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Clare Pattinson


Facts of Clare Pattinson

Full NameClare Pattinson
First NameClare
Last NamePattinson
ProfessionCelebrity Mother
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRichard Pattinson
No Of Children3
Facebook Profile

Clare Pattinson is a wonderful mother who gave birth to an incredibly talented-handsome star, and that star is non-other than Robert Pattinson

Son Cum Friend Robert Pattinson 

The mother-son duo looks more than a friend and is often seen together hanging out. 

Robert Pattinson, who made his debut with the TV show "Ring of the Nibelungs," rose to fame after playing a heartthrob vampire Edward Cullen in 2008 that followed in quick succession.

There is never an easy path to success. It needs commitment, hard work, and passion for achieving. 

Robert has learned a skill that a movie star needs to survive. 

Having a natural British accent, he extremely well poses a different accent to fit in his role. 

That is what makes him a superstar. He says, 

"It is more interesting if you feel like you have to start from scratch every time.

Happily Married To Her Man

Clare is happily married to her man, whom she met at the age of 16. 

A true couple is that who tends to stick to his or her partner no matter what. 

The couple is still together as a supporting pillar for each other, reflecting true love. 

Though they have aged with time, their love for each other looks still warm and fresh.

She Has A Romantic Husband

Her husband Richard Pattinson was an importer of vintage cars from the United States of America

As he succeeded in his business, he also succeeded in his love life. 

Clare is lucky to have such a romantic husband, which every woman dream of having. 

Robert often credits his father with teaching him how to woo ladies as he had the mantra to impress ladies romantically and his mantra worked well as we can see the romantic couple.

Clare Pattinson with her husband, Richard Pattinson.
Clare Pattinson with her husband, Richard Pattinson. Source:

A Private Wedding 

The couple who share an extraordinary love story might have had a romantic private wedding in the presence of families and close ones. 

Since the couple came to the limelight as a parent of Robert Pattinson, their wedding pictures are not made public to date.

Her son once made a substitute teacher cry

Her son Robert during Jimmy Kimmel Live revealed how he once made a substitute teacher cry. 

During the conversation, Jimmy said that he was just talking to a guy in the audience, a substitute teacher of Las Vegas, and asked Robert if he knew what a substitute teacher meant. 

In his reply, Robert said he knew and also revealed of bullying the substitute teacher once. He locked her into the cupboard until she cried. He was in 12th grade at the time. 

He added by saying a lot of people all at once locked her on that day though he could not remember exactly what prompted them to do so.

When her son was cast as Edward Cullen, fans started a petition to remove him from his role, but she found the petition hilarious and trolled him

Robert recalled the initial reactions of the fans when he was the first cast as Edward Cullen for the Twilight, which he called the true reaction. 

The fans were not happy and reacted, saying that he was 100 percent wrong for the role, to which he even admitted to feeling wrong for the role and feeling embarrassed while auditioning for the role. 

However, the scenario has completely taken a turn after seeing his performance in the hit series Twilight

At the time, some fans started a petition to get him removed from the role giving the reason of being unattractive for the role, vowing to boycott seeing Twilight in theatres until and unless he gets removed from his role. 

Claire found the petition hilarious and trolled Robert sending him some of the pieces of stuff three days after he got cast. 

Robert recalled receiving the stuff when he was already in America

According to him, they had the picture from his Viking film, which he did where he looked as if someone had beaten him up in the face with a frying pan and was in a disgusting wig and were like, “THIS is Edward.” 

It was a petition signed up by 75,000, which they were going to send to Summit, saying, ”We will not go and see the movie.”  

He got the petition three days after he got cast and thought that was his welcome into Twilight.

Net Worth 

As a booker at a modeling agency, she might have been well paid.  

Besides being the wife of the businessman, she had nothing to fear about. Now she has a son who is a billionaire

As a mother of a billionaire son, she is enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

An Ideal Son

Besides, being a sensational actor, one of the characteristics that best describe him is that he is an ideal son of his mother. 

We have seen it often throughout the years, his love for his family, and how much he adores his family. 

It is such a treat to our eyes how his family adores him back. 

Their immense love and support for each other make them a perfect happy family.

Clare Pattinson with her son, Robert Pattinson.
Clare Pattinson with her son, Robert Pattinson. Source:

A Proud Mother Of Three Children 

She is blessed to be a proud mother of three incredibly talented children

No happiness can be better defined than happiness derived from their children's achievements. 

Among her two daughters Victoria Pattinson, and Lizzy Pattinson, Lizzy is a singer and a songwriter

In 2008, Lizzy recorded background vocals for the movie "Twilight," in which she bother Robert has starred as the broody vampire Edward Cullen

Her other daughter Victoria has a career in advertising

After her son's immense success in his career, he will be seen playing a titular role in his upcoming movie "Batman."

Clare Pattinson's family.
Clare Pattinson's family. Source: Twitter

Behind the achievement of the person, their parent plays a pivotal role in providing them with the facilities they need, encouraging, and supporting them. 

As a parent, they always encouraged and supported their children. They have been supporting till today.


  1. The star's mother worked for a modeling agency before.

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