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Cindy Deangelis Grossman


Facts of Cindy Deangelis Grossman

Full NameCindy Deangelis Grossman
First NameCindy
Middle NameDeangelis
Last NameGrossman
Gender IdentityFemale
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseHerschel Walker (m.1983 d.2002)
No Of Children1
Date of Birth1962

Cindy Deangelis Grossman is famous as an ex-spouse of an American former football running back and politician, Herschel Walker. 

Grossman is a businesswoman.

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She and Walker were college sweethearts

Grossman and Walker were college sweethearts. They first met at the University of Georgia and married in a private wedding ceremony in 1983

In an interview, Walker said he and Grossman are more private people, so they went for a simple wedding. 

He also admitted to not getting a lot of endorsement deals because of their interracial marriage. 

However, after nearly two decades of marriage, they decided to call it quits. They divorced in 2002.

Grossman filed for divorce, citing his physically abusive and threatening behavior

Grossman filed for divorce, citing his physically abusive and extremely threatening behavior. 

A restraining order was also imposed on him in 2005 after her sister stated in an affidavit that he told her that he was going to shoot her sister and her new boyfriend in the head. 

In an interview back in 2008 with ABC, Grossman opened up about her abusive marriage, where she claimed that Walker held a gun to her temple, saying he was going to blow her brain out. 

She also claimed that Walker was fascinated with guns and knives, and she got into a few choking things with him. 

The same year, during an interview with Bob Woodruff, did not deny her allegations. 

He said he probably did it but did not remember explaining that his violence against her was a consequence of his struggles with mental health.

Cindy Deangelis Grossman and Herschel Walker when they were together
Cindy Deangelis Grossman and Herschel Walker when they were together. Source: Pinterest

Her confession was later used as an attack ad by the anti-Trump group. 

The Republican Accountability Project Walker ran the ad while he was preparing to run for U.S. Senate.

She remarried 

Grossman moved on with her life following her divorce from Walker

Walker, while responding to a Republican ad attack used against him, mentioned Grossman and her now husband, saying he has a good relationship with them.

In a video, he stated that his opponents launched a dirty attack ad by digging up an old video and taking it out of context, thinking it would hurt him, but instead, it allowed him to end the stigma around mental health. 

He then went on to say that he and his ex-wife are good friends along with her husband and his wife and that he is grateful for all the support she gave him during the hardest time of his life.

She shares a son with Walker 

Grossman shares a son, Christian Walker, whom they welcomed in September 1999. Christian is a conservative social media influencer and podcast host. 

Christian claimed that his father threatened to kill him and his mother and had them move six times in six months, running from his violence. 

He also denounced his father in a series of posts back in 2022 after his father denied paying for his ex-girlfriend's abortion in 2009

In an interview with TODAY, Walker was confronted with a copy of a $700k cheque and receipt from the medical center in Georgia provided by the woman after he denied her allegations. 

He said the signature on the cheque was his, but the signature didn’t matter. “This is still alive because she is the mother of my child,” he said, looking at the copy.

After he denied the abortion allegation, Christian tweeted that every family member of Herschel Walker asked him not to run for office because they all knew (some of) his past and that he decided to give them the middle finger and air out all of his dirty laundry in public, while simultaneously lying about it.

Cindy Deangelis Grossman with her son Christian Walker
Cindy Deangelis Grossman with her son Christian Walker. Source: Instagram

Net Worth 

Her net worth is under review. As of now, we have the net worth of her ex-husband. 

Her ex-husband, with whom she was married for nearly two decades, has a net worth of $10 million.


  1. She was born in 1962. She is currently 61 years old.
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