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Facts of Dulcie Dornan

Full NameDulcie Dornan
First NameDulcie
Last NameDornan
ProfessionCelebrity kid
Birth CityVancouver
Birth CountryCanada
Father NameJamie Dornan
Father Professionmodel, actor, and musician
Mother NameAmelia Warner
Mother ProfessionActress and musician
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsElva and Alberta
Date of BirthNovember 21,2013
Age10 years

Dulcie Dornan is recognized as the elder daughter of English actress and musician Amelia Warner and Irish model, actor, and musician Jamie Dornan.


When Jimmy asked Dulcie Dornan's father, Jamie Dornan, he could tell the difference between his fans of '50 Shades of Gray' and his television show 'The Fall.'

Jamie instantly replied he could as there is a short of energy in the eyes of a '50 Shades' fan, the kind that one doesn't possess, kind of like hunger that one could see and smell. 

He is originally from Belfast, which is in The North of Ireland

Jimmy curiously asked whether he is from the family of actors, to which he responded he isn't and his family is mostly doctors. 

His father is an obstetrician/ gynecologist. Jimmy was surprised to know that his father has delivered over 6,000 babies in Northern Island, which is everyone out there as per Jamie. 

His father even played a role in his show 'The Fall,' and Jamie didn't know about it until he saw him on the set. 

He is worst at keeping secrets, but he did keep them well, and now he considers himself an actor.

Dulcie's love for her sisters and their life away from the media spotlight

According to her father, Jamie, Dulcie is the eldest among her siblings; she loves being an elder sister. 

She wakes up, and the first thing she wants to see are the babies. She is always around, loving, and taking care of them. 

Dulcie, age seven as of 2020, and her parents have successfully kept her and her siblings away from the paparazzi and have maintained their privacy. 

Even though they post pictures related to their babies, it is mostly candid that their faces cannot be directly seen. 

The famous family even moved to Cotswold from London to give their kids a normal and healthy environment out of the spotlight.

An Angel

She is an angel, and there is no doubt about that.

Here is a picture of hers, and she is carrying cute toys of hers in this one. Her teddy bear and a doll in her hand, and a million dollars smile

Her father is carrying her in his arms. She looks like an angel, and the jacket suits her a lot. 

Dulcie Dornan An Angel
Dulcie Dornan An Angel Source: Pinterest

Her Parents Married Life

The couple met for the first time in 2010 through their mutual friend at a party in California. Afterward, they began dating each other. 

The couple got engaged in 2012 after two years of dating each other. 

They decide to get married after a year of being engaged to each other. They got married on 26 April 2013.

Their family and close friends were invited on their wedding day.

They have three children together. They are spending blissful conjugal life to date. They look perfect together.

Her Father Birthday Wishes For Her On Birthday

Her father has twitted on his Twitter on 21 November 2019, on her birthday, and wished her with the caption

"Happy Birthday…" 

and shared several photos of the father-daughter duo in that tweets. The pictures are adorable, and they show the bond between daughter and father. 

Father Wishing Happy Birthday
Father Wishing Happy Birthday Source: Twitter

Her Adorable Moment With Her Parents

The family was spotted in the street where her mother was holding her one hand and with another hand, she is protecting herself from the sun, and her father was walking behind them. 

It is such a cute family photo of them. She looks gorgeous in this picture in her pink frock. Her father looks handsome in the blue cap. Her mother is carrying oranges in her casual attire. 

Dulcie Dornan with her mother, Amelia Warner, and father, James Dornan
Dulcie Dornan with her mother, Amelia Warner, and father, James Dornan Source: Pinterest

Father Feels Panicked With Intense Fans

In Ellen's show, he makes a lot of the audience laugh. 

He says last time around, Ellen got very frisky, and this made everyone roll on the floor laughing. 

Ellen asks him, Do fans get freaky with him, and to this, he replies. Yes, they do, and they call him, Hello Mr. Grey.

When his fans do so, his children often get confused about why they are telling him that.

He gets panicked in this situation, and often fans also talk about the red room, referencing that of the movie.

His fans think he is kind of weird because of this. 

Interesting Interview Of Papa With Dakota Alongside

The most eagerly awaited sequel of Fifty shades Darker gets a massive response from the audience as expected from the hype. 

Its premier was a classy big event-themed 'Masquerade Ball.'

 The premiere also worked as the reunion for stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. 

Since they have met after a long time and seem close to each other, the reporter guessed there is a great friendship between them.

However, Dakota clarified, that they were forced to be best friends.

Jamie also agrees with that and adds that their friendship is unique and required to build up more trust to go through the situation while doing the movie.

 About the reason for the growing popularity of books among women, Jamie guessed it was due to love stories and to sate the meeting of two lovers.

 Dakota mentioned that her life had changed dramatically after doing this movie because of changing the perception of people about her. 

The author of the books also feels lucky to have them as they live the character proficiently like their personality was created on books.

To watch the video follow the link below.

Her Mother

Her mother, Amelia Warner's birth name Amelia Catherine Bennet is also popularly known by her stage name Slow Moving Millie

She began her career as an actress in 1998. 

She is best known for her work as a composer in the romantic movie 'Mary Shelley' for which she won IFMCA Awards in the category of Breakthrough Composer of the Year in 2018. 

She was born on 4 June 1982 in Birkenhead, Merseyside, England. Her parents are actress Annette Ekblom and actor Alun Lewis

She is the only child of her parents. Her parents got divorced when she was small. 

Father, Supersuccessful

Her father, James Dornan, came to prominence for his role as Huntsman in the adventure fantasy drama series 'Once Upon a Time.'

He was born on 1 May 1982 in Holywood, County Down, Northern Ireland

His father's name is Jim Dornan, and he is an obstetrician and gynecologist. He was raised with his two siblings in Belfast. 

His mother died due to pancreatic cancer when he was just 16. 

He began his career in modeling in 2001. 

She is already making her parents proud by being a motivational guru in the family.

During the pandemic, Dulcie provided positive vibrant in the family with her sweet, positive messages around the home. 

In James Corden's show, her father expressed his pride and happiness while talking about her motivational post-it notes. 

Corden, by revealing some of the post-its notes that read, "Always try your best, Be the Tiger and I Love my bum bum the way it is," asked him where did she get it from, to which Jamie replied he doesn't know but said it makes him pride and happy that she is coming out with the stuff like that. 

It makes them feel that he and his wife are probably doing something right. He said he didn't know from where she got the word bum bum. 

According to him, he feels there is a lot of talk about the bum bum and the body parts, so she is sort of at liberty to talk about it and write notes about it which he said is a good thing.

Here are some of the inspirational quotes she filled the house with:

Motivational post-it notes of Dulcie Dornan.
Motivational post-it notes of Dulcie Dornan. Source: Instagram

The Dornan family lives a simple life

Amelia Warner opened up about living a simple home life with her family, who usually resides in Cotswolds but has been parting their time between Australia and L.A. for work recently. 

She said despite having been moved around, and they always make an effort to keep a good routine for the sake of their daughters. 

And prefers being dressed down and relaxing time with her family over appearing in showbiz events. 

She added to say that she feels good that she and Jamie are good at keeping things at a level of normality, and as long as they are together, it's going to be very simple for them. 

She confessed to being more comfortable on a dog walk than being glammed up. The family spent their Christmas in Ireland with their relatives. 

She also confessed their love for wild swimming, and when not catching up with the family, they enjoyed a lot of dips in the freezing sea. 

Jamie Dornan reflects on his dad's demise and dealing with it

Jamie lost his beloved dad Jim Dornan in the March of 2021 to the dreadful Covid-19 virus.

Jamie, at the time, could not visit his 73-year-old father on his deathbed as he was stuck in a hotel quarantine in Australia when he received the devastating news.

Jim, who had been previously diagnosed with lymphocytic leukemia in 2005, was hospitalized for a routine knee operation in Dubai when he contracted the virus. 

Jamie was completely shattered by the death of his father and called 2021 to be the worst year and the hardest of his life. Jamie added,

It would be very tough to say anything negative about my dad. He was a beacon of positivity-that is my overriding takeaway,

He further added that his dad, who was a renowned obstetrician and gynecologist, always had time for every day as he always used to say, 

"You treat the person who cleans the court the same as you treat the judge." 

When asked about how he has been dealing with the loss of his dad, Jamie recalled what his dad said when he lost his mom Lorna to pancreatic cancer in 1998

He said his dad was the force behind them, telling them that as brutal as this is, you know life doesn't stop, and you do have to carry on, and you can't let it be the things that define you. 

It's tough, but the reality is that I have three kids under the age of nine, and I am a busy person, and you have to get on with life.

Jim, who was always supportive of Jamie's acting career, said he was proud of him every day. he said in an interview,

It has been the brutal aspect of this whole journey. For my day, not being able to see this movie hurts, 

But his father knew he did the movie, and for him, that was somewhat comforting to him. He recalled his father's words to him every day, 

"Some people go their lives without being told, You have made your parents proud."

Dulcie Dornan grandfather late Jim Dornan.
Dulcie Dornan grandfather late Jim Dornan. Source: Instagram

Jamie has been in the Perpetual State of Drag

Jamie in the Ellen show talked about his kids. When asked if he was planning again for a boy, to which Jamie giggled and said NO and said he would be trying, though. 

He mentioned her youngest daughter Alberta who is now three years old. However, he and his wife call Alberta a Hurricane. 

He describes her as amazing but has great energy. He also mentioned his other two kids’ age; the eldest Dulcie is eight, and the middle child is six.

Well, all three kids have different personalities. When asked about Alberta, Jamie says that she is at that wild age of life as, at that time, they have stored a lot of energy in them. 

Jamie has two sisters, and he recalls how his sisters, while they were young, used to dress up Jamie like a girl and put lipstick on and wigs. 

Jamie revealed that the same scenario has now been repeated, but this time by his daughters. 

On the screen was shown that his daughters had dressed him up in a red outfit with high heels. His hair was tied up in two ponytails as well. 

Jamie stated that he has been in this perpetual state of drag for nearly four decades. 

He also says that they have seen most of his movies and in one of his movies, Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar, where Jamie did the Wacky comedy; he shared his kids only like the crazy dance song Jamie performed. 

He shared that his youngest daughter calls it ‘Daddy Naked’ as in that song, Jamie ripped off his shirt. 

Her dad wanted to be a rugby player.

Many of you might not know, but great actor Jamie wanted to be a rugby player. Young Jamie was actively involved in playing for Belfast Harlequins

He got to play after his school. Nevertheless, he dropped out of his University in the middle in order to be more focused on rugby sport. 

Lastly, he didn’t choose to be in that sporting field, maybe the big offer he was getting from London be the reason for it.

Her father talks about death and the impact he had upon his mother’s death at a very young age

During an interview with an award-winning journalist Eamonn Mallie, her father talked about death, his short-lived career, and his biggest fear in life. 

When asked if he ever thinks about death, the impact he had upon his mother’s death, and how he keeps her memories alive. 

He said he was not afraid of dying, but he still feels that to an extent because he does not want to be someone who is fearful of the idea of it. 

At the same time, since he has become a parent, he is not going to take any sort of physical risks that could induce death which he probably would have wanted to do before he became a father. 

He said when he was younger, death was more in his consciousness based upon the events and things that took a toll upon him, but now he tries not to think about it more often. 

Jamie, who lost his mom when he was just 16 years old, says he is still finding the impact he had on the sudden demise of his mother. 

He describes grief to be a bizarre concept that is so powerful that it creeps up on you, even how old it may be. 

He says watching his wife become a mother and his sisters becoming mothers and seeing the role that mothers play in young lives, and then realizing that he did not have a section of his youth with his mother was a horrendous time in his life. 

He also said that he tries to keep the memories of his beloved mother alive in his kids. 

He says they have pictures of his mom around the house, and he and his wife are forever telling their kids because they want them to know about their grandmother.

When asked about the traits he inherited from his mom, he said that his mom was a creative person. 

She was interested in art and got accepted into art school, but her parents canceled it and enrolled her in nursing college. 

She continued to draw and paint throughout their childhood, so his being in the creative industry is something he inherited from his mom.

Net Worth

She is born with a silver spoon.

Her father's net worth is 14 million dollars. He accumulates that sum of income from his acting and modeling career.

He has modeled for several prestigious brands such as Hugo Boss, Armani, Dior Homme, and many more. 

He has already appeared in several movies and television series so far.

Her mother has a net worth of 3 million dollars. She manages to earn that sum of money from her acting and singing career. 

She released her single studio album in 2011, and the name of that album is 'Renditions.'

She has also appeared in several television series and movies, such as Gone, Stoned, Winter Passing, and many more.

Some of her father's hit movies with their budget and box office collection are shown below.

He has appeared in the role of Christian Grey in the romantic drama movie 'Fifty Shades of Grey' which was released on 13 February 2015 in the United States. 

The total budget of that film was 40 million dollars, and the box office collection was 569.7 million dollars.

He played the role of Will Tillman in the action-adventure film 'Robin Hood,' which was released on 21 November 2018 in the United States. 

The movie's total budget and box office collection were 100 million dollars and 85.8 million dollars, respectively.

He has appeared in the role of Christian Grey in the romantic movie 'Fifty Shades of Darker’ which was released on 10 February 2017 in the United States. 

The film's total budget and box office collection were 55 million and 381 million, respectively. 

Name of the MovieBudgetBox Office Collection
Fifty Shades of Grey40 million569.7 million
Robin Hood100 million85.8 million
Fifty Shades of Darker55 million381 million


  1. She was born on 21 November 2013 in Vancouver, Canada.
  2. She is Canadian by nationality.
  3. She has two younger sisters, Elva and Alberta.
  4. The names of her grandparents are Jim Dornan and Lorna Dornan (Jamie Dornan's parents). Her father has two sisters, Jessica Dornan and Liesa Dornan.

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