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Daniella Varsano


Facts of Daniella Varsano

Full NameDaniella Varsano
First NameDaniella
Last NameVarsano
ProfessionCelebrity daughter
Father NameJaron Varsano
Father ProfessionIsraeli Businessman
Mother NameGal Gadot
Mother ProfessionIsraeli actress
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
SibilingsMaya Varsano, Alma Varsano
Date of BirthJune,2021
Age2 years

Daniella Varsano is a child of Gal Gadot. She was born to Gal and Jaron Varsano

Gal’s real name is Gal Gadot-Varsano professionally serves as an actress and a model. Originally, she belonged to Rosh Haayin, Israel, so her nationality is Israeli

Daniella Varsano with her mother Gal Gadot.
Daniella Varsano with her mother Gal Gadot. Source: Instagram

Everything to know about Daniella’s parents

Daniella’s dad Jaron professionally serves as an Israeli businessman and a real estate mogul. 

Along with his brother, he built the Varsano hotel located in Tel Aviv

However, in the year 2015, both decided to sell the hotel to Roman Abramovich, who is a Russian businessman and the owner of London’s Chelsea Football Club

Her dad is ten years older than her mom. 

On the other side, her mom Gal had achieved the title of Miss Israel in the year 2004 and had represented her home country Israel at the 2004 Miss Universe beauty pageant

Not only this, but the lady has also been listed as the leading model of Castro. Castro is counted as one of the biggest Israeli clothing brands. 

Nevertheless, in 2007, she also participated in the Maxim photo shoot “Women of the Israeli Army,” whose main focus was on Israeli models who also serve as a member of the Israeli army.

Blessed with two siblings

Daniella Varsano with her siblings and parents Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano.
Daniella Varsano with her siblings and parents Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano. Source: Instagram

Daniella is the youngest one among the three. Talking about her two siblings, the elder one is Alma Varsano

She was born in November 2011. Coming towards her second sister, her name is Maya Varsano

She was born in March 2017. While Gal was shooting for Wonder Woman, Maya was in her belly. 

Gal and her husband announced Maya’s birth news in an interesting way. 

The pair shared a rare family picture on Instagram in March 2017, which showed the back of Alma’s head too. 

Then the pair announced news of Daniella on June 29. Her mom captioned that she couldn’t be more grateful and happy. 

Married for 13 years

Daniella Varsano parents Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano.
Daniella Varsano parents Gal Gadot and Jaron Varsano. Source: Instagram

It’s already been more than a decade since she was married. But still, her wedding gown is famous today. 

It’s because it has included some special and appealing features. 

It consists of valuable elements such as bright rhinestone, which undoubtedly looks very attractive and stylish. 

Her gown reflects the heyday of the Israeli showbiz industry. 

On her 13th wedding anniversary, the actress clads in a high-class wedding dress shown in public recently. 

Gal stated that one should have that self-confidence that will automatically make any dress look great on him/her. 

Later, on a great occasion, she pays tribute to her hubby. Gal pointed out that the biggest asset of her life is her spouse and kids. 

She also thanked her husband for always supporting her. 

Gal Gadot was a Combat Instructor & many more.

Gal, at age twenty, performed the role of a combat instructor. 

When Gal was asked what did she do before joining acting, she shared about giving training to the soldiers and keeping them in shape.

Also, Gal’s mom used to serve as a PE teacher. It’s not surprising that the lady got athleticism which can be seen in her movie “Wonder Woman.” 

Also, Gal stated that she was raised by playing volleyball, basketball, and tennis, also claiming that she was a high jumper. 

Gal on preparing in getting into shape for Wonder Woman

Great actress Gal revealed how she got into shape for her iconic role as Wonder Woman

She started by saying that it feels great that there are friends around who hated action movies but finally said this is the one I like. 

The lady expressed that she is very grateful and so far, so good. She said that for her and the whole team of Wonder Woman, the most important thing was to capture the heart of the character since it is a superhero movie that includes lots of action. 

So they feel great that they got to create and capture the history and origin of the character to show the audience most interestingly. 

Other than that, Gal shared that for this interesting project, she has been preparing for six months. 

The actress also says that every six hours a day, she was actively engaged in training like a gym workout, martial arts, fight choreographies, fight stands, etc. 

However, she confessed it was educating and intensive. While visiting the sets afterward, she claimed it was super intensive and adjusting. 

