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Facts of Doniya Malik

Full NameDoniya Malik
First NameDoniya
Last NameMalik
Professionmakeup artist, fashion blogger, and Instagram star
Birth CityEngland
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Father NameYaser Malik
Mother NameTricia Brannan Malik
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SibilingsWaliyha Malik, Safaa Malik and Zayn Malik
Insta Profile
Date of BirthApril 19,1991
Age32 years

Doniya Malik is a makeup artist, fashion blogger, and Instagram star

She is best known as the sister of the former 1D member, Zayn Malik.


She has three siblings, namely Zayn Malik, Waliyha Malik, and Safaa Malik. Her brother Zayn is a famous singer and songwriter.

She and her younger sister Waliyha have set up a beauty product line called Daliyha Beauty

They are even blogging about fashion and makeup

Her youngest sister Safaa got married at a young age of 17 years old to her boyfriend, Martin Tiser

A lot of people criticized their wedding as both of them were only teens. 

Doniya with her mother and siblings
Doniya with her mother and siblings. (Source: Doniya’s Instagram)

Relationship With Her Brother

She shares a close relationship with her brother. Both of them are very close in age and have grown up together. 

Zayn is protective of her. Although he is younger than Doniya, he still bosses her around like a big protective big brother. 

When asked by a fan about their closeness on a scale of one to five, she said it was five. 

On Zayn’s birthday last year, she shared a collage picture of them with a beautiful caption. 

The collage had throwback pictures clicked at different time frames. 

Doniya Malik with her brother.
Doniya Malik with her brother. Source: Instagram

Doniya Is Single, But Her Siblings Are Parents  

Doniya is single and enjoying her life with her family and friends. However, her siblings are in a relationship.

Zayn is in a romantic affair with the fashion model Gigi Hadid. The two of them were first linked in 2015. 

However, they kept denying the rumor of dating each other. 

Zayn confirmed their relationship in 2016 during an interview with Zach Sang & The Gang

The love birds went through a lot of ups and downs over the years. 

The good news is the couple is expecting a baby as Hadid is 20 weeks pregnant

On the other hand, Safaa and her husband are proud parents of a daughter named Zaneyah

The couple welcomed their baby after four months of their marriage. Here is a picture of the baby.

Doniya Malik's niece.
Doniya Malik's niece. Source: Instagram

Fashion Statement

Zayn Malik, brother of Doniya Malik, talks about his fashion statement. As per him, he always tries to make his outfit look cool.

 Zayn shared how his granddad used a teddy ball and kept himself suited with a specific tie and is on his list. 

One among the list is Prince, who is always bold and unique with his style statement. In discussing his studio, Zayn shared that his studio is like how he always envisioned his bedroom as a child but couldn’t.

 It is full of his childhood aspiration with all his favorite things, things he wanted to put in there. After he moved, he didn’t do anything and later started with a picture frame and making a collage for the first six months. Later on, he covered his entire wall. 

Zayn mentioned that he is not much like an outgoing social person in big groups of people. He tries to work through whatever specific issues and certain subjects around and keep himself updated. 

He tries not to come across as an arrogant person or someone who take oneself seriously. He shared that he listens to a lot of hip hops and rap music. 

Zayn Malik bought a house for his family 

Zayn is very close to his family. In the One Direction movie “This Is Us,” we saw Zayn buying a house for his family. 

He had promised that once he became famous and earned enough money, he would buy house for his family. His family never had enough money. 

They always lived in rented accommodation and never had their place before. So having a house was a big deal for the family. 

It was also one of the emotional and happy moments for the Malik family when Zayn could afford a house of their own. Not only his family, but Zayn’s fans also got emotional seeing that.

Her brother Zayn’s cover shoot

Doniya’s brother Zayn Malik was there for the April/May cover shoot of ‘Complex Magazine.’ 

They discussed the shoot, which Zayn mentioned was fun and interesting with a soft ’60s 70’s vibe. 

