previously married twice before he got married to Dylan's mother. 

Before marrying his mother, he was in a marital relationship with Berry Johnson with whom he tied the knot in 1965

After living eight years together, the couple got separated in 1973. Later, he got married to Oracene Price, the mother of Serena and Venus Williams in 1980

Unfortunately, this married also did not last long and ended in 2002. 

After their divorce, he married his mother, Lakeisha. However, there is trouble in this married life too. 

They are amid the legal battle of their divorce, which they filed in 2017

Dylan Starr Williams's parents, Richard Williams and Lakeisha.
Dylan Starr Williams's parents, Richard Williams and Lakeisha. Source:

The turbulent relationship with his wife

Dylan's mother, Lakeisha Graham, is the third wife of Richard. The couple became husband and wife in 2010 in their country house at PGA Boulevard.  

Despite having a huge age gap, they turned their relationship into husband and wife as she was just one year older than her step-daughter Venus

Their relationship slowly was turning into turbulence, which resulted in the filing for divorce. 

After spending seven years with each other, they filed a divorce with firing allegations against each other. 

Richard alleged his wife for using his social security with a forged signature. He was also accused of leaving him for another man. 

Similarly, Lakeisha accused her husband of his abusive behavior as well as for keeping an arsenal of firearms and claimed that she, along with her son, might get harmed.

The Star-studded wedding ceremony of his sister Serena 

His sister Serena exchanged her wedding vows with the man of her dream, Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder. 

Their star-studded wedding took place on November 16, 2017, in New Orleans followed with 200 guests which included celebrity guests as well. 

Her father Richard was unable to walk his daughter down the aisle on her big day. 

However, as an understanding daughter, she understood the situation her father had gone through, including a stroke.

Richard Williams's sister, Serena Williams with her partner, Alexis Ohanian.
Richard Williams's sister, Serena Williams with her partner, Alexis Ohanian. Source:

His father planned to train his two daughters (his half-sisters) to be table tennis stars before they were born

Richard’s unbelievable visionary is the reason tennis stars Venus and Serena are today in this place. 

He had a plan for their career long before they were born, and the career he planned for them was a tennis career.  

He planned everything by writing a 40-page plan, a 60-page plan where he wrote everything. But where did the idea of tennis come from? 

On one Sunday, he was watching TV when a tennis match happened, and to his surprise, the winner, tennis player Virginia Ruzici took home a $40,000 cheque and made a lifelong impression on him. 

He confessed never to forget the moment when he was there standing in amazement, watching the tournament director present a then 25-year-old tennis player named Virginia Ruzici a $40,000 cheque for winning the tournament. 

During an interview with q on CBC, he admitted his motivation at the time was money because he thought if he had two kids, then he would become rich. 

He added, saying to himself without any hesitations that he was going to have two kids and put them in tennis. 

During an interview in 1999, he admitted to taking his then-wife Oracene on several dates and hiding birth control pills because she didn’t want to give birth at the time, but Richard convinced her. 

He was so sure and confident about having girls that even when people doubted what if he had a boy, he would reply he was not going to have one, and as he said, he had girls. 

He had his game and had his girls, so it was time to put them together, he said in an interview. 

Though money was his initial motivation, as they went along and watched tennis, he realized that if he only had a wrong concept, he had to write the educational plan and everything else but the wrong concept trying to make it on someone else. 

He started feeling he was making her his own. But the most amazing part was that he had no previous experience with tennis and even had not picked up the racket before. 

Despite knowing nothing about tennis, the confidence he had was unbelievable because he knew women could do anything and had seen women doing what none thought they could do. 

He set out to teach himself first so that he could teach Venus and Serena when they got old enough. 

He had in his mind that he was not allowing anyone to teach his daughters because he didn’t know what they were going to teach. 

Still, he knew exactly what he was going to teach them, so he taught himself how to play tennis so that he could teach his daughters, which according to Richard, was not the hardest part. 

The hardest part, he said, was the establishment of tennis because when he came through the tennis, he wanted to meet with the open stand which tennis never had before for which people called him crazy, but whatever people would say, he knew he was not going to change his mind. 

He recalls his mother saying that once you decide if you stand bad, you can make it good. He never had in his mind that pushing his daughters to be tennis stars might negatively impact their relationship with him if they hadn’t been so successful because he knew his relationship would be great. 

He said there was a time when his mom was too hard, but she was right. As a father, he made his daughters learn to make decisions at an early age sending them to work when Venus was just two. 

He knew for two years it was not easy to pick up the phone book and deliver door to door, but he wanted them to learn it’s their responsibility to help him to take care of them, which eventually worked out well.  

His commitment and dedication level were so high that he didn’t back out even after a physical altercation left him in to break his several ribs and ten teeth.  

Serene said of her father that his dedication changed everything, sports and history and that every time she stands out there, she thinks she wouldn’t have been in the position she is today if somebody didn’t have that vision for her. 

Richard said that he couldn’t stay from tennis despite having health issues. In 2016, he suffered two strokes. 

The Sun reported that after his divorce turned out to be messier in 2020, his doctor informed the court that he suffered damage to his brain tissue and that complications from the stroke included memory loss, weakened muscles, and difficulty with speaking. 

Despite that, he has not backed off from the coaching. In July 2021, Venus shared a video on her Instagram of her along with Richard on a court where Richard was seen advising her. 

Net Worth 

Dylan has not started his career yet as he is too young. His 78-year-old father Richard has amassed enough amounts from his professional career as a coach.

Williams sisters credit him for their success as he was the one to take them to public tennis courts and coach them. 

On the other hand, his half-sisters are self-made millionaires. Serena is one of the highest-paid athletes. 

We have the net income of both Richard and his daughter Serena which is mentioned in the below table.

 YearNet Worth 
Richard Williams 2020$20 million 
Serena Williams 2020$200 million


  1. Dylan was born in 2012, which makes him eight years old.
  2. His half-siblings are Lyndrea Price, Isha Price, and Yetunde Price.

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