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Della Beatrice Howard Robinson


Facts of Della Beatrice Howard Robinson

Full NameDella Beatrice Howard Robinson
First NameDella
Middle NameBeatrice Howard
Last NameRobinson
ProfessionCelebrity Ex-wife
Birth CountryUnited States
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
No Of Children3
Networth$15 M
Date of Birth1929

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson was recognized as the former wife of the singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer the late Ray Charles.


She is not married yet. She was married once in her life to Ray Charles. She was the second wife of Ray

The couple met for the first time in 1954 in Texas and began dating.

After having love affairs for a year, they got married in 1955

Their married life was going well at the beginning by raising their three children together.

Here is the picture of their wedding photo where they are kissing each other on their big wedding day.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson with Ray Charles on their wedding day.
Della Beatrice Howard Robinson with Ray Charles on their wedding day. Source: Pinterest

Before that, Ray was married to Eileen Williams, but that marriage didn't last long. 


Their marriage lasted for twenty-two years. They got divorced in 1977 after a long marriage relationship. 

The reason behind their divorce was her then-husband drug addiction, extramarital affairs with several girls, and his volatile behavior

In the last days of their marital life, she had to suffer a lot from that marriage and finally decided to end their marital life and separate.

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson with Ray Charles.
Della Beatrice Howard Robinson with Ray Charles. Source: Autobiography

Her Children

She has three children with her ex-husband Ray Charles. She became a mother for the first time on 25 May 1955

Her first son's name is Ray Charles Robinson Jr. He is an actor and producer.

She and her then-husband welcomed their second son, David Robinson, in 1958 together.

Their third son Reverend Robert Robinson was born in 1960

Della Beatrice Howard Robinson with her former husband and sons.
Della Beatrice Howard Robinson with her former husband and sons. Source: Pinterest

Former Husband, Ray Charles

Ray Charles Robinson was born on 23 September 1930 in Albany, Georgia, United States

His parents were Bailey Robinson and Aretha Williams. He became blind at the age of seven

He had an interest in music from a very young age. His mother died when he was 14

He is best known for his songs such as 'I Got a Woman,' 'One Mint Julep,' and many more. 

He died at the age of 73 on 10 June 2004 due to liver failure

His Mom was the most influential woman in his life

Late. Ray once shared how his Mom was the most influential woman in his life. He explained that his whole life, his Mom had pointed him in the right direction. 

Ray credited his Mom for the success and the position he had reached in his life. He shared that while he was young, Ray couldn’t relate to the things his Mom taught or said to him. 

But when he became an adult, Ray admitted that all those words of his Mom paid off. Also, Ray feels incredible now as when he looks back at that time, he thinks that he was only the blind child in that community. 

At that time, despite there being no psychiatrist or no college or someone to guide his Mom on how to raise a kid, she knew. 

Ray admires that her Mom had a thought in her mind that though you are blind, not stupid. His Mom used to tell him that there are always two ways to do everything. 

If you can’t see to do it, you have to find another way to do it. Ray feels proud to be followed that path, hence also said that he can do everything on his own except for driving cars. 

Began a musical career when young

While an infant, Ray shifted to Greenville, Florida, along with his family. Young Ray started his musical career when he was just five years old

He started playing piano in a neighborhood café. Sadly, he started going blind at age six due to glaucoma

After that, he went to Florida School, especially for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine. There, his main focus was on musical studies. 

However, he left school by the age of 15 in order to play piano professionally. He had to choose this path because he lost his Mom along the way. 

Undoubtedly, Ray had built up his career depending on the immediacy of emotions throughout his performances. 

Starting from 1955, he traveled extensively in the USA and others with his own band. 

Ray Charles never advised on anything

During an interview back in the 70s, Ray had revealed that he never gave advice when he was asked if he wanted to give advice based on his experience with d*ugs. 

He said advice was a different thing for him and that he didn’t give advice on anything. He could only say to people what he had found with Ray

Elaborating on that, he said everyone cannot take penicillin as it may hurt some people, and everyone cannot take aspirin as it may hurt some people, so giving advice was not on his list.