When asked if, after shooting the action scenes, she felt like yeah, I can do that stuff too. Gal replied by saying she did feel like that gradually. 

She further says that at first, they told them what they were about to learn to do, and when they showed it to Gal, she was like Good Luck. 

But the actress confronted that they finally did it together. Moreover, she says that the little girls and boys come up to her and say, "Woahh, you are a Wonder Woman. 

Gal says that cute little boys would draw the picture of Wonder Woman and give it to her. 

Through that interaction with the kids, she automatically becomes proud of herself as she loves the children to the core. 

Gal did express that it feels really good because as a kid, we all are growing up watching superheroes like Batman, Superman, etc. 

Gal says there was no strong female figure to look up to at that time, but finally, there is now. 

As of now, not only girls but also the boys talk about woman empowerment, as you cannot empower women without educating men, claiming it to be an inclusive thing, Gal added. 

Her mom says she would willingly give birth once a week if she could

Her mom while sharing her pregnancy journey, said she loves giving birth and would give birth once a week if she could. 

During an interview with InStyle magazine, when asked if she felt good through her third pregnancy, she said she loves giving birth and would do it once a week if she could. 

She described it to be something magical and also that it’s not that painful for her since she always takes epidurals. 

She added that just the moment you feel like you are creating life, it’s incredible. Besides that, she also said that the pregnancies are hard for her. 

And feel sick and has migraines, and is also not in her element. Gadot expressed she always wanted to be a young mother. She was 25 when she was pregnant with Alma

As a mom of three, the only thing she makes sure to keep as private as possible. She wants them to be naive and safe and protected.

How her mom explained her pregnancy to her super curious sisters

Gal, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, revealed how she told her pregnancy news to her super-curious daughters Alma and Maya, who are 10 and 5, respectively. 

She said her eldest Alma had the whole session when she was pregnant with Maya, so the younger Maya was super curious to know how the baby got in there and how she was going to come out. 

So Gadot and her husband explained the pregnancy thing in a PG way. 

They told them their mummy and daddy had a big hug, and then daddy planted a seed in mummy’s tummy. They did sort of the birds and the bees how they knew that.

During the same show, she also shared how they first broke the news that they were having an additional member in the family doing the whole thing and getting everyone in the family with cupcakes, including their dog. 

They had an additional cupcake left and asked their daughter if they knew for whom the cupcake was. Then Gadot pointed to her stomach and gave a hint. 

According to Gadot, when she knew about the new member soon to be welcomed, Alma was like ”No,” but then she got used to it.

How have her parents impacted one another in their lives?

The love story of her parents began when his dad was 30, and her mom was 20. They met at an unusual party organized by their mutual friends in the desert in Israel

The party was all about yoga, chakras, and eating healthy, and they both didn’t find themselves, but the best thing that happened was finding one another. 

They immediately hit it off and soon began dating. 

Gadot, during an interview with Vanity Fair, gushed about her husband calling him the man of his words, recalling her second date where he had said to her that he was going to propose to her for marriage in two years, dumping all the other girls he used to date. 

He proposed to her exactly two years later and got married in a small romantic ceremony in 2008 in Tel Aviv.

Gadot said that it was her husband who gave her the strength to follow her dream, saying she could whatever she wants to. 

According to her, she came from a home where becoming an actress was never an option, so there was never a discussion about that topic. 

Her parents encouraged her to graduate from university and get a degree, so she had planned on becoming a lawyer. 

She found a partner who she could ever ask for. She says Varsano is a truly feminist man and walks the talk. 

He supported her throughout her acting journey and gave her assurance when she was still unsure about having to juggle between motherhood and professional opportunities that were piling up because of her shining career.

Similarly, when Varsano, in an interview, was asked to name the person who had a deep impact on his life, he took the name of his wife, Gadot

He said that his wife’s positivity everywhere of being so approachable to people and attentive to people and caring had a big impact on him.

When he was younger, he felt more of a rock star, but after he met Gadot, she turned him into something that he is very proud of, he added. 

Varsano also expressed via his Instagram that he married a strong independent woman who helps him in becoming a better version of himself and that her goals and dreams are as important as his. 

Net worth

Since Daniella is just a kid, we will rely on her mom’s net worth, which is said to be a total of $30 million.

Net worth$30 million
Income sourceIsraeli actress


  1. Daniella is ten months old.

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