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Dr. Greg Forbes


Facts of Dr Greg Forbes

Full NameDr Greg Forbes
First NameDr Greg
Last NameForbes
Professionweather specialist
Birth CityLatrobe, Pennsylvania
Birth CountryUnited States
Date of BirthAugust 22,1950
Age73 years

Dr. Greg Forbes, whose full name is Gregory Stanley Forbes, is a mature weather specialist of 'The Weather Channel,' who had made several remarkable types of research in the fields of serious storms and tornadoes.  

He is the prominent meteorologist and climatologist who had developed the dazzling theory.

Dr. Greg Forbes at his work.
Dr. Greg Forbes at his work. Source:

Wiki: Education and early career

Greg has a bachelor's degree in meteorologist from Pennsylvania State University

For further studies in Master of Science and Ph.D., he joined the University of Chicago

There he obtained profound knowledge on tornadoes and striking thunderstorms from one of the leading meteorologists and climatologists of the world, Ted Fujita.  

Dr. Greg got his first job as the field manager of meteorologists in the NIMRD, the first measurement program to study damaging thunderstorm winds from downbursts and microbursts. 

Before joining TWC in 1999, he used to give lessons about weather analysis and forecasting, natural disasters in the Department of Meteorologists at Penn State

Greg is married to his passion

Son of a housewife and social worker, Greg was ardent about tornado and storm since his childhood. 

To satisfy his intense curiosity about tornadoes force and their formation, Greg started grasping knowledge about the weather at a very young age. 

His perpetual commitment and dedication to these extreme weathers from his childhood to elderliness has not let him diverted in any tasks. 

His love for the atmospheric condition is beyond the love for having girlfriends and getting married. 

Thus, Greg's true love is for the weather, and he is married to this passion for a long. 

Chooses to chase profession over wife

Greg is after and always busy uplifting knowledge about weather. 

Even in his leisure time, he prefers to work and have research related to his dearest topics, which are phenomenal tornadoes and storms. 

One of his research works is surveying the damage leftovers of 300 tornadoes, wind storms, including Hurricane Andrew and Typhoon Paka

There are no rumors of his involvement in any affairs and relationships. Working makes him happy, and he chooses to chase his beloved profession instead of searching for the wife.

Dr. Greg Forbes at the sites of the EF4 tornado hit Kansas State University.
Dr. Greg Forbes at the sites of the EF4 tornado hit Kansas State University. Source: Facebook


Since Greg is not married nor in a relationship with anyone, he does not has any child.

Today living a retired life 

The time during May 2014 was devastating for Greg, as he was diagnosed with a deadly disease, colon cancer. 

However, there is hope for him as cancer has not spread over his body and treatable. 

Taking consideration of his health, Greg decided to work part-time instead of going full time in 'The Weather Channel.' 

On July 6, 2018, he decided to take a break from his work and notified that he is going to retire from the weather channel for some time. 

But before leaving, he also announced that he would return to the profession. 

Since then, there is no news of his rejoining the channel; today, he may be living a retired life joyfully in his Atlanta house

Also, on his 66th birthday, he has expressed his desire to travel if his heath becomes better, he may be busy traveling and enjoying his life delightfully.


Forbes has not disclosed much about his personal life. Due to which his personal life has remained a debated topic. 

Some claimed that he is a married man, while some claimed he is a divorcee. But they were all past rumors. The real fact is that he never had his weeding. 

Net Worth

YearNet Worth
Before2018$2 Million
2019-present$ 5 Million


There is no exact information about the salary of Dr. Greg Forbes

As per, the salary of a chief meteorologist in a large market may be beyond $400000 yearly. 

As Forbes is eminent as well as work in the large market, his salary may also fall under the following range.


  1. Greg's age became 70 years on August 22, 2020.
  2. Greg has a height of 1.81 m, which is beyond the average height of males of the USA.

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