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Facts of Debbie Whittle

Full NameDebbie Whittle
First NameDebbie
Last NameWhittle
ProfessionCelebrity Wife
Birth CityEngland
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual Orientationstraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMichail Antonio
No Of Children4
Date of BirthApril
Married DateJune,2017

Debbie Whittle is the beautiful spouse of professional footballer Michail Antonio. An England-born Antonio plays as a forward for Premier League club West Ham United and Jamaica national football team because of Jamaican roots. 

Born in England, Whittle holds British nationality. She qualified as a Solicitor in July 2019.

Debbie Whittle On A Date With Husband Michail Antonio
Debbie Whittle On A Date With Husband Michail Antonio Source: Twitter

Married her long-term partner in a private wedding ceremony

Debbie and Michail had been together for more than a decade. The couple walked down the aisle in June of 2017 in a private wedding ceremony accompanied by immediate family. The beautiful country house wedding was held at Hoar Cross Hall, Staffordshire.

Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio on their wedding.
Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio on their wedding. Source: Instagram

How did homeschooling their children become torture?

A beautiful wife is also the mother of her four kids. Three of her four kids, Miles, Mikey, and a baby girl Myla Rose were born before their marriage. 

She delivered her fourth child, a baby boy, in 2020. Since it was a pandemic period, her husband helped her in homeschooling their three children, which Michail described to be torture and the hardest thing he had ever done in his life. 

According to him, once he would sit to explain the work to them, they would ask to go to the toilet, then they would ask for a drink and later would say they didn’t understand. 

His five hours would revolve around them, trying to make them understand the work that would make him want to pull his hair out. They liked PE and hated English.

Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio and children.
Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio and children. Source: Instagram

Her husband’s hilarious Valentine's message 

Unlike other valentine’s days, her husband wished her uniquely and funnily that she was able to grab thousands of followers. 

He tweeted,

”I love you with all my willy, I would say my heart, but my willy is bigger.”

Alongside his tweet, he posted a picture of them together. 

It went viral as soon as he tweeted, amassing more than 75,000 likes. In his tweet, he also confessed to taking the line from somewhere else but still, it left out everyone laughing out loud where fans could not stop themselves with hilarious comments.

Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio.
Debbie Whittle with her husband Michail Antonio. Source: Instagram

How football transformed Michail from an angry young boy to a soft-hearted footballer

As a young boy, Michail had anger issues and would get moved by even the slightest things. Since he was an angry young man, he was wanted in a gang thing.

He was surrounded by different friends involved in different gangs that influenced him to be a part of a gang. It was his brother who stopped him at the right moment from his involvement in the gang.

Soon Michail realized that his brother was right because, within three years, they were fighting, shooting, and stabbing one another. He was 14 when he was outraged at his friends when he was blamed for the stolen bikes. 

In his anger, he was running after one of the guys to fight, but his nephew stopped him. A few minutes later, the guy was seen with a knife in his hand, which made him realize that he would have been stabbed. 

Since then, he started to control his anger. He started playing football as a youth at Tooting & Mitcham United, having signed a professional contract at 18

Football provided him the insight into a never-say-die attitude and the hunger to be more. 

It transformed him into a soft-hearted footballer where he responds with a smile while at the training ground even if he is angry looking at the brightest side of everything. 

He does not pour his anger into his kids at home because he knows he cannot mess things up. 

The backstory of Michail Antonio

Michail, a great player, shared his part of the story about his life. Michail says that his dad came over there in the 50s

He continued telling about his mom and dad, who originally belonged to Jamaica, but him being born in Tooting

He recalls his past days stating that his mom used to bring him to Jamaica every single year for six weeks’ holidays and he had always had that deep connection with Jamaica

The player confronted even though he has been living in England for so long, in his own space, his home was always a Caribbean lifestyle; he added. 

Moreover, Michail shared the food they eat, including rice and peas, oxtails, and having curry goat and stuff. 

Michail says that he had got the bit of both elaborating that he has got the culture at home and then the British side when he goes out. 

He shared the story of how back then, he didn’t really like to be sitting in the house instead of playing outside and around, being on the streets with his friends, and so on. 

He claims that the memory he will never forget in his entire life. Michail’s career hasn’t been smooth, but he says that at one point in time, he thought of giving up. 

He said that they didn’t have much money and was a point of continuingly asking his mom or brother for money. Young Michail wanted to rely on himself. 

Despite any situation, he knows he has got that ability. 

Lastly, Michail says that he always wanted to be remembered for something, whether it’s football or just remembered for something. 

He denotes that the celebration would be something good to be remembered for. 

He believes in appreciating life

It’s stated that the vibes of Antonio make the beginning to be turbulent and energetic. The player always looks for being in competition, speed, and dynamism. 

He loves being first in everything he does, whether in social gatherings or at work. He believes in appreciating life and never taking it for granted. 

The player once shared that the people who died yesterday had made up their plans for this morning, and the people who died this morning had already made plans for tonight, so don’t take life for granted because just in the blink of an eye, everything around can change. 

So, forgive more and love more.

Net Worth

Michail is currently one of the most in-demand footballers. His football journey began with the non-league club Tooting & Mitcham United, followed by clubs like Reading, Cheltenham Town, Southampton, Colchester United, Sheffield Wednesday, and Nottingham Forest before West Ham United signed him in 2015

He is West Ham United’s all-time top goalscorer in the Premier League and has been named twice the Premier League Player of the month (July 2020 and August 2021) and West Ham United Hammer of the year in the 2016-17 season. According to the sources, his estimated net worth as of now is:

Net Worth Source
£17 millionFootball Player


  1. The exact age of Debbie is under review. Her birthday falls in April.

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