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Cora Schensema


Facts of Cora Schensema

Full NameCora Schensema
First NameCora
Last NameSchensema
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Father NameCees
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusSingle
SpouseDennis Depay

Cora Schensema is known as Memphis Depay's mother. 

Memphis Depay is known as a Dutch footballer who is currently playing for Lyon club and Netherlands national team as a forward. 

Despite being the mother of the celebrity, Cora is not seen as active in the world of Social Media. 

Cora's bond with her son

Her relationship with her son is very deep and smooth. They are very close to each other. 

After being cheated on by her partner, her only support was her son. They shared their joys and sorrows. 

Memphis also received love from his mother that he did not receive from his father, and his support was his mother.

Cora Schensema with her son Memphis Depay.
Cora Schensema with her son Memphis Depay. Source: Twitter

He was born on February 13, 1994, in Moordrecht, Netherlands

He is the son of his father, Dennis Depay, and his mother, Cora. Memphis and his parents live in the small South Holland village of Moordrecht. 

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Sad time for Memphis 

Memphis had to see and carry a lot at a young age. He had to face many of his sorrows and try to move forward. 

He was abandoned by two fathers by the time he reached adolescence. His father abandoned him and his mother when Memphis was four years old

His second father, i.e., his mother's partner, left him when he was just a teenager after he won the lottery.

He also lost his closest grandfather a few years after his father left him, which was a big shock to him. 

When his grandfather died, Memphis was broken because they had a deep bond.

At age six, he joined the youth football club vv Moordrecht and immediately wowed coaches with his lightning pace and ball skills. 

But as his football career began to take off, the condition of his house was deteriorating. 

Memphis and his mum were moved on to his mum's new partner called Dick

Suddenly, the man left them. It is rumored that the man won a million euros in the lottery. 

Then Memphis and his mum went to live with his grandfather, and their relationship became very good with Cees

Memphis used to tell his grandparents that one day he would see Memphis on TV. However, heartbreak stuck when Cees died in 2009


Cora was married to Dennis Depay. They ended their marriage in a divorce when their son Memphis was only four years old. 

After she divorced her husband, she found love again in her second partner named Dick. But unfortunately, her new partner abandoned her as well. 

Memphis Depay is engaged with Lori Harvey, also known as the daughter of television presenter Steve Harvey

Lori's father was pleased and proud that he had fixed his daughter's engagement with Memphis

He shared his happiness on his official Twitter account, showing Depay's impression of his future father-in-law. 

The Dutchman also posted to his official Instagram account. Their relationship is going very well. In the past, Memphis was also rumored to be dating Karrueche Tientrese Tran.

Cora Schensema son Memphis Depay proposing to his girlfriend Lori Harvey.
Cora Schensema son Memphis Depay proposing to his girlfriend Lori Harvey. Source: Twitter


Although most people get a tattoo, Memphis's tattoos are unique and meaningful for him. 

People get tattoos for their interest or fun, but Memphis shared in an interview reasons behind getting tattoos. 

He has 'Lion' tattoos on his back and his leg. He explained we all know that the lion is a normal animal representing power, strength, courage, wisdom, self-confidence, royalty, pride, and dignity. 

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Schensema knew her son was special soon after his birth

Schensema, in an interview, said she saw the potentiality of her son soon after his birth. 

Recalling his childhood, she said that her son Memphis was also highly talented in gymnastics and was offered to join the Dutch Junior team, but he declined the offer because football was and is the only thing he wanted in his life. 

Not only in gymnastics, but he was also physically capable of a lot. 

When Memphis put on skates for the first time, he drove off, she remembered. 

Memphis got the African genes. He never crawled. He stood directly against a chair or a table leg, she said. 

Memphis was four months old when they were invited by the pregnancy gym, and Memphis standing at a low table, pulled the table top over, after which everything on the table clattered on the floor, turning into thousand pieces. 

She realized at that moment that her son was special and had an extreme amount of energy. 

As he grew, he started playing football, it was often difficult for him to relax, and that was the reason she came up with a fixed rhythm.

Memphis's father denied abandoning him and said it to be a lie

Memphis refused to have his father’s surname Depay on his shirt as he claimed that his father abandoned him at the age of four, for which he will never forgive. 

But his father, Dennis Depay, during an interview with The Sun, denied it and said it to be a lie. He said,

“Saying that I didn’t see him after he was four is a lie,” 

He also said it to be unbelievable and not nice and that he is his son and loves him, and he is the man to give him his first ball. 

He claimed he didn’t abandon his son and was always there for him.

He further expressed that when he saw his son on YouTube talking about him, saying he didn’t want to put his name on his back made him feel terrible. 

He concluded by saying,

I would love to be back in touch with him. I miss him so much.

Net Worth

Cora Schensema has not revealed her profession and her earnings. So, here we show the net worth of her son. 

Net worthSource
$23 millionFootballer

Age and Weight

  1. Her son is 27 years old.
  2. His weight is 78 kg.

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