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Deanna Burditt


Facts of Deanna Burditt

Full NameDeanna Burditt
First NameDeanna
Last NameBurditt
Birth CountryUnited States of America
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseRick Harrison
No Of Children3

Deanna Burditt is famous as the ex-spouse of an American businessman, reality television personality, and Pawn Stars' current lead man, Rick Harrison

Burditt is a lawyer.

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She is the third ex-wife of Harrison 

Burditt was the third wife of Harrison. He was previously married to his high school girlfriend, Kim Harrison

Harrison was 17 when Kim discovered her pregnancy but suffered a miscarriage. Despite that, they married in 1982

However, their marriage could not last long as they got divorced three years later, in 1985. He then married for the second time to Tracy Harrison in 1986

They were together until they got divorced in 2011. Harrison shares two sons, Corey and Adam, with Kim and another son Jake with Tracy.

It was after his divorce in 2011, the same year Burditt met Harrison at Aureole restaurant

It was in the same restaurant he popped the question the following year. 

Harrison, in an interview, said he really didn't ask her but told her he was marrying her and gave her a ring.

A beautiful wedding ceremony 

Burditt and Harrison exchanged their wedding vows in a beautiful ceremony on the 21st of July 2013 after getting engaged in February 2012.

The wedding took place in Laguna Beach, California, in front of 180 guests. 

Their wedding was officiated by Counting Cars star Danny Koker, with Pawn Stars' Austin Russell, aka Chumlee being a ring bearer. 

"I am living the dream," Harrison told People at the time.

Deanna Burditt and Rick Harrison on their big day.
Deanna Burditt and Rick Harrison on their big day. Source: Pinterest

Harrison swapped Honeymoon plan after she opted for camping

Harrison, during an interview with Review-Journal, said he had planned to take Burditt to the South of France or Fiji for their honeymoon, but she opted to go camping instead. 

So, he swapped the plan.

A quiet divorce

Burditt and her ex-husband divorced quietly after seven years of marriage. 

According to the documents obtained by TMZ, Harrison filed for divorce in Clark County, Nevada, on the 1st of July, 2020

As per the documents, Harrison stated that their tastes, mental dispositions, views, likes, and dislikes during their marriage have become so divergent that they have become incompatible in marriage with no hope for reconciliation. 

TMZ also reported that Burditt asked for the alimony initially, but they reached a settlement agreement in September.

It was only known a year later that they had officially divorced.

Does she share any kids with Harrison?

Burditt does not share any kids with her ex-husband Harrison, but she is the mother of three beautiful daughters. 

Prior to marrying Harrison, she was divorced twice. Harrison is super close to all three of her daughters. 

Her daughters often thank Harrison for being a great stepdad to them.

Deanna Burditt three beautiful daughters
Deanna Burditt three beautiful daughters. Source: Instagram 
Deanna Burditt daughters Marrisa and Ciana Tomaino with their late father
Deanna Burditt daughters Marrisa and Ciana Tomaino with their late father. Source: Instagram 
Deanna Burditt ex-husband Rick Harrison with her two daughters Marissa and Ciana
Deanna Burditt ex-husband Rick Harrison with her two daughters Marissa and Ciana. Source: Instagram 
Deanna Burditt with her daughter Marissa
Deanna Burditt with her daughter Marissa. Source: Instagram 

Harrison's Journey to Pawn Stars

Born in Lexington, North Carolina, to Richard Benjamin Harrison, a U.S. Navy veteran, and Joanne Rhue Harrison, Harrison studied until 9th grade. 

He never went to college but was self-educated. Growing up, he was a very sick kid. 

He suffered from epilepsy when he was just eight years old and started having epileptic seizures. 

He would not be able to get out of his bed and sometimes couldn't walk for a week or two. 

His mother used to get him a set of books from the library that sort of turned out to be kismet as it changed his life. 

His mother brought him John D. Fitzgerald's book The Great Brain, which was about an eight-year-old boy growing up in Utah in the 1980s with all little schemes to make money. 

He read all eight books in the series, which influenced him to make money. He just fell in love with the books since then. 

He was more into history and physics. Harrison had always been buying and selling stuff. 

His dad had a coin shop, and he wanted a pawn shop, so he went down to city hall but was told he couldn’t get a pawn shop. 

When he asked the reason, they pulled out the city code. 

According to Harrison, in 1955, the good old boys got together and passed a city ordinance that when the city population got a quarter to a million, they would issue one more pawn license. 

When they made the law, there were only 25,000 people in Las Vegas. He was 22 at the time. 

If someone had one and they had to sell, then it would cost five hundred thousand or seven hundred thousand, but he couldn’t afford it, so once he read the law, he started calling the city statistician once a week. 

The population reached a quarter of a million in 1988. He went there to ask for the license, but they didn’t give him, so he went to court. 

Six months later, he got the license after the judge ordered to give him the license saying he was the first one there. The rest is history.

Net Worth 

Her exact net worth is under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her ex-husband. 

Her ex-husband Rick Harrison has a jaw-dropping net worth of $9 million.


  1. Her age is under review.
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