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Daria Gavrilova


Facts of Daria Gavrilova

Daria Gavrilova is a very talented young professional player and she has been very successful in her career. 

Her coach Jarryd Maher has worked very hard on her and she has shown significant improvements. 

Is Dasha Married?

She is not married yet. However, it does not mean that she is single. She was engaged to Luke Saville on December 5, 2018. The couple was living together in Australia, Melbourne.

Want to know about Dasha's future husband?

Luke Saville is one of the rising tennis stars and ranked 39 in the world. He is the double specialist and had won two junior grand slam tournaments.

Her boyfriend romantic proposal on the beach

She was surprised to be proposed and get a ring on the beach. However, she has almost missed that precious moment as she was running late. 

She always asked him to surprise her but was not expecting this surprise as she has anticipated that whenever he is going to purpose, he will be well dressed like a prince, not in a situation of half-naked on the beach.

 She revealed about being engaged and posted on Instagram, expressing her excitement to called him fiancé, although he hated listening so.

Both were living a very joyous engaged life and often went for waking with their dog. They love to travel. 

However, their all-time favorite is roaming around near the beach; in fact, it's their normal routine, visiting the beach on weekends. 

She is so carried away on the beach, that she wished the time to be stopped there and never finish.

Here is the link to watch their glorious moment on the beach.

The affair started during their teenage 

Coincidently they were of the same age of fifteen when they first saw each other at Davis Cup in Mexico in 2011

They were there to play on the junior tennis circuit. It's like falling in love at first glance for both of them. 

After their first meeting, they started seeing each other frequently and got in a relationship.  The couples were so in love that she left Russia and started staying with him in Australia. 

 It's how they allocate time for their dating 

Although it's difficult for a tennis player to maintain time for their personal life, for this couple it's quite easy. 

As they were in the same field, the couple often schedules their tournaments together and spends quality time together, which also helped them to flourish their love life and to live their relationship animatedly. 

Her partner loves golf more than her

When the matter is about golf, it's always first place for Daria's partner. She often got jealous over it and seen complaining about it in social media. 

She even posted a video expressing his love for golf.

You can watch the video in the following links.

The couple is planning for their wedding

The couples had dated for nine years before they got engaged. However, they are not married yet. But it seems like their wedding is happening very soon. 

She even has posted a picture on Instagram, sharing information about her wedding preparation.

You can check her post to know about her wedding plan.

She is a pet lover since childhood. She used to have her dog Beagle when she was in Russia and felt sad for leaving him.

 Now she has tofu at Australia whom she tenders like her own children and even called her proud mother of tofu. She also has a separate Instagram of her pet, where she kept posting about their adventure world.

Here in the following link, you can watch the way she was brushing tofu teeth.

Daria's lifestyle

Daria is peripatetic and likes to explore new places, mainly traditional and ancient ones. She loves being a tourist and enjoys doing touristy things. 

She is often seen visiting China, Japan, and Europe. However, Hong Kong is her beloved holiday destination.

She called herself a foodie. She especially prefers to eat traditional cuisine of Japan and Italy as they are fresh and cheap too. She even wears clothes having pictures of food items that she wants to have when in a restaurant.

Here is the picture of her eating the foods matching her clothes.


She is the daughter of a Russian resident family but moved to Australia when she feels an affinity towards the beach, lifestyle, coffee, food, and her boyfriend.

She is one of the wealthiest tennis players and successful at collecting a decent net worth of around 5 million, which is five times more than her previous one. 

Daria Gavrilova and her engagement

Daria Gavrilova was dating boyfriend Luke Saville before the couple decided to take their relationship one step further and got engaged. 

She got engaged back in the year 2018 on the 6th of December and the couple might get married soon. 

She has recently posted this picture on her Instagram account thanking everyone for their message. 

She is also showing her engagement ring. The picture is adorable and she is looking really beautiful in the picture. Here is her post.

She has posted this picture in her Instagram and she has captioned this as, 

“can’t stop calling 

Daria Gavrilova’s Net Worth

Daria Gavrilova earned an amount of 2,668,473 dollars from the competitions she has been a part of. She has her net worth in millions but the exact amount is not known right now. 

Daria Gavrilova is a car lover and she posts pictures of her cars. Here she has posted a picture of her car with a caption, 

“The weekend’s finally here!

She also goes on amazing vacations and her Instagram account has amazing pictures as well. Here is a picture in which she has been spotted on a cliff and the scene is amazing around her. 

Career and achievements

Daria Gavrilova won Gold in the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympic Games and it was a huge moment in her career. 

She has reached 2nd round in Grand Slam Mixed Doubles in French Open and Australian Open in the year 2015.

She also reached 3rd round in French Open back in the year 2017 and more is yet to come in her career.

She reached 4th round in 2016, 2017 Australian Open in the singles category. Her career record is 249-184 which is about 57.51 percentage and her record is being better every day.

Her highest ranking is Number 20 and her current ranking in 2019 is Number 38. Her highest doubles ranking is Number 45 and now her current ranking has dropped to Number 119 which she will be looking forward to improving. 

Wiki of Daria Gavrilova

Daria Gavrilova was born in the year 1994 on the 5th of March and this makes her age 25 at this time. 

She was born in a place called Moscow, Russia, and her nationality is Australian now and she is residing in Melbourne Australia as she immigrated to Australia. 

She is not very tall as she has an average height of 1.66 meters. 

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