He rather recommended going to people who are involved in the business of giving advice.

All he could do was he could only tell people what he found, saw, or witnessed that might have happened to him, and then he could comment on them. 

Talking about d*ugs, he said most people describe the d*ug as anything that tries to make your body do certain things, but according to him, the so-called d*ugs is a h*roin and stuff like that, the heavy drop which is extremely bad. 

And that human beings should always be in total control of themselves. 

Even alcohol is a d*ug, so anytime you are mucking around with anything that will gain control of your body, which means alcohol can do that, so-called h*roin can do that, then, of course, you are asking for trouble because you are not your keeper so mucking around is bad, especially with the youngsters. It’s awful to hear ten or twelve years old doing overdoses.

He said he went to the hospital not to commit himself to cure himself, and he went to the hospital because he felt it was the right thing for him to do under the circumstances.

No psychiatrists or psychoanalysts can change people until they have a mind made up that this is not good. 

If you want to stop smoking, you can quit smoking if you want to, but you have to have your mind made up, and the same thing applies to so-called d*ugs or alcohol, he further added.

Charles was addicted to h*roin for 19 years. He always turned off the subjects of d*ugs when people brought that up.

Ray Charles said he would turn down if someone said they could wave a wand and he could see 

Ray, while appearing on the Dick Cavett Show, talked about his blindness. 

He said he was five years old when he started to lose eyesight, and by the age of seven, he was completely blind. 

He said at the time that he remembered the images and the colors. 

He remembers the standard things like yellow, brown, green, and black but doesn’t know what the new color, like electric pink, looks like.

When Cavett asks if he could wave and say he will see what he would do, Charles says he would only accept it if it is for one day, but he would not accept it if it would be for forever. 

It’s only because there are a couple of things that maybe he would like to see once so that he really would know what is really happening. 

He has seen the stars, the moon, and the son, and also that he remembers his mother, so he would probably like to see just for once because he has seen them anyway all the time. 

He also added that he is not all that hung up about seeing things because he does everything he wants to do, goes everywhere he wants to go, and that there are some things that he absolutely doesn’t want to see. 

Besides his kids, he would like to get one look at artworks and paintings, but he doesn’t have any special things.

Charles, during the same interview, also imagined what he imagines Dick Cavett looks like. 

According to him, when he first heard Cavett, he thought he might be a gentleman of 165 to 170 pounds. 

He doesn’t have the deepest voice or the lightest voice, and he is a pleasant man. He then went on to say that he would never say it if he didn’t mean it. 

He watches his show as much as he can. 

“A lot of times, a picture is good, but the great thing is when you can imagine the various guests you have on and the expressions on their faces when you say certain things to them. All these things are on my head as I watch your show”, he told Cavett.

Net Worth

According to sources, she has a net worth of 15 million dollars as of 2020. 

Her former husband has a net worth 100-million-dollar at the time of his death.

He managed to earn that sum of money from his long career in music and acting. 

He was a legendary artist and had won seventeen Grammy Awards in his life. 

He has released several albums, including 'Genius Love Company.' 

He had appeared in several commercial ads too. He had toured several places throughout his life. 

He has appeared in several movies and television shows such as 'The Blue Brothers,' 'Limit Up,' 'Saturday Night Live' and many more.

Some of his television series with IMDb ratings and ratings are shown below. 

He appeared in the role of Arthur Tibbits in the medical drama series 'St. Elsewhere'. It has got 7.8 IMDb ratings.

He played the role of himself in the drama series Wings. It has got 6.9 IMDb ratings and 8.8 ratings.

He appeared in the role of Sammy in an American drama series 'The Nanny.' 

It has got 7.2 IMDb ratings and 8.5 ratings. 

Name of the SeriesRoleIMDb
St. ElsewhereArthur Tibbits7.8
The NannySammy7.2


  1. She was born in 1929 in the United States.
  2. She is American by nationality.
  3. Her nickname is Bea.
  4. Her former husband had nine more children from nine different women.
  5. Her current age is 91, and she lives in California.

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