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Facts of Daniela Basso

Full NameDaniela Basso
First NameDaniela
Last NameBasso
Birth CountryMexico
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDating
Relation WithRaul Jimenez
Networth$13 M
Insta Profile
Date of BirthJune 23,1989
Age35 years

Daniela Basso is a gorgeous actress, and her fame has reached new heights after she started dating Premier League New Hot Shot striker Raul Jimenez

She started her social media presence by joining Twitter in 2011. She is already an influencer as she has more than 221 K followers on Instagram, and this number has been rising since. 

Dating Hot Boyfriend and Supporting

The couple has been dating for some time now, and their relationship is going very strong. They look beautiful together. 

She has been supporting her hot boyfriend, the Wolves star, and his recent firing in front of the goal has a part played by Daniela and her love for him. 

Raul's physical presence and finishing with both feet are his prime strength, and Daniela's love for him adds to it, making him an excellent striker. 

How Did The Couple Meet For The First Time?

It seems like the couple met for the first time at the World Cup. Raul was representing the Mexican National Team, and the couple started their love story ever since.

Daniel came to every match when Raul was playing, and the couple formed a powerful bond then after. 

She is gorgeous, and Raul is super good looking too. The couple has recently celebrated Halloween together. The couple that parties together stays.

Daniel uploaded this picture on her Instagram account on 1st November 2019, and she captioned this one as,

 "Te amo‚Ķ."

Daniela Basso With Boyfriend Raul Jimenez In Halloween
Daniela Basso With Boyfriend Raul Jimenez In Halloween Source: Instagram

She is wearing a red dress, and Raul is looking dashing in his red check shirt. They look fantastic with their Halloween to get up.

Moments Spent Together Watching Games Building Relationship

The couple has been dating since 2017, and they have built on their love. Here is a picture of the couple kissing each other, and they are a match made in heaven.

The couple started their new year dating their partners, and they will last a lifetime for sure. 

Kissing Partner On New Year
Kissing Partner On New Year Source: Instagram

She spends a lot of time with her boyfriend, and the couple goes to watch games together.

She uploaded this picture on her Instagram account on 3rd November 2019, and the couple is twining to watch the game at the Wembley Stadium.

They are wearing black hoodies with some prints on them and are posing with rugby helmets. 

Daniela Basso With Boyfriend Raul Jimenez Watching Game
Daniela Basso With Boyfriend Raul Jimenez Watching Game Source: Instagram

Funny Together and Happy Together

She posts pictures of her boyfriend, and their affair has created a lot of buzz. They even post comic movies together. 

She has uploaded this picture of the couple posing with their tongues out in Wolverhampton.

They are looking adorable doing this. This was uploaded about one year ago, on 18th January 2019.

Their Funny Picture
Their Funny Picture Source: Instagram

The impact she had on her boyfriend's injury

Raul, while opening up about his dreadful head injury, recalled how his injury had an impact on Daniela

Jiminez had a head clash with Arsenal's David Luiz back in November 2020 in North London, after which he was rushed to hospital by an air ambulance and underwent emergency surgery to repair his skull after he was diagnosed with a fractured skull. 

Talking about his injury, he said it was a hard, complicated moment one never wants to experience ever. 

He was completely taken care of by Daniela, who was by his side during his hard time. 

It was a hard time for her since the game was in London, two hours away from home, and she was watching from home with their newborn daughter Arya, he said. 

Jimenez even doesn't have a vivid memory of the moment. He only has the memory of waking up in the hospital bed after the operation. 

The hardest part he described was not being able to do many things and walking slowly, but Daniela was always there to support him, from taking care of him to feeding him in bed.

Similarly, Daniela described the moment. She said hearing that his arm is broken is ugly but not as alarming as seeing him unconscious on the pitch. 

She remembered closing her eyes and just saying, please wake up, move a little bit, to assure he was alive.

It took eight months to recover and be back in the Premier League again. He was away from the training for six months because he was not allowed.

Welcomed second child with her boyfriend

Daniela and her boyfriend welcomed their second child, a son Ander in May

Jimenez shared the good news on the 5th of May via his Instagram account, writing they were excited to share that their baby Ander had arrived. 

The couple found out the gender of the second baby at Molineux stadium, accompanied by their friends. 

Daniela said last time they were a bit confused, so they didn't want to make the same mistake again. 

The couple first welcomed their daughter Arya on the 21st of July, 2021

Both Daniela and her boyfriend keeps on posting pictures of their beautiful happy family on their social media account.

Daniela Basso with boyfriend Raul Jimenez welcomed son Ander on the 5th of May 2022.
Daniela Basso with boyfriend Raul Jimenez welcomed son Ander on the 5th of May 2022. Source: Instagram
Daniela Basso with boyfriend Raul Jimenez recently celebrated the second birthday of Arya.
Daniela Basso with boyfriend Raul Jimenez recently celebrated the second birthday of Arya. Source: Instagram

Jaw-Dropping Net Worth

She has a jaw-dropping net worth of 13 million dollars. She is a star, and there is no doubt about it.

How Does She Make Her Money?

She makes her income from two sources mainly. One is from acting and another from Instagram influencing. 

She has appeared in super successful TV and drama series, and this has added to her wealth.

She appeared in Como Dice el Dicho and La Rosa de Guadalupe. Though these series were not well rated, they are liked by the fans.

Series NameIMDb Rating 
La Rosa de Guadalupe2.8
Como Dice el Dicho5.3 

She makes great money from Instagram, as well. She makes about $663.75 - $1,106.25 per post from Instagram, which is a staggering figure. 

Her Lifestyle

She loves traveling. She has uploaded this one from a lovely location, Ha long, on her Instagram account, and she has captioned this one as,


She uploaded this picture back in the year 2019 on 9th June, and she is wearing a red dress and black shades. She is enjoying the view. 

Her Lifestyle
Her Lifestyle Source: Instagram


  1. She was born in the year 1989, and this makes her age 30 in 2020. She celebrates her birthday on 23rd June.
  2. She is Mexican by nationality, and she is a hottie for sure.

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