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Connor Douglas Gilliland


Facts of Connor Douglas Gilliland

Full NameConnor Douglas Gilliland
First NameConnor
Middle NameDouglas
Last NameGilliland
ProfessionCelebrity Child
Birth CountryUnited States
Father NameRichard Gilliland
Father ProfessionActor
Mother NameJean Elizabeth Smart
Mother ProfessionActress
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual Orientationstraight
SibilingsBonnie Kathleen Gilliland
Date of BirthOctober 25,1989
Age34 years

Connor Douglas Gilliland is famous for being a celebrity child. 

He is the son of the late Richard Gilliland, an American actor, and Jean Elizabeth Smart, an American actress. 

His father is known for playing JD Shackleford in the television series Designing Women. His mother is known for her comedy roles. 

His mother also played the role of Charlene Stillfield in Designing Women. Connor was born on October 25, 1989

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How did his parents meet?

His parents met in an interesting way. 

His mother revealed in an interview with Northwest Prime Time in 2017 that she met Richard while he was kissing someone else. 

It was love at first sight for Jean. She couldn’t help herself and asked a fellow cast member, Delta Burke, whether Richard was single and available for dating. 

Then Delta went straight to Richard and said Jean wants to know if you are married. 

To everybody's surprise, Richard was also interested in Jean, and they soon started dating.

Jean also revealed that she invited him to her dressing room to help her with a crossword puzzle, after which they became inseparable. 

Connor Douglas Gilliland with his mother Jean Elizabeth Smart
Connor Douglas Gilliland with his mother Jean Elizabeth Smart. Source: Pinterest

His parents married life

His parents were married to their respective spouses before they met each other. His mother got married for the first time in her early twenties. 

She was in a nuptial with her boyfriend, whose identity has not been revealed yet. They soon got divorced but remained close even after their separation. 

Unfortunately, she lost her ex-husband in a fatal car accident. 

His father was first married to Lindsay Harrison. They exchanged wedding vows on March 30, 1975

Richard and Lindsay ended their marriage in divorce after being in marital bliss for nine years on December 21, 1984. 

When his parents met, they were both divorced as the universe had other plans. 

Richard and Jean were so in love that they didn’t wait long to make their union official. They exchanged wedding vows on June 7, 1987

For their big day, they chose the location to be the rose garden of their cast member Dixie Carter, which she shared with Hal Holbrook. 

They are blessed with two children. Their firstborn was a son, born on October 25, 1989, whom they named Connor

Connor was born two years after his parents' wedding. Their second child is a daughter named Bonnie Kathleen Gilliland, whom they adopted in May 2009

Richard and Jean were together for 34 years until the demise of Richard

Connor Douglas Gilliland parents Richard Gilliland and Jean Elizabeth Smart
Connor Douglas Gilliland parents Richard Gilliland and Jean Elizabeth Smart. Source: Facebook

His sibling

Connor has a sibling, a sister named Bonnie Kathleen Gilliland, who was born somewhere in between 2008

They adopted her in May 2009 when she was about ten months old. 

Jean, in an interview with The Bonnie Hunt Show, talked about the newest member of her family and how her family is growing. 

She revealed that she and her husband traveled to East Asia to bring her home in May. Jean also said that she could not help but fall in love with her daughter. 

She is smitten with her daughter's arrival and describes her to be the smartest, funniest, and most darling gift. 

On the queries about how Connor is dealing with being an older sibling and Richard being a father of a daughter, Jean said that Connor is also smitten with his sister, and her husband is also completely smitten by her. 

His mother had a difficult pregnancy while pregnant with him

Richard and Jean were excited when Jean found out she was pregnant with their first child. But their excitement quickly turned into horror. 

According to many reports, Jean dealt with many difficulties during her pregnancy.

Jean was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13, which put her baby in her womb at risk. 

She had to take extra precautions and measures to keep her diabetes in control and manage it so that it wouldn’t harm her child. 

He lost his father

His father, Richard Gilliland, took his last breath on March 18, 2021. The reason for his demise was an undiagnosed heart condition. 

His unexpected death surprised everyone and affected everyone, but especially his mother. His mother believes her husband shouldn’t have died. 

While speaking about her husband's demise in an interview, she said they had no reason to believe he had any heart problems and also added that it was quite shocking.

She took him to the emergency room after he complained about chest tightness. 

She said that the hospital didn’t even perform an EKG even though he was 71 years old. 

The hospital sent them back home, but after Richard's condition got worse, she again took him to the hospital. 

That’s when they realized how sick he was, she added. 

A friend said that Jean is blaming herself for her husband's death and is convinced that if she had taken him to the hospital soon, he would still be alive. 

Jean also believed that he was a victim of the pandemic as she only took him to the hospital when he started not to feel well. 

Jean still misses her husband to this day. 

She paid him a tribute when she received an Emmy award for Best Actress in a Comedy for her performance in Hacks

She said she would not be here without him and without his kind of putting his career on the back burner so she could take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities that she has had.

Net worth 

Since Connor's net worth is not revealed yet, his father had an estimated net worth of $4 million at the time of his death.


  1. Connor is 33 years old.
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