About him just being called Zayn, he said that it fits him more as his homies and friends call him without his surname, and that feels more personal. 

Malik’s favorite person to work with so far is Kalani, with whom he wanted to work for a long time, and that finally happened. 

When asked how important it was to connect to the fans using social media, Zayn responded that social media is massively important as they take that on board as it’s a clear give and takes. 

They further talked about his album ‘Mind of Mine’, which relates to the total genre of the album, which is sporadic and different and brainstorming. 

If not singing, Zayn would probably be in the University as he wanted to do a degree in English and be an English teacher. 

Zayn reveals he is no longer a Muslim

In 2018, Zayn revealed that he does not carry out any religion’s practices, including daily prayer. 

He further added that he doesn’t think one needs to eat certain meat prayed over a certain period, neither read a prayer in a certain language five times a day.

As per him, if one is a good person, everything will go right for him/her. 

Malik further explained that he wanted to keep it between him and whatever he believes, as this made him nicely move through life.

Did Zayn praise Niall Horan?

Zayn, in one of his interviews, when asked if in his mind he had to do a friendly competition with the number two member of the band who would it be? 

Right after, Zayn asked the question, who is at number 1? The host replied Zayn. So, Zayn says it is not fair for him to say who is at number two because he was in the band. 

The host then stated that all of them individually, as of the current scenario, have found their lane and have been producing great music. 

All of a sudden, Zayn replied that Niall was his favorite. He added that Niall makes the best music. Lastly, Zayn also admitted that Niall makes better music than him.

Rare Facts you might not have known about Zayn

Well, performers have numerous types of rituals before heading out and giving an outstanding performance on the stage. 

Some might pray to God, some may be spending time in solitude, but above all, Zayn always brushes his teeth before heading. 

Likewise, the artist has a phobia of aqua. That means Zayn is scared of open waters and definitely can’t swim too. Not only this, but Zayn is also scared of heights. 

Tattoo artist Zayn? Yes, this is Zayn’s other talent. He is undoubtedly a great singer, an outstanding performer, and a decent actor, but above all, he is also great as a tattoo artist. 

Also, he has designed most of his tattoos, including the ZAP tattoo belonging to the comics. 

Other than that, Zayn was surrounded by many controversies. One of which was that the artist took a dig at One Direction as soon as he accepted the award. 

While taking the award, he said that this one has his name on it, right? So, after this statement, it created much buzz on the internet platform. 

Also, he had a fight with Louis Tomlinson. Both individuals then had a war of words on Twitter. 

Also, there was a words war over the Louis war happening with Naughty Boy, who had produced Zayn’s song after he left the band.

Net Worth

Makeup artist these days earn a tremendous amount of money. They make $18.44 per hour

We assume Doniya, too, might be earning around the same range. She has an estimated net worth of $1 million

Zayn has a jaw-dropping net worth of $65 million

His former band, 1D, earned $75 million between June 2013 and June 2014 and $130 million between June 2014 and 2015. 

The band’s “Where We Are” tour generated $282 million

How Does She Earn Money?

She makes money through as a makeup artist, fashion blogger, and Instagram star. She earns $1920 to $3200 per Instagram post

Below is a table that highlights the income from her Instagram account:

Username in InstagramEngagement RateEstimated Earnings Per Post
Doniyabeauty1.30%$1920 - $3200

Her website, called Doniyabeauty, is currently marketing Armani products. Her earnings from Waliyha Beauty, to add to her net worth. 

The beauty salon is set up by her, along with her mother, Trisha, and sister Waliyha

The salon offers several services, including bridal hair and makeup, party hair and makeup, semi-perm lash extensions, and spray tans

In 2018, the Malik sisters released their signature line of eyelashes. They have also set up a beauty product line called Daliyha Beauty


  1. She was born to parents Yaser Malik and Tricia Malik.
  2. She is the eldest child in the family.

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