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Duke Dennis


Facts of Duke Dennis

Full NameDuke Dennis
First NameDuke
Last NameDennis
ProfessionYouTube gamer, content creator
Birth CityGeorgia, Alabama
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
Networth$2 M
Date of BirthFebruary 26,1994
Age30 years

Duke Dennis is a content creator and social media personality, mostly notable for his gaming content. 

He has three YouTube accounts under the name Duke Dennis gaming, DeeBlock Dennis, and Duke Dennis Live

Among his three channels, Duke Dennis gaming is the most popular one, with 1.87 million subscribers.

Who are his parents?

There is not much information about his parents, but he keeps talking about his mother on his YouTube channel, with whom he is very close. 

He also bought a home for his mom a few years back. Duke is the middle child of his parents. He has an elder and a younger brother.

He was in the army for four years

Duke was in the army for four years, which according to him, was the worst experience of his whole life. 

Duke, in his YouTube channel, explained why he joined the army, his experience in the army, and why he left the army. 

He said he used to play football while in high school and was good at it. He got a couple of offers, but then he was done with the football. 

So, he and one of his friends with whom he grew up decided to join the army. 

Leaving for the army was one of the saddest moments because he had to leave everybody, especially his mom, and the moment he got on the bus to go to the army, he knew it was the worst decision he had ever made in his life, he recalled.

Duke Dennis during his time in the army
Duke Dennis during his time in the army. Source: YouTube

Before heading to the basic training, he got to the reception. He didn’t even have a phone, making him more lonely and sad. 

He asked for one of his friend’s phones, and the first person he called was his mom, saying he wanted to get out. 

After they got done with reception, they were sent to basic training. It was tough, but he finally got through it. 

After his basic training and AIT, he was going to a real duty station. They sent him to Germany. For him, Germany was the other side of the world. 

He was lonely, had no friends, and was mad. He ended up staying in his room 24/7. 

According to him, the army wasn’t for him because he didn’t like being told what to do, even by his girlfriend, so he decided to get out of the army. 

When he got out of the army, it was the best feeling in his life, he said.

Just seeing his mom crying, he changed his life around

Duke said he used to be a badass at school. While he was at school, he used to get expelled and suspended. He had 16 referrals in 9th grade. 

He used to give his mom hell type until one day before school, he told his mom that he didn’t want to go to school. 

He then ran out to the door, and when he looked back, she didn’t chase him like she used to all the time and also, his elder brother, who used to chase him and catch him, didn’t chase him too, so he was kind of thinking why aren’t they chasing him. 

His little brother had already gotten into the bus, and the bus was waiting for him but had rolled off. 

He was there thinking about what was going on as the bus left him, his mother was not chasing him, and his brother was not chasing him. 

So he walked back to his house and saw his mom crying. 

She thought he was going to end up being in the streets like his older brother, who had been in jail twice at the age of 16. 

Just seeing his mother crying that day, he changed his life around. 

From that day, he never got suspended, never missed school, did all his homework on time, and he is today his mom’s favorite.

Is he dating rapper Kali?

There was a rumor of him dating rapper Kali. But it is yet to know if they are dating or not. They have not made it official to date. 

Duke had a girlfriend while he was in the army. He broke up with her. He said he was hurt but bounced back.

Duke Dennis and rapper Kali were rumored to be dating
Duke Dennis and rapper Kali were rumored to be dating. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.


  1. He was born on February 26, 1994, in Georgia, Alabama. He is currently 28 years old.

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