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Facts of Desmond Styles

Full NameDesmond Styles
First NameDesmond
Last NameStyles
ProfessionCelebrity Father
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Father NameKeith Frederick Styles
Mother NameBeryl German
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children2
Date of BirthOctober 25,1957
Age66 years

Desmond Styles is popularly known as the father of singer Harry Styles.

His Family

Desmond is the son of parents Keith Frederick Styles and Beryl German. He was married to Anne Cox

He shares two children with his wife named, Gemma Styles, and Harry Styles

The loving duo got separated in 2001 when Harry was seven years old and Gemma was 10

Desmond Styles with his children, Gemma Styles and Harry Styles.
Desmond Styles with his children, Gemma Styles and Harry Styles. Source: Instagram

Desmond posts the above picture with his children under a caption 

'Happy Fathers Day...

His Son's Love-Life And Marriage

Desmond's son, Harry, most recently dated model Camille Rowe. The loving duo was together for almost a year. 

Harry is single as of 2020. 

He has been in a relationship with many famous personalities in the past, like Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Nadine Leopold, and many more.

Desmond Styles's son, Harry Styles with his ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe
Desmond Styles's son, Harry Styles with his ex-girlfriend Camille Rowe (Source:

His Step-Father Demise 

In 2017, Harry Styles's step-father Robin Twist passed away at the age of 57

The reason behind his death was cancer

Although Harry's mother, Anne Twist, married Robin in 2013, Harry was very close to Robin as he also helped to raise Harry and his sister Gemma during their young teenage years. 

Harry even served as a best man at their wedding.

Desmond Styles's post on Instagram dedicated to Harry's step-dad, Robin
Desmond Styles's post on Instagram dedicated to Harry's step-dad, Robin. Source: Instagram

The above picture is posted by Desmond, dedicated to Harry's step-dad, Robin, under a caption,

'Our thoughts go out to Robin's Family...

In An Interview Of His Son

Desmond Styles's son Harry Styles opens up about his sexuality. In an interview with 'The Guardian,' he opens up about being sexually ambiguous

He first sparked headlines after stepping out in a sheer blouse and a pearl earring at a Met Gala in May, stating that in his mind, fashion is anything but Black and White

He mentioned that if he sees a nice shirt and gets told, 

'But it's for ladies.' 

He thinks, 

'Okaaaay? As it doesn't make him want to wear it less enough.

Further explaining that the moment one feels more comfortable with oneself, it all becomes a lot easier.

On his sexual orientation, he admits that he has been asked several times either he is bisexual, to which he mentions that it's not like I'm sitting on an answer, and protecting it, and holding it back

He was romantically linked with stars like Taylor Swift and Kendal Jenner in the past. 

He further stated It's just: who cares. 

Harry decides what he is going to dress depending on the album and what looks cool on it. 

Harry opted to fill his guns rather than spill them when confronted by Kendal Jenner in 'The Late Late Show' about the song dedicated to her in her last album and on anything related to his relationship status.

Harry Style's Rumored Daughter

A few years back, there was a rumor going around about Harry Styles having a daughter. But Harry never talked about the rumor. 

This year when Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid announced their pregnancy, Twitter users started dragging Harry Styles's name into it.

 And again, the rumor, which started a few years back, became viral on Twitter, claiming Harry to be a father of a three-year-old daughter. 

However, sources close to Harry have denied the rumor and claim the rumor to be baseless and fake. And said that Harry never had any child. 

Meanwhile, the singer-turned-actor Harry has not issued any statement regarding this matter and kept his mouth shut. And it turns out it was just a rumor, and Harry has no kids to date.

Harry was once robbed at a gunpoint

Harry recalled the moment when he was robbed at gunpoint while appearing on The Howard Stern Show

According to him, it was Valentine's Day, and he was walking around his friend's house, which was five minutes from his home. 

On his way, he saw a group of guys in their hoods with their faces covered with some sort of stuff. 

He was listening to music on his headphone, so he turned the music off and continued walking up the street. 

And as he was walking, he kept turning around. 

He saw the guys crossing the road, and he could feel them behind him from the shuffling of feet as there was gravel on the pavement. 

As Harry crossed the street, they also crossed the street. They were following him, and after a while, one of the guys asked him if they could talk to him. 

His heart was already pounding as there was nobody around. 

The guy asked if he smoked weed, to which he said "No," and he again asked if he wanted some, and he again refused. 

Then the guys gathered around him and asked what he had got. He said he had got cash, after which the guy took it from him. 

When they saw his headphone jack sticking into his pocket, they asked him what it was. It was his phone. 

The guy asked him to unlock the phone while another guy pulled up his shirt where the knife sticking to his pants could be seen. 

When Harry said he couldn't unlock the phone, the guy said he had ten seconds to unlock the phone. 

Harry, at the time, thought of throwing the phone in the pond behind them, but he also didn't want to piss them off. 

All of a sudden, the lights changed, and there were two cars coming, and he just grabbed the opportunity to run. 

He ran into the road and tried to stop the cars, but both cars refused to let him in. 

He was, by that time, slightly away from the guys and ran towards the small village area nearby his residence. 

The guys later ended up turning around as they already had got the cash.

Harry also clarified that there was not only a guy but a bunch of guys because he had filed a police report which went to the press the other day. 

They had written there was only one guy.

Net Worth

Desmond's net worth has not been estimated yet. 

He worked as an Operational Manager at HFC Bank for almost 16 years of his life span. 

According to PayScale, the Operational manager earns an average annual salary of around $63 Thousand

He formerly worked as a Sales and Marketing Director at Quickdox Limited

His son, Harry Styles's net worth is estimated to be $75 Million

He has added it to his fortune through his successful career.

How Does His Son Earn Money?

Desmond's son, Harry, is a singer, songwriter, and actor

He rose to fame as one of the five members of the boy band 'One Direction.' 

He launched his solo career in 2016 and his acting career in 2017 from 'Dunkirk.' 

He further adds his fortune through album selling, endorsements, concerts, and tours

He also modeled for 'Gucci.'

Below is the list of Awards received by Harry Styles

Teen Choice Award9
BMI London Awards4
IHeartRadio Music Award3
People Choice Award2
NME Award2
MTV Awards2
Brit Award1
JIM Award1
Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards1
Global Award1
The Fashion Award1
Silver Clef Award1
ARIA Music Award1

Bond With Family

Desmond shares a warm bond with his children. Even after his divorce, he always manages to be there for his children. 

They are usually seen spending their weekends and holidays together as a family. 

Both children are equally close to their parents.

Desmond Styles with his son, Harry Styles.
Desmond Styles with his son, Harry Styles. Source: Instagram

Desmond posts the above picture with his son Harry with a caption 

'Gentlemen H & I who lunched today...


  1. Desmond Styles was born on 25 October 1957, which makes him age 63 as of 2020.
  2. Any information regarding his height has not been disclosed yet.
  3. We collect most of the information about Desmond Styles as it is difficult to find on other wiki sites.

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