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Facts of Clement Giraudet

Full NameClement Giraudet
First NameClement
Last NameGiraudet
Birth CityProvence
Birth CountryFrance
Father Professionfashion designer
Mother Professiondance teacher
Gender IdentityMale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRobin Wright
EducationEmylon Business School, University of Bedfordshire, EDC Paris business school
Height175 cm
Date of BirthJune 17,1984
Age39 years
Married DateAugust 10,2013

Clement Giraudet is best recognized as a celebrity spouse of the House of Cards actress, Robin Wright

Clement is a public relations manager at Saint Laurent Paris. She is the daughter of Fred Wright and Gayle Gaston.

First actress to win Golden Globe Awards - Robin Wright

Robin began her professional journey at the age of 14, as a Paris and Japan model

She landed in an acting career with her first role on soap opera Santa Barbara which highlighted her as a thrice times nominee for Emmy Awards

With her increasing popularity, she started staring in bigger roles with her biggest hit movies.

She became the first actress to win Golden Globe Awards for her web television series" House of Cards" in 2013

Wiki: Family background 

Clement was born to a fashion designer father and a dance teacher mother.

He has one sister who is pursuing her career in modeling. Both of them were born and raised in France.

Alma mater

He went to Emylon Business School.

Later, for further education, he joined the University of Bedfordshire and holds a bachelor's degree in business administration.

Continuing his education, he graduated from the EDC Paris business school with his MBA degree.

Besides that, he has a specialization in Luxury Brand Management and International Marketing.

Married to his girlfriend 

Clement married his girlfriend Robin on 10th August 2013. The romantic duo was spotted together in 2017

Their closeness made people speculate that they were dating at the time.

Later, they made people's speculation clear by marrying one year later.

Clement Giraudet with wife, Robin Wright.
Clement Giraudet with wife, Robin Wright. Source: the

Private wedding ceremony 

The couple went for a private wedding ceremony, which happened in the presence of immediate family members and close friends

The wedding ceremony took place in LA Roche-sur-le-Buis

After their wedding ceremony, the newlywed couple went on a lavish honeymoon on the island of Ibiza, Spain.

His wife is a divorcee 

His wife, Robin, was previously married to one of the cast members of Santa Barbara, Dane Witherspoon, in 1986.

But the relationship did not last for long, and they got divorced in 1988.

Later, she again got married to Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn

The couple shared 14 years of the marital relationship. After her divorce, she was dating Ben Foster.

They engaged twice between 2012-2015 due to their on and off relationships. They finally ended their relationship.

Jobs as a VIP relation manager 

His job as a VIP relation manager is to maintain healthy work relationships with the brand's VIPs, their agents, and stylists.

He formerly worked for fashion brands like Christian Dior Couture and Balmain.

Two stepchildren

Clement shares two stepchildren, who were born to his wife and her former husband, Sean Penn

They had a daughter, Dylan Frances, and a son, Hopper Jack

Dylan is currently 29 years old, and her brother Hopper is 27. To date, he has no children of his own.

Clement Giraudet's wife, Robin Wright, with her daughter, Dylan Penn.
Clement Giraudet's wife, Robin Wright with her daughter Dylan Penn. Source:

His wife reveals that Trauma had inspired her to direct LAND

Clement’s spouse was interviewed in the show BackstageOL, where Robin shared about the moment why she wanted to make this movie “LAND.” The interviewer first gave a round of applause for her directorial debut. 

After a while, the program host asked about the elements that were needed to shoot for the movie. 

Robin confronted that they got crazy lucky. She revealed that together with the crew, they completed the shoot in whole 29 days

But the surprising part is that within these days, they covered up four seasons. Elaborating the whole scenario, she said they started the project on the first week of September, and suddenly the winter came on September 15

Robin also shared how the shooting schedule was changed from summer to winter. After passing four days, all snow melted, and autumn was there. 

Then they shoot out that frame too. She shared that she and her producers stayed in the mountains to feel the experience. 

Also, her DP slept in the cabin so that he would capture all the beautiful shots. Lastly, the actress said that the empathy, the compassion, and the kindness of another person that let you go through the hard times you are suffering from, which is also the core message, her movie wanted to give.

Whatever type of trauma you are facing, you go through several phases of it. But one can come out with that through others. Robin said that she loves to remind this thought to others as well.

Unknown things about Clement Giraudet you might not be aware of

Well, Clement is a French man. But other than French, he can also speak two other languages, i.e., English and Spanish.

Also, clement is an active person who loves outdoor sports too. He adores going on an adventure trip. Other than that, his main hobbies are snowboarding, mountain biking, and surfing. 

Besides all, Clement is twenty years younger than his better half. It is indeed true that age doesn’t matter when you truly fall for a person. 

Clement thinks LA drivers are terrible

Robin and Clement are now a happily married couple after they secretly wed in 2018 in a French ceremony less than a year after they first sparked a rumor after they were spotted together at a soccer game during Paris Fashion Week

Robin, while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk, shared her experience of shooting in the wilderness for her movie Land and also about her French husband’s thoughts on L.A.drivers. 

When Kimmel asked what it was like spending a quarantine together with her French husband, she said they had a great time together and were so compatible. 

She asked Kimmel for the suggestions he had for any more board games saying they had already played them all. 

Then Kimmel asked how her French husband Clement liked living in Los Angeles

Robin responded, saying that her living in Los Angeles was like a dream come true for him as winter in France was miserable. 

She added that the French have incredible taste, and he could not get over how bad drivers in LA are. 

He was like, I can’t understand why don’t they put them away because they are the worst drivers, and she was like, I know you could make a ton of money if you become a ticket officer. 

She also admitted Clement is a good driver and that he married her because she could drive well. 

One has to be very good to get a license in France which is indeed one of the most difficult tests from written test to physical, unlike in America, where even a dog can pass, she added.

Besides that, she also talked about her movie, for which she was out in the wilderness. According to her, they were living the movie they shot. 

They shot the movies in 29 days living at 8,000 feet up the top of the mountain. 

Since it was such a long drive to and from the city, they decided to stay at their trailers in base camp.

She also revealed that the bear in the movie was not real since it was not safe for the trained bear to be on the set because it was in the wild, and they had wild bears running around the cabin. 

They had a mountain man and a bear whisperer the whole time they were there.

Net Worth 

Clement earns a decent amount of work in the fashion industry.

His wife, one of Netflix's superstars, has amassed a vast amount. Their net worth is given below:

 Net Worth 
Clement Giraudet$4.55- $5.55 million
Robin Wright $65 million 


  1. Clement is currently 36 years old.

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