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Facts of Cricket Pearl Silverstein

Full NameCricket Pearl Silverstein
First NameCricket
Middle NamePearl
Last NameSilverstein
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameMarc Silverstein
Father ProfessionScreenwriter
Mother NameBusy Philipps
Mother Professionactress
Gender IdentityFemale
SibilingsBirdie Leigh Silverstein
Date of Birth2013

Cricket Pearl Silverstein is the child of Busy Philipps. She was born to mom Philipps and dad Marc Silverstein. She was raised along with a sibling named Birdie

Among her parents, it’s been said that her mother serves as a pro when it comes to a point at managing the tougher and serious sides of parenthood. 

Besides that, Busy real name Elizabeth Jean "Busy" Philipps is an actress recognized for her role in TV series starring Freaks and Geeks, and many more.

Cricket Pearl Silverstein with her mother Busy Philipps.
Cricket Pearl Silverstein with her mother Busy Philipps. Source: Instagram

Cricket’s elder sibling is Gay

Cricket’s older sibling Birdie had indeed confronted herself as Gay. Their mom Busy revealed on her podcast known as “Busy Philipps is Doing Her Best.” 

Busy stated Birdie told her about her sexuality and identity while she was 10 years of age. Also said that she is good with using they/them pronouns. 

Moreover, Birdie said that she doesn’t give a damn. Also, she clearly said to mom that she could talk about her being gay openly and her pronouns, which we can hear her telling in her podcasts. 

Cricket Pearl Silverstein with her elder sister.
Cricket Pearl Silverstein with her elder sister. Source: Instagram

Cricket’s dad wasn’t an involved parent?

It’s been stated that her dad Marc didn’t do much in the case of his children. Nevertheless, her mom herself has opened up about Marc’s lack of parental involvement in her podcast and memoir. 

Other than that, Cricket’s mom also once shared that she wanted to divorce her hubby for unfair division of labor while growing/raising kids Cricket and Birdie

The lady further expressed that she didn’t expect anything from him but created their system instead. 

When did Busy marry Marc Silverstein?

Busy and Marc tied the wedding knot in the year 2007. Within a short span of separating with Colin Hanks, Busy met Marc

In 2010, Busy revealed how Marc had done something very romantic for her. Marc made a contract that pointed out that he would never break her heart. 

Further saying that it was notarized, so it is legal. Therefore, they had framed it and hanged on the wall of their home. 

Busy said when they are arguing, she points the frame on the wall. Also, Marc used some vows spelled by both individuals in his movie “The Vow.”

Her husband claiming to do parenting duties averted their divorce?

Cricket Pearl Silverstein father Marc Silverstein.
Cricket Pearl Silverstein father Marc Silverstein. Source: Instagram

The above fact is true as the actress thought that if she left, she could get two days off a week. 

However, after that, her husband Marc confronted her that he would do anything. To that, Busy then replied, stating, do everything. 

The lady revealed her frustration and added that she had done it all but as of that moment she is done. 

Later, Marc decided to stay home with the children, preparing food and doing morning and bedtime routines. 

As of now, Busy confessed that Marc loves spending his time with daughters in the mornings, making a bulletproof coffee for her, taking them to school, and has built up a very close bond with them, she added.

Philipps makes more money via Instagram

Cricket Pearl Silverstein mother Busy Philipps with a paid partnership with visible mobile.
Cricket Pearl Silverstein mother Busy Philipps with a paid partnership with visible mobile. Source: Instagram

The actress confessed that she earns more from the sponsored posts via Instagram than the roles portrayed in the movies. 

Furthermore, she admitted that she went through the phase where her fans flak her, thinking she is now sold out because of sponsored posts. 

However, in the conversation with The Guardian, she said she has been on three huge TV shows but went broke at 28 years

Busy commented she would be stupid if she hadn’t done paid posts. 

Busy Philipps, “I was waiting for my whole life to write a book about myself.”

Busy had released a book based on her life titled, “This will only hurt a little.” It’s been stated that the actress had included a lot of personal things there. 

In her words, Busy said that she felt like when she got the book deal, she had been kind of waiting her whole life for someone to ask her to write a book about herself. 

However, she did want to have it be a little bit revealing because she feels like there are fun Hollywood stories. 

Busy shared that she has been an actor in this business since she was 19 years old, and there is all that fun stuff. 

Other than that, she also was interested in where she came from and sort of the harder things in her life she faced, and she also wanted to put that in there for other people as well. 

Later, the actress also said that recently, with the Kavanaugh hearings, she saw Dr. Ford taking the stand, so she also included her own experience of being raped at age 14

She also says that she was so moved by her bravery. And it wasn’t something she felt like she was ever going to like blast out on social media. 

Nevertheless, when she saw her speaking her truth after 30 years, she was like, it’s been 25 for Busy

Automatically, there was a voice in Busy's head that she could do this, and we can all do this. 

And she also released the words that she feels like it’s politically whatever you believe, it’s a real moment of reckoning for women that we have sort of collectively carried this burden for so long. 

And it’s now the correct time to share it and let it out. Lastly, she also admitted that it was really hard and scary at the same time. 

Busy split with her husband confirmed

Busy was captured walking with her dog in NY after declaring her separation from Marc

She was clad in a blue and white gingham dress, and a white jacket slung over her shoulders, sneakers matched with red lipstick, a tote with an “I heart NY” and pink sunglasses. 

The actress confessed that she and Marc had been separated since February 2021

Later, she also shared that it has been a long time since their separation, and their children, families, and friends also know about this situation. 

Net worth 

Since Cricket is still a child, she relies on her father and mother's income. Her mother has an estimated net worth of 12 million dollars.

Net worth12 million dollars
Income sourceActing, producer and author 


  1. Born in 2013, Cricket is 8 years old.

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