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Facts of Duke Lesnar

Full NameDuke Lesnar
First NameDuke
Last NameLesnar
ProfessionCelebrity Kid
Father NameBrock Lesnar
Father Professionprofessional wrestler
Mother NameSable
Mother ProfessionWrestler
Gender IdentityMale
SibilingsMariah, Mya Lynn Lesnar and Luke Lesnar
Date of Birth2010

Duke Lesnar is born to famous parents. His father is professional wrestler Brock Lesnar, and his mother, Sable, is also a retired Wrestler. He was born in the year 2010.

Duke Lesnar with family.
Duke Lesnar with family. source:

Drunk and Driving case.

His mom Sable got married more than two times. She was first married to a guy whose name was Wayne W. Richardson. They tied the knot with each other in 1986.

The couple has a daughter together named Mariah. They were happy, but all of a sudden, this tragic incident happened in their life.

However, detailed information is not there, but in the year 1991, her husband was fully drunk and driving a car, and got into a massive accident.

It was an on-the-spot dead case. That day his mother lost her husband and the father of her child.

Model turned into Wrestler

His mom Sable was at the peak of her career in modeling, then she met a boxer, Marc Mero. Meeting him changed her life in a better way. They both met around 1993

He was a boxer earlier and then became a professional wrestler. After having a short romance for one year, the couple got married in 1994

Duke Lesnar's step-dad, Marc Mero.
Duke Lesnar's step-dad, Marc Mero. Source:

She became interested in wrestling after seeing her then-husband doing good in WCW

She got so fascinated by the industry that she wanted to become part of it officially. 

Her husband, Marc Mero, also supported her decision and even made her prepared to join the industry. 

She made her professional debut at WrestleMania XII in March 1996. After that, there was no looking back in her career.

She became the second WWF Women’s Champion.

Duke Lesnar's mom, Sable, with her ex-husband, Marc Mero.
Duke Lesnar's mom, Sable, with her ex-husband, Marc Mero. Source:

Marc Mero even adopted her daughter Mariah. But their relationship could not last long and ended in divorce. 

After marriage, they were together for ten years. The couple got separated in the year 2004.

Married third time to a Wrestler

After the divorce, Sable soon began dating Brock Lesnar. He is also a Wrestler, former mixed martial artist, and football player. The duo got married on May 6, 2006.

The couple embraced parenthood in 2009 when their first son Turk was born. Following the gap of one year, he (Duke Lesnar) was born.

Duke Lesnar's parents, Brock Lesnar, and Sable.
Duke Lesnar's parents, Brock Lesnar, and Sable. Source:

Reportedly it has been said that Sable was found to be cheating her ex-husband Marc Mero with him. 

So, this might be the reason for the divorce of his mother from her previous husband. But there is no confirmation. 

Has three half-siblings.

Brock Lesnar was also earlier engaged to Nicole McClain. Being together, the couple shared Twins who were born in 2002, which includes one daughter and a son. 

Their names are Mya Lynn and Luke. His stepbrother is an ice-hockey player. Both of them are elders than him. 

Duke Lesnar also has one half-sister from his mother’s side Mariah who is even older than him. He is the youngest one in the family.

Duke and his brother Turk both play hockey

Duke and his brother both play hockey. According to the sources, the brothers are currently playing for the Wawota Minor Hockey Organization, and both have represented their U-13 hockey team at Moose Mountain Minor Hockey League.

Being a good person and a good dad is what his dad cares about

His dad Brock prefers to live a low-key life. In his rare interview at The Pat McAfee Show, he was asked to give a list of people who thinks has a lot of respect for the business, having said he was on a lot of people’s list for Mount Rushmore of wrestling to which he replied not caring about it at all. 

He further added not to give a f*ck if he is in the hall of fame or not as for him, he has done what he did. 

He does not care if he is leaving a legacy behind, but what he cares about is he is a good person and a good dad, which is important to him. 

He said he is more relaxed, having got in 20 years in and having fun with it where he doesn’t give a s**t if he f*cks up. 

Brock rather prefers spending time with his family on his farm in Saskatchewan, Canada, where the family spends all of their days and is a functioning business for them. 

They farm small grains on 5,000 acres. He also said he is still not that comfortable around people despite having spent more than two decades in the show. He went on to explain how he deals with anxiety while performing at WWE shows

He said having a total crash after being in front of the audience takes him a few days to recover from that, so he hibernates in Saskatchewan, and it has been that way to date. 

He gets nervous around people, and is awkward as f*ck for him, but he is putting on a show. He confessed to not being a people person, and that is who he is, and it is not that he dislikes people but wants to get away from the people. 

Being in front of the audience exhausts him, so he needs to go and recharge himself. 

During the interview, there were hilarious moments where Brock imitated Stone Cold’s style, pulling off his catchphrase "What."

What had made Brock choose a Wrestling Career?

To let everyone know, Brock had a hugely successful amateur wrestling career after graduating. 

When asked how he decided to get into a professional wrestling career, he replied that he didn’t have many options. 

Brock explained that as a college wrestler, many of you take a basketball or a football player, which has a greater chance of making a living in the future or providing for themselves but in wrestling, it doesn’t. 

Brock also shared that in wrestling, there is a contract that one needs to sign before becoming a pro wrestler, so he explained that it looked fun for him and thought of giving it a try once. 

Brock revealed how he had tried that way for four and a half years five. 

At that moment, the amateur competitor was calling him, which certainly made him unhappy, and he took a decision to make a change in his life. 

So, basically, what it boils down to, Brock added. Besides that, he also mentioned that he had seen the movie The Wrestler

Brock shared the review of that movie is good and fairly accurate. He explains that the film was all based upon the tail end of somebody’s career. 

He further explains that there are basically the guys who are like that and also the guys who aren’t really like that. But says that he is not one of them. 

Brock giggles and says there is no gimmick bag full of trashcan lids and light bulbs. 

Brock continued saying that this is his career, his new life, his new chance, and his new beginnings and says that this is who he really is. 

He even says he had already mentioned it before, claiming that he is a Brock Lesnar and an ultimate fighter. 

Other than that, Brock mentioned him joining the Minnesota Vikings, and the wrestler knew at the first week that there was a time when he thought about what he was actually doing there and realized that it wasn’t for him. 

So, he recalled, he also had to go through those things to understand that he also needed to be an ultimate fighter.

His father on his wrestling career and his most proud moments

His father has been in the wrestling industry for more than two decades. 

During an interview with Daniel Cormier ahead of WrestleMania 39, he talked about his wrestling career and his most proud moments. 

He said he had separated his wrestling life from his family and kids, where he is like Superman. 

When he leaves the house, he puts on a whole other face and aura and just checks out when he gets home. 

According to him, he has been in the industry for 23 years, and he can’t believe he is aging like holy crap and that he has to pinch himself to remind that he was just a poor Dairy Farmer kid from Webster, South Dakota.

Since he has been in the industry for so long, he thinks every time he wants to be done, but when he gets into the ring, he just can’t because it’s part of the business he loves. 

The reason he left the business early was because he didn’t want to travel, and for a simple man like him, it was just too much for him at the time. 

After returning to the industry in 2021, he now says he is not sure how long he is going to stay. 

He also credited Paul Heyman for the success of the business. He said,

“Without Paul Heyman, this business wouldn’t be what it is. Paul, behind the scenes, carries and wears a lot of hats for this company”.

Recalling his retirement in 2020, he said he thought he was done because he had his 20 years in, and then Covid hit, his contract was up. 

He had his first wrestling match in an empty garage in Hamel, Minnesota, fighting Drew Mclntyre for the WWE championship 20 years later with no people around. 

At that point, he thought he was truly done. He got a call from Vince McMahon around his birthday invited to a Summer Slam

Besides his career, he also talked about his most proud accomplishments. 

He said he is proud of all of his accomplishments, but if he has to tell one specific, then it would be his NCAA title and junior college title because that tenure and that run to try to get to the top was so long and so agonizing. 

It was at that moment when he felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulder.

Net Worth 

Net Worth Annual Income
$22 Million$12 Million

Duke Lesnar’s net worth is still unknown. However, his father (Brock Lesnar) is estimated to have a net worth of $22 Million, which is a fair amount of money. 

His annual income is $12 Million. Apart from this, his mom (Sable) is estimated to have a net worth of $10 Million. Their lifestyle must be lavish and healthy.

Source of income

His father acquired wealth and money being a professional wrestler, Former footballer, and martial artist. 

He owns a private jet that costs nearly $24 Million. He also owns cars like Range Rover, Ford F150 Truck, and GMC Yukon XL.


  1. He is now ten years old.
  2. His father (Brock Lesnar) was once addicted to Vodka and Painkillers. Due to that, he forgot two years of his WWE Career.